Thursday, July 28, 2005


There seems to be a lot of confusion on the Sonics cap situation let me try to clarify. The Sonics have not fully determined if they are going to be under the cap or over the cap. However, in all likelihood they will re-sign Radmanovic and stay above the cap.
Therefore, they have the $5 million exception to use to acquire talent. The Sonics current players, Radmanovic, Murray, Evans and Potapenko, can re-sign without using any of that $5 million. This is called having Bird rights.
However, if the Sonics re-sign Wilkins his money must come from the $5 million because he doesn’t have Bird rights since he has only been in the league for one season.
A few other notes. Players that are restricted free agents can have their contract matched by their current club. That is why the Sonics feel comfortable they will be able to keep Radmanovic, Evans and Murray. It also means that any thoughts of the Sonics getting Tyson Chandler or any other restricted free agent are pie in the sky.
I hope that makes some sense.


Sonic EJ said...

What if the Sonics decide to renounce their rights to Vlade and sign a big.

How much do they have to spend?

Does anyone know what the cap is going to be for the new CBA?

Locked on Sports said...

CAp is around 50 million. They would be under but would also have to renounce other players. And their is no big that is not restricted.

Sonic EJ said...

This blog is awsome!

That ansewer took 12 minutes!

Keep up the great work!

By the way, the reason I keep asking all these questions about cap space is becaues I am trying to decide how pissed we as sonic fans should be when we step back and notice Stromile Swift, Reef, Walker and Eddie Curry may have been attainable this offseason but we will never know because we wanted our unhappy backup SF (who in fareness is great at what he does but does not score inside like the player all really good teams have and we need) for one more year before he takes off as a unrestricted FA.

Anonymous said...

There is one thing that I would like to throw out and ask in regards to Vladi's contractual situation. How much of a factor is Rashard's upcoming player option (I think it kicks in after the '06-'07 season) in the Sonics' pursuing a deal with Vladi? Are the Sonics under the same mindset as they were when the drafted Vladi as a potential replacement should Rashard have bolted during free agency?

Garrett said...

Eddy Curry is restricted and I think the Sonics might have gone a different way if Chandler or Curry had been unrestricted. I think I'd still rather have Vlad than Swift or some of the other unrestricted big men that were available.

At this point it looks like the Sonics are going to divide the 5M exception between Wilkins and a big guy?

AK1984 said...

The Sonics, unfortunately, still owe the Turkish turkey, Ibrahim "Ibo" Kutulay, $1,760,000 for the 2005-2006 season, which will count against the salary cap. Regardless of the money, though, that was nevertheless a horrid signing last off-season by Chief Executive Oaf Wally Walker & General Maladroit Rick Sund.