Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I will attempt to do this nightly. It will be a quick run down of my thoughts on the night in the NBA.

Dallas over Phoenix in 2 OT --- The line-up Phoenix played down the stretch was amazing. They had Nash, Raja Bell, James Jones, another small and Shawn Marion as the center …… The Suns blew a 17 point lead and a 5 point lead in the first overtime …. They visibly lacked Joe Johnson, Q. Richardson and Stoudamire ….. I do think Raja Bell will have an enormous year playing with Nash …. Avery Johnson coached a brilliant game. He kept his team in the game with a great timeout late in OT. He has a great understanding of the value of a possession ….. Dallas is totally dependent on Dirk and Jason Terry. Josh Howard, Marquis Daniels and Keith Van Horn don’t seem to be giving enough support …. I have never been a Jason Terry fan, but he is really developing into a dynamic force.

Milwaukee over Philly in OT ---- I like Milwaukee. They are in the best division in the East. Don’t be surprised if all 5 teams in the Central make the playoffs …. The big news here is TJ Ford played and played well. Look at his line 16 pts, 9 rebounds and 14 assists. If he is right they become tough ….. 1st pick of the draft Andrew Bogut had a nice debut 13 pts and 9 rebs on 6 of 9 shooting. On draft day when I was asked who he reminded me of I said Tim Duncan. Bogut may never be that great, but he is the closest we have seen since Duncan came into the league ….. Did you see Chris Weber, 45 minutes and only 4 free throws … 28 shots and 32 points. He is so inefficient. You can’t win with the value of a possession.

N0/OKC blows out Sacramento --- Is this the Sonics debut of last season? Sacramento may have serious issues, but it is way to early to call them dead. The shooting percentage jumps out as a team that doesn’t jell. I wonder if they can run the Princeton offense with the personnel they added.

San Antonio shows supremacy over Denver
--- the story is the injury to Nene. The Nuggets are calling it a sprained ACL. How do you think Earl Watson is feeling? He signed with Denver after not being able to find a starting job. Now he is not even getting any playing time. He did not play tonight. Denver did not hit a three tonight. That is partially SA defense, but this team still doesn’t have adequate outside shooting. ….. The Spurs got 16 points in 28 minutes from Michael Finley off the bench. 11 of those were in the 4th quarter. How awesome is that for the world champions ….. The Spurs got 41 bench points.


STB said...

Spurs are handsdown the team to beat. Not that that's news to anyone.

It was really good seeing the Hornets get a win. They are way too undersized to go anywhere but they certainly put on a show.

Sonic EJ said...

I think Dallas took another step back this year. I fully expect a blockbuster trade by midseason. Paul Pierce??? KG???

I love Shawn Marion. He couldn’t shoot at all last night but he still goes and grabs 16 boards!!! Why can’t Rashard ever do that???

Myk said...

You know that Chris Webber isn't what he once was but I think I would be OK with 4FTA (he does play the high post after all) if my PF scores me 32pts on 50% shooting, grabs 14 boards, 5 assists, 1 steal and 2 blocks

Not sure how can NOT like this stat line..

Myk said...

Also, I would take Josh Howards 16pts, 11rebs and 2 steals anyday from a defensive stopper like him that can play multiple positions.

If Webber's game was so inefficient then what about Dirk's? He scored less, had fewer assists and only shot one more FT.

How can one guy be a star and the other be soooo inefficient?

Sonic EJ said...

I agree with myk. Chris Webber had one hell of a game. Locke, I understand you don't like Webber but wait until he has a bad game before you rip the guy. I was very impressed.

Sonic EJ said...

How about Mello? Anyone watch the game last night. I think the 20 or so pounds he droped is going to help him alot this year. He looks great.

Biggie said...


Have you ever even listened to the Stews?? They just got picked up nationally by ESPN after getting voted best sports radio in the US. You need to tune in and take some serious notes, every once in awhile I tune into your show, and it is so not up to par that it is just funny. Does Clear Channel Wireless aspire to have one of their employees win the best sports radio host in the country award? It will never, EVER happen with the line-up that KKKJR is putting out there. It is just worlds apart how good the Stews are and how bad all of you are. Sure you could just say "well don't listen to us then" but I was born and raised here and shouldn't have to tune into a show clear across the country just to hear good sports radio. Locke all you do is shout real loud and act like your opinions are facts when they actually are the farthest thing from it. On other shows sure they give opinions (that's what sports radio is all about) but they put them out there as opinions and that's all. And don't say "if you think you can do better, why don't you come try" because I'll take your job and run. It's really pathetic the programming that you guys put out especially those 2 dinosaurs Groz w/ gas. Whatever, I have pride in my hometown and like to see it up to par with the rest of the country. Our one huge weakness is our radio, all of it (KUBE, KJR, KISW) it is just embarrasing to tell someone from out of town to tune into any of our radio stations. Here's wishing things will change soon!!!


NateRob1 said...

Denver is O V E R R A T E D!!!!!


Anonymous said...


did you read the rules about posting comments? Don't rehash what has already been rehashed over and over again. Talk sports you are boring us out here!!

Biggie said...


Anonymous said...

I'm a girl. got anything against us?

Biggie said...

I got something I can put against ya. :) or maybe I can put it on your shoulder so you can put it on your mind later on. LOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

I like when you talk dirty!!!!