Saturday, November 05, 2005


The Washington Huskies could be an instructional video on what a terrible football team looks like. This is simply a bad football team in every way. Their would be so much to choose from.

The offensive line had their worst game of the year Saturday against Oregon State. The brutal tackling on Bernard’s 3rd and 17 run was the epitome of terrible. Punter Sean Douglas, dropping the punt snap and giving up points. Craig Chambers dropping a would be 74 yard touchdown pass. The Huskies just make every bad play imaginable in a football game.

We saw Johnny DuRocher for the first time in competitive action. He was not good. His final numbers were 11 for 31. The disturbing thing was how slow he looked in the pocket and how slow he seemed to be reading plays. His arm looked solid, but the conditions were so poor that it was really very hard to evaluate.

What the coaching staff decides from here will be interesting. I can’t imagine that it is fair to put DuRocher back on the bench considering the weather circumstances made it impossible to evaluate his performance. In addition, if the hook of Stanback was solely for his play this week, then it was unfair. However, it was for his conglomerate lack of development then that should hold into next week as well.
Bottom line, none of it matters, because this is a terrible football team.

Night in the NBA -- November 4

Sorry for the late and short post. The game went really late last night and I have a ton of stuff today with the Huskies.

Memphis 94 Orlando 85
– Eddie Jones leads Memphis with 25. He can’t do that everynight and that is what they need. When players get old in the NBA they are able to still have good nights, they just come more and more infrequently…. I am surprised Hakim Warrick is only playing 3 minutes a night …. Orlando is totally dependent on Grant Hill or else the ball is in Steve Francis hand’s all game.

Charlotte 110 Philadelphia 93
– I have always thought Chris Webber was vastly overrated. I have also always thought Mo Cheeks was a terrible coach. His team’s never had any offensive sets and any game plan that he implemented was never evident. Therefore, it makes sense to me that they are 0-3 ….

New Jersey 102 Toronto 92 – The Sam Mitchell death march continues. He may not make it to December …. Toronto scored 9 points in the second quarter and 28 in the first half …. Richard Jefferson had 35. He is outstanding as a complimentary player with Kidd and Carter …. New Jersey wins the Atlantic and may be in the class of Miami, Indiana and Detroit …. Their defense is great.

Detroit 82 Boston 81 -
-- Rip Hamilton buzzer beater wins it …. Rip is loving whatever Flip Saunders is doing. He is getting a ton of looks and he is a scoring machine right now …. Two straight games Dan Dikau did not play. That may turn out to be a terrible signing by Ainge.

Washington 86 New York 75
-- This may be the worst line Jerome James has ever had. 3 minutes 0 for 2, 3 fouls 2 turnovers. Nice work Mr. Thomas. The DNP’s are right around the corner and then the waist line will expand ….. Nate is not in the flow yet either as he played just 5 minutes and had 3 turnovers.

SA 102 Cleveland 76 – San Antonio is a different class. The league has to fear the Spurs getting out to some great start and then deciding they want to win 70. This team could do it ….. Keep an eye on Illgaskus this year. He just signed his deal. He is getting old and he is vital to the Cavs. If he slows down they are on the wrong side of that deal …. Larry Hughes had another quiet night …. No Spurs player played 30 minutes.

Denver 107 Portland 68 ---- Good team v. terrible team. Not much else to say …. Sebastian Telfair may be a real problem for the Blazers at the point. 2 for 11 in this game … Martell Webster got his first time and in 10 minutes was 1 for 6 …. Marcus Camby played another 32 minutes. Keep an eye on that. He was great 23-17 and 6 blocks … Denver was 4 of 12 from 3 this team still has no range.

Utah 91 Golden State 85
--- Utah was one of the worst defensive team’s last year and that has changed. Last night they held GS to 58 points in the first 3 quarter and 37% for the game. Okur 23-14 had another great night ….. Keep an eye on what happens to the Utah defense when Carlos Boozer comes back. He is an awful defensive player. Reggie Evans beat him back to back plays last year. …. Golden State was without Baron Davis. Their may not be another team as reliant on one player as Golden State on Davis.

Clippers 92 Atlanta 77
– Atlanta sucks.

