Friday, June 24, 2005


Keep an eye on these 9 names for the Sonics selection at 25

Jarrett Jack
Luther Head
Nate Robinson
Julius Hodge
Alan Anderson
Joey Graham
Martynas Andriuskevicius
Wayne Simien
Linas Kleiza

Check back for some analysis on each player.


1) I am still hearing that the Lakers are going to acquire the 3rd pick of the draft from Portland. The Blazers would get Caron Butler and the #10 pick and the Lakers would get #3 pick and Rueben Patterson.
2) The Blazers are involved in another rumor as well. The Celtics moving Pierce for the #3 pick and Damon Stoudamire. The Blazers/Lakers deal seems stonger.
3) The Knicks/ Phoenix trade is still active.

• Marvin Williams is the #1 or #2 pick of the draft
• Martel Webster continues to float from #8 to #13
• Nate Robinson looks more and more like a second round pick. However, there is talk about him in the late first round. He is being banded about from 25 to 50. Nate tested as the #1 physical athlete at the Chicago camp. He measured at 5’7. Universally, everyone in the NBA thinks he can play and will play. Maybe not a rotation player, but an impact player at times. Moreover, they think he will have a long career. Yet, teams are reluctant to pull the trigger. The Sonics are considering him at 25.
• Ronny Turiaf played very well in Chicago and measured well. He will be drafted and could be a high second rounder if someone takes a liking.
• Tre Simmons had a terrific camp in Chicago and has moved into the second round of the draft
• Will Conroy after a strong work out at the first camp was disappointing in Chicago and will be a free agent.


A common theme here is high schoolers. The new collective bargaining agreement has a clause that lets you move players to the NBDL while retaining their rights. This increases the value of 2nd round picks and is making teams more willing to gamble on high school prospects.

1) High School product CJ Miles is on fire. He is being talked about in the top 20 of the draft. More likely the 6’6 shooting guard will be 20 to 30. He will be working out for the Sonics on Saturday.
2) High School product Andray Blatche, a 6’11 prospect, may have moved into the top 20. The word is he denied Boston a workout and the Celtics are sitting at #18
3) Luther Head may have worked himself into the first round of the draft with solid workouts.
4) The big mystery is still where has 7 foot high schooler Andrew Bynum been promised.

1) Julius Hodge. Despite a great body and a versatile game his inability to shoot is really hurting his stock.
2) Joey Graham. He has a great body. One of the best ever. However, his disappearance in the NCAA tournament and lack luster workouts is a question.
3) Chris Taft. The Pittsburg power forward has slide more and more ever day. The Sonics will work him out on Saturday.
4) Kennedy Winston. Once a first rounder now is a 2nd round pick.

Thursday, June 23, 2005


1) According to an NBA source, the Los Angeles Lakers have acquired the #3 pick of the draft from the Portland Trailblazers. The Lakers have also acquired Reuben Patterson in the deal. What is not clear is what Portland has received in exchange. It is expected that they would get the #10 pick plus a player from the Lakers. Portland is said to be very high on Martell Webster.

2) The word in NBA circles is that the Sonics will take Jarrett Jack at #25 if he is still on the board. It is not a promise but what one person in the league said the Sonics are Jack's backstop.

3) The Charlotte Bobcats have a promise for Charlie Villanueva at the #13 spot of the draft

4) The story talked about most of the day is that Knicks moving Kurt Thomas to the Suns for Q Richardson. This deal makes sense for the Suns since they need to move salary to re-sign Joe Johnson

5) Denver is looking to move one of their two first round picks if not both out of the first round.


This is when an NBA team promises a player if they are avaliable that they will take him at the spot. These like all other promises are often broken but they make projecting the draft more interesting. These are all based upon scuttlebutt none are known.

1) Charlotte to Villanueva at 13
2) Clippers to Korolov at 12.
3) Sonics to Jack at 25. A very loose promise.


1) The top of the list right now is Joey Graham out of Oklahoma State

1. Monta Ellis a high school point guard
2. Danny Granger may go as high 4
3. Channing Frye has solidified himself as a top 10 pick

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


As of June 23rd at 5:00 pm -- Place your comments below

1. Milwaukee – Andrew Bogut
2. Atlanta – Marvin Williams
3. Lakers– Deron Williams
4. New Orleans – Chris Paul
5. Charlotte – Gerald Green
6. Utah – Fran Vasquez
7. Toronto – Danny Granger
8. New York – Channing Frye (is it a promise)
9. Golden State – Hakim Warrick
10. Portland – Martell Webster
11. Orlando – Raymond Felton
12. LA Clippers – Korolev
13. Charlotte – Charlie Villaneuva
14. Minnesota – Sean May
15. New Jersey – Ike Diogu
16. Toronto – Antonio Wright
17. Indiana – Rashad McCants
18. Boston – Monta Ellis
19. Memphis – Joey Graham
20. Denver – Julius Hodge
21. Phoenix – Johan Petro
22. Denver – Illysova
23. Sacramento – Jarrett Jack
24. Houston– Wayne Simien
25. Seattle – Roko Ukic
26. Detroit – Fransisco Garcia
27. Utah – Ryan Gomes
28. San Antonio – David Lee
29. Miami – Andruw Bynum
30. New York – Randolph Morris