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Be sure to tune in tomorrow starting at 6pm for live coverage from Arco Arena. I will air interviews with Luke Ridnour, Rashard Lewis and Ray Allen.
In addition, Frank Hughes will be live from Sacramento today at 4 pm.

Here is the latest from Sacramento
• The Sonics were a mad and frustrated group after the loss in Game 3. Players were openly questioning play calls and strategies.
• The foucs on much of the discussion was what happened to Rashard Lewis.
• The talk today is whether Jerome James is taking away from Lewis’s touches. Both Allen and Lewis were outwardly supportive of James and the amount of touches he is getting and converting.
• Nate said the offense has to do a better job with shot selection and shot allocation. In other words, Lewis has to get more looks.
• The Sonics need to find plays other than the post-up on the left block to get him the ball. Nate talked about isolation plays in the middle of the floor.
• Defensively the big’s had a terrible game. Their help defense was non-existent. Jerome James left Luke to die numerous times by not calling out a pick including the huge shot that Brad Miller got on Luke in the second half.
• The Sonics focused their practice today on offensive adjustments.
• Tomorrow at shot-around they will put the focus on the defensive side of the ball.

Friday, April 29, 2005


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Pace of Play: 97 trips (their is no way Seattle can win at this pace
Offensive Efficiency: 107 (77 in the 1st, otherwise ok)
Defensive Efficiency: 121 (135 in the second half)
Effective FG%: 46% (this is below their season average)
Defensive EFG%: 53%
Off Rebounding %: 42 (a very good sign)
Def Reboundng % 72 (very solid)
Off Turnover % 17 (1st quarter they turned it over 35% of their possessions)
Def Turnover% 10 (Sac is #1 in the NBA at not turning it over)

Final Thoughts:
The Kings brought the intensity we anticipated.
Mike Bibby was insanely clutch. Everytime the Sonics got close Bibby made a play.
The Kings made nice offensive adjustments and the Sonics defense never had an answer.
The Kings spread the floor very well. They had good awareness of what the Sonics were trying to do and reacted well to it.
The backcourt of Bobby Jackson and Mike Bibby was really terrific.
Brad Miller playing 35 minutes changes the complexion of this series.
The Sonics offense was still able to exploit the Kings defense for most of the game.
Nine Turnovers in the first quarter were the difference in this game. The Sonics got bullrushed early and never were able to get all the way back in the game.
JJ was terrific on the offensive end again. His effort has been solid for three straight nights.
Ray Allen is a stud. He carried the load tonight
In game 3 the Kings probably won't have that early burst and it will be a real dog fit for 48 minutes.

KINGS 113 SONICS 101 with 1:23 left.
Rashard Lewis has no lift. He is really gaming it through the knee injury. He is just 2 of 10.
Jerome James has fouled out with 22 and 9. As frustrating as his defense was at time tonight this is another great night for JJ. On the road this is pretty impressive. For the most part he stayed inside his game despite all the hype. I am impressed.
Nick Collison is going to need to learn how to finsih. Otherwise, his game is nearly perfect.

KINGS 112 SONCIS 99 with 3:23 left in the 4th Quarter.
JJ continues to be totally amazing offensively in this series.
Their is no reason to be upset by this. In fact, I might take the other approach. Seattle continued to slice up the Kings defense once they stopped turning the ball over.
The Kings had great energy and made nice adjustments. The Sonics staff will get to work and fix the areas that need to be fixed.
The Sonics must find a way to play a slower pace.
The Cowbells are behind us and they are brutal.

DJ Chameleon said...

We need Lewis to finally show up tonight. Does anyone know of any health reasons for Rashard's horrible game tonight.

Lewis knee is causing him problems. He took the last two days off and never seemed to get loose tonight. He doesn't seem to have his usual lift.

KINGS 108 SONICS 93 with 6:04 left in the 4th Quarter.
I think Seattle is done. They have extended all their energy and the Kings have answered every move. Impressive night for the Kings and Mike Bibby

KINGS 104 SONICS 93 with 6:22 left in the 4th Quarter
Another huge play by Bibby. Splitting the pick and roll Bibby got to his left and into the lane and scored and the foul shot. Putting the Kings back up 11. That is twice that Seattle has knocked on the door and Bibby has made a huge play.
The Kings rotation is much better tonight.
JJ has had a poor defensive night. His offense has been great. His rebounding continues to be solid, but his defense has been less good then it was in Games 1 and 2.

KINGS 97 SEATTLE 85 with 8:55 left in the 4th
The cow bells are out.
Bibby is making all the plays tonight. A pull-up 3 in transition puts the Kings up 12
Seattle is going to need an awesome defense stand if they are going to win this.
The Sonics offense is rolling but they can't stop the Kings.
Bad Tech