Friday, November 04, 2005


Sonics 107 Wolves 102 in Ovetime
Big win !!!!!
Great win for the Sups.
Ray Allen is very special. He willed his team to a win,
Great defense all night on KG. He worked and worked and worked to get his 23 points.
Bob Weiss did a great job with the different defenses on KG. They doubled all night and then start switching when they doubled and when they singled him.
I love the defensive philosophy. They are denying the middle. They are denying the post and forcing teams to shoot from the outside. This is vintage Larry Brown, Jerry Sloan defensive basketball.
Points in the Paint – Sonics 50 Wolves 32
Sonics win while shooting 4 of 25 from 3 and shooting only 41% from the field.
That is how this team won games last year. They don't have to just shoot.
Mateen Cleaves was huge off the bench and keeping the team together.
Danny Fortson gets a huge part of this win.
Collison was terrific in his post defense and his energy and effort inside.

Sonics 88 Wolves 82 with 5:52 left in the game
Casey has put Kevin Garnett back on Rashard Lewis
Wolves are running great stuff – a two man game with KG in the post and Wally outside the arc forcing the Sonics to give up a 3 to Wally. He missed. How many times will he miss.
This is when Seattle has to find some offensive flow. Rashard is not going to be available with KG guarding him. They are doubling Allen.
Weiss is still running the Collison and Fortson combo.

Sonics 81 Wolves 78 with 8:31 left in the game.

The amount of wasted possessions by Seattle today is sickening.
Minnesota is doubling any pick and roll involving Ray Allen and forcing the ball out of his hands.
Danny Fortson has cost the Sonics two possessions with his foolishness.
Seattle is visibly frustrated and pressing as we enter the 4th Quarter.
Then he re-gained a possession with a flop. Weiss needs to be careful he is entering into the land of diminishing return with Danny.
He has definitely added energy to the building.
Weiss went right at Wally S to get his 5th foul when he returned.
Sonics open the 4th Q with a 8-0 run with Cleaves, Allen, Wilkins, Fortson and Collison.


ves 71 Sonics 70 with 2:31 left in 3rd Quarter

Sonics have gone to Vitaly on KG and they are no longer doubling.
Offense has taken over -- Wolves have scored on 8 of last 9 possessions and the Sonics have scored on 7 of 8 and 8 of 10.
Damien Wilkins took it to KG for a great lay-up

Wow – Weiss just subbed Damien Wilkins for Ray Allen. Does this mean Flip Murray is out of the rotation in the second half? Will Cleaves come in for Luke?

Wolves 63 Sonics 60 with 5:48 left in the 3rd Quarter

The Sonics defense is very good. It will be better and better as the season goes on. Guys are making outside shots right now that they will not make as the season goes on and their legs get tired. The Sonics are eliminating the inside game from the Wolves.
The Sonics must value the basketball.
The Sonics are in the penalty at 7:20.
Will Ray have any gas left in the 4th quarter – he is going hard right now
Casey has made some nice adjustments to get baskets on the weak side of Seattle’s double team.

Sonics 47 Wolves 47 at the half
For Seattle to be in this game with the absurd amount of turnovers and no three pointers is amazing. The free throw line has been the key.
The Sonics offensive rebounding is very good tonight as well. They have 43% of the available offensive rebounds tonight.
Adjustments are going to be key to this second half.
Vitaly Potapenko played well in the later portion of the 2nd half.
Sonics defensive philosophy of no middle has been very good today.
Points in the paint is Seattle 28 and the Wolves 16.

Wolves 38 Sonics 35 with 5:54 left in the 2nd Quarter

No shots from the offense are in rhythm. Therefore the Sonics are missing shots they would usually make. However, if the shots doesn’t come in rhythm then it is not an easy shot.
Defensively the Sonics are playing great. This is keeping them in the game.
It is a major concern that the Sonics have no flow in the half court. At some point in this game the Sonics will have to score in the halfcourt.
Flip was -19 in the opener. I believe he is -7 tonight.
Sonics are 0 for 11 from 3 and within 3. That is a good sign.

Wolves 30 Sonics 25 with 8:48 left in the 2nd Quarter.
The Sonics turn the ball over on 4 straight possessions. 3 of those are on Flip Murray.
The Sonics are forcing the fastbreak and not getting the dividends. Instead they are turning it over.
Turnovers are death in the NBA. They are the base on balls of baseball

Wolves 24 Sonics 22 end of 1 quarter
Sonics defensive philosophy is no middle and the Sonics are holding to that fairly well.
The Sonics offense looks totally uncomfortable. It is unclear how much of it is what Duane Casey is doing to the offense.
Petro played the first 10 minutes. It seemed like he had diminishing returns after the first span.
Vlady has missed two threes that were good looks and would force the defense to alter their approach.
Danny Forston makes two nice plays to close the quarter.
Sub difference from the 1st game – Weiss went to Vlady for Reggie. Then he brought Flip in for Ray but Ray returned for Luke.

Wolves 16 Sonics 15 with 3:38 left in 1st Quarter
Wolves are switching on the pick and roll
KG is guarding Rashard Lewis
Marko Jaric has great hands. He has at least 4 deflections early
Last season the Sonics were 22nd in the forcing turnovers at 13.8%. On opening night the Sonics forced 19% of the Clippers possessions into turns.
Minnesota has had a hard time scoring at times. Keep an eye on that tonight.
Reggie Evans takes 5 of the first 13 shots.
Flip comes in for Ray instead of Luke tonight.
Vlady was the first sub for Reggie.


In every locker-room thier is a scouting report board. The Wolves was on the board when we went into the locker-room tonight. This is a great way of knowing what Casey thinks of the Sonics and where the teams attack the Sonics. Here is a selection of what he had on his scouting board.
Sonics offense
Kevin Garnett on Rashard Lewis with Wally on Reggie Evans
Make them drivers
Stay on shooters in transition
under all pick and roll other than Ray Allen

Sonics defense
Make them defend 1 on 1
Attack their feet
attack the middle. Go to the rim no shot blockers

Seattle needs 9 3's to win

Storylines: Casey know Seattle's talent
Weiss finding his rotation
Flip Murray filling the role of AD
Finding a 3rd scorer on the Sonics

Keys to the Game: 1) Luke needs 10 assists
2) keep turnovers down
3) Rashard handle being guarded by KG
4) Keep Minnesota off the free throw line

Inactives: Sonics -- Rick Brunson (foot injury), Mikki Moore and Robert Swift


Honestly, I am surprised by this. Willingham had set it up to make the change this week. In addition, I am not sure I like this move. Stanback is not making progress. His mistakes are continious. His ability to make the play to win a game is in serious question.

With all of the said, I have not seen Johnny DuRoucher and don't know what he is capable of doing. Bottom line, if DuRoucher were a better QB than Stanback day in and day out of practive the coaches would make a change. Even if you buy the conspiracy that the only reason Stanback started was because of the suspension to DuRoucher, then DuRoucher would have taken over the job by now.

We all love to second guess and be the experts, but if DuRoucher were better then or equal to Stanback he would be starting and he isn't so I think we have to assume that Willingham is not an idiot and is making the decision that gives the Huskies the best chance to win.


Indiana 105 Miami 102 – Indiana is my pick to win the East and they looked like it last night. Playing without Jeff Foster they matched up with Miami on the road. The weakness of Indiana has always been if they could score enough and that does not seem to be an issue ….. The most underrated player on Indiana is Jamal Tinsley. When he is healthy, which isn’t often, Indiana is nearly unbeatable ….. Ron Artest is an amazing addition. His defense alters games and the 22 a night and going to the free throw line is very significant …. The thing that has been overlooked is at the time of the brawl last year, Indiana was the best in the East and had just crushed Detroit in Detroit and that is why Ben Wallace was so pissed …… Indiana only had 11 turnovers last night. I would keep an eye on Miami opponent turnovers this season. I don’t see a team that defensively will force turnovers and they were pretty good defensively last year …. Gary Payton got more important minutes then Jason Williams ….. Antonie Walker came back to life with 15 shots for 12 points ….. Shaq sprained his ankle. I doubt he plays more then 60 games this year …. It is Shaq’s year off, therefore Miami will not win it.

Phoenix 122 Lakers 112
– If Phoenix can win without Stoudamire and play the same style it is either a tribute to Steve Nash or to Mike DiAntonio’s style. If they win without Stoudamire the rest of the league may be forced to follow how they play ….. Raja Bell is such a great fit for Phoenix ….. Lamar Odom had the huge night that he is capable of 23-16-8. However, it was in an open floor game where defense was not a focus. Can Odom do the same in a slower game. If not the Lakers will have a hard time getting looks for anyone but Kobe one on one …. Who is Smush Parker and is this real? … Kwane Brown just 21 minutes. It may never turn on for Brown.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


I will attempt to do this every night. Depending on the amount of games will likely dictate how soon I can get it out each day.

Lakers 99 Denver 97 – George Karl just cost his team two games with the suspension in the off-season. Remember that at the end of the year …. The Lakers roster is not complete, they have way too many holes to win consistently … Marcus Camby was forced to play 37 minutes without Nene. There is no way he can hold up for a whole season playing those kinds of minutes. Earl Watson did not play.

Casey 90 Nate 86
--- I wish I had this on tape to see how the match-up played out. Congrats to Casey for his first NBA win, no one deserved it more …. Richie Frahm lit up Portland like he did when he was with the Sonics 18 points in 15 minutes …. Matrell Webster did not play ….. Telfair only had 3 assist in 33 minutes, there is some talk in Portland that Jarrett Jack is a better player …. Zach Randolph is moving into Chris Weber category with a 18 point night on 21 shot attempts and just 4 free throws. How does a big guy take 21 shots and only take 4 free throws. You have to go to the line in this league.

Rockets 98 Sacramento 89 – 0-2 start for the Kings. Adelman is on a short leash … Another really bad shooting night for the Kings at just 41% …. They have to shoot well, because you know they will never play defense …. Bonzi Wells had a huge night, but the 7 turnovers will kill you and he does it all inside which forces the Kings to invert their offense and I am not sure that works ….. As much as I like the Rockets the Rafer Alston/ Derek Anderson back-court does not impress me.

Celtics 114 Knicks 100 – Not a good day for the local kids, Nate was 1 of 5 in 10 minutes, Jerome James played 8 minutes and had 4 points and 4 fouls and Dan Dikau didn’t play. That is a tremendous drop for Dikau who was signed to be a starter. He really didn’t show me a game last year that translates to being an NBA starter on a good team …. Delonte West may be a player. He had 14-9-9 in his first start for Boston as a point guard …. Jamal Crawford came off the bench behind Q. Richardson.

Utah 93 Dallas 82 --- Dallas back to back after 2 OT and ran out of gas. Jason Terry only had two points in the second half …. Believe it or not having Greg Ostertag back is a big deal for Utah defensively. Between Andri Kirilenko and Ostertag they had11 block and that doesn’t count the amount of shots they bothered …. Kirilenko lead the Jazz in Rebs, Ass and blocks …. I am not sold that Josh Howard and Marquis Daniels bring the Mavs enough offense

Washington 99 Raptors 96
-- Maybe Charlie Villanueva is going to be a better pro then he was a college player, he dropped 11 and 6 for Toronto. Another 4th quarter meltdown for the coach most likely to be fired Sam Mitchell …. AD was just 1 of 4 in 19 minutes. That is going to be a bad signing. As much as we miss him that is a bad deal for Washignton.

Pacers 90 Magic 76 – Keep an eye on the Pacers defense. Indiana was stocked that they signed Jeasikevicius and he had 5 pts, 2 rebs, 2 ass and 2 steals in 17 minutes. The Sonics were hot after him as well, but never made an offer.

Cavs 109 Hornets 87 – Desmond Mason another off night, this time 2 of 9 ….. Larry Hughes played 30 minutes and had 10 points on 2 of 9 shooting with 5 turnovers. I am not sure that was a good signing.

Bucks 110 Nets 96 – The Bucks might be for real …. I will say it again, on draft day when I was asked who Andrew Bogut reminded me of I said Tim Duncan. On the first night of the year he was the best player on the floor at time and in night on the back end of a back to back he snared 17 rebounds. There are not a lot of guys in this league who can grab 17 rebounds. He also didn’t commit a turnover. He is not Duncan and may never be the best in the league, but that is who he reminds me of and that is why Milwaukee will be good this year …. TJ Ford was just 7 of 19. He must stay under control. … I like New Jersey but I don’t like any team that has Jeff McInnis. He will be a problem this year

Pistons 108 76ers 88 – The nightly rip of Chris Weber. 16 shots and 16 points. He has to be the most inefficient player in the NBA …. Hard to tell from one night if anything is different in Detroit with Flip Saunders as the coach … Hamilton took 24 shots and the next closest was 11 by Prince.

Heat 97 Grizzlies 78 – I have wondered all year how are the Grizzlies going to score. Evidently for one night they aren’t going to. Gasol has 26, which you can’t anticipate every night. Then their next two scores are old guys, Eddie Jones and Damon Stoudamire. That is a bad team ….. Shaq played just 27 minutes …. Antoine Walker was unreal 25-16-4 on only 17 shot attempts. He is criticized a lot for his selfishness, but if he plays under control he is a nice player. You have to guard him and that makes the world easier for Wade … Jason Williams took just 7 shots in 33 minutes …. Payton played 28 minutes off the bench and was 0 for 3 with 4 turnovers.

Bulls 109 Charlotte 105 – Chris Duhon had a triple double, how good is he …. The Bulls have great depth …. Loul Deng and Mike Sweetney are very good players coming off the bench

Golden State 122 Atlanta 97 – The Warriors are going to try to be like Phoenix last year … Joe Johnson made his debut at point guard for Atlanta with 1 assist.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I am will keep an running "SIMULBLOG" going during the game tonight.

Obviously a very disapointing end to the season opener.
Sam Cassell dominated the 4th quarter with 3 3 pointers.
Cassell at 35 years old in his 38th minute of work on the floor from 3 is a shot I can live with but tonight he was read hot.
Flip Murray was Bob Weiss choice to try to stop Cassell and it didn't work. If Murray is the defensive stopper for this team it is a problem.
Turnovers were a huge issue tonight. Last season the Sonics turned the ball over 13% of their possessions last night they turned it over 20% of the possessions. That is the difference in the game.
Defensive rebounding was awful. The Clippers got 41% of the potential offensive rebounds in the 2nd half and 38% for the game. That number should never be higher then 30%.
With their poor rebounding and poor turnovers the Sonics gave away possessions.
Offensively, the Sups had some terrible possessions down the stretch, most notably was Flip dribbling into to traffic and turning it over when it was a one point game.

Sonics 75 Clippers 64 at the end of 3 Quarters
The bench has arrived. 11-1 run with the bench on the floor. The substitutions in the second half have made a lot more sense then what we say in the first half. Radmanovic was the first off the bench, followed by Collison, Murray and Wilkins.
The area where you notice AD being gone is the wrong guys are making decisions with the basketball. Ray Allen and Vlady both just committed turnovers where they forced passes that didn’t need to be made.
Defensively I felt the Sonics were playing well most of the night and we are beginning to see the dividends as the Clippers are missing shots.
Flip played very well in this stint.

Sonics 64 Clippers 57 with 3:50 left in the 3rd Quarter.
Ray Allen’s leadership is terrific. He just went out of his way to get Petro a play on a pick and roll to reward him for his effort and to allow him to gain confidence.
Reggie Evans just kills floor spacing. Evans would be a much better player if he understood his own inadequacies.

Sonics 50 Clippers 50 at the Half.

The Sonics defense doesn’t seem to be terrible but the Clippers are cutting through the lane and having a very successful offensive game with mid-range jumpers. At the half the Clippers have not made a 3 but are hitting 57% of their shots in the game.
The Sonics offense is close, but seems slightly off of its game. That may be as simple as the combinations on the floor.

Sonics 41 Clippers 36 with 3:58 left in the 2nd Quarter.
Bob Weiss’s substitution patterns aren’t smooth yet. Radmanovic didn’t play in the first quarter.
Vlady Radmanovic doesn’t look comfortable on the floor. He actually looks like he is lacking energy. He had a very lethargic pre-season.
The Clippers post players might be the worst passers I have seen in the NBA. Their front court is the turnover waiting to happen.
At times the Sonics offense seems to be lacking the movement it needs to have.
Last season the Sonics were #22 in forcing turnovers. Tonight the Clippers are throwing it all over the place. It is hard to tell how much is improved Sonics defense and how much is Clippers sloppy play.
As nice as Reggie’s post play early was he now has committed turnovers or missed badly the last three times he has gone to the basket.

Sonics 27 Clippers 26 end of 1st Quarter
Clippers got back in the game behind Sam Cassell. Cassell got 2 buckets on Luke Ridnour and then added two more on Flip Murray.
The Clippers closed the quarter scoring on 8 straight possessions.
The Clippers are running a high pick and roll with Cassell and Brand and the Sonics don’t have the answer

Sonics 16 Clippers 4 6:43 left 1st Quarter
Who would have thought the first bucket of the season would be scored by Johan Petro.
10 of the 12 Sonics first points came from Reggie Evans and Johan Petro.
Sonics open the game scoring on 8 of their first 11 possessions and 7 straight into the time-out.
Petro was terrific.

Storylines: Petro at center
Do the Sonics run more
Are the Clippers the most improved team in the West.

Inactive list:
Sonics -- Vitaly, Mateen and Swift.
Clippers -- Corey Maggette, Shawn Livingston, Walter McCarty.


Here are a few notes from the Sonics shoot-around today

The Clippers will be without Corey Maggette. Maggette stayed in LA with a Hamstring injury.

The Sonics inactive list is Vitaly Potapenko, Mateen Cleaves and Robert Swift.

The Sonics will start Johan Petro in the middle.

The Clippers have added Sam Cassell and Cutino Mobley in their backcourt.

Locked on Sports: Four Keys for Sonics' success

Locked on Sports: Four Keys for Sonics' success: "Murray will get the first shot to fill the 3-guard rotation. However, he will have to show tremendous growth to handle this significant a role.

Murray will be the first backcourt substitute replacing Ridnour, leaving the Sonics with Murray and Allen in the backcourt and no true ball handler."

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I will attempt to do this nightly. It will be a quick run down of my thoughts on the night in the NBA.

Dallas over Phoenix in 2 OT --- The line-up Phoenix played down the stretch was amazing. They had Nash, Raja Bell, James Jones, another small and Shawn Marion as the center …… The Suns blew a 17 point lead and a 5 point lead in the first overtime …. They visibly lacked Joe Johnson, Q. Richardson and Stoudamire ….. I do think Raja Bell will have an enormous year playing with Nash …. Avery Johnson coached a brilliant game. He kept his team in the game with a great timeout late in OT. He has a great understanding of the value of a possession ….. Dallas is totally dependent on Dirk and Jason Terry. Josh Howard, Marquis Daniels and Keith Van Horn don’t seem to be giving enough support …. I have never been a Jason Terry fan, but he is really developing into a dynamic force.

Milwaukee over Philly in OT ---- I like Milwaukee. They are in the best division in the East. Don’t be surprised if all 5 teams in the Central make the playoffs …. The big news here is TJ Ford played and played well. Look at his line 16 pts, 9 rebounds and 14 assists. If he is right they become tough ….. 1st pick of the draft Andrew Bogut had a nice debut 13 pts and 9 rebs on 6 of 9 shooting. On draft day when I was asked who he reminded me of I said Tim Duncan. Bogut may never be that great, but he is the closest we have seen since Duncan came into the league ….. Did you see Chris Weber, 45 minutes and only 4 free throws … 28 shots and 32 points. He is so inefficient. You can’t win with the value of a possession.

N0/OKC blows out Sacramento --- Is this the Sonics debut of last season? Sacramento may have serious issues, but it is way to early to call them dead. The shooting percentage jumps out as a team that doesn’t jell. I wonder if they can run the Princeton offense with the personnel they added.

San Antonio shows supremacy over Denver
--- the story is the injury to Nene. The Nuggets are calling it a sprained ACL. How do you think Earl Watson is feeling? He signed with Denver after not being able to find a starting job. Now he is not even getting any playing time. He did not play tonight. Denver did not hit a three tonight. That is partially SA defense, but this team still doesn’t have adequate outside shooting. ….. The Spurs got 16 points in 28 minutes from Michael Finley off the bench. 11 of those were in the 4th quarter. How awesome is that for the world champions ….. The Spurs got 41 bench points.

Weiss world: It's down to earth | | Tacoma, WA

Frank Hughes writes an amazing piece on the Sonics head coach. It is worth the read and it gives you a great insight into the man leading the Sups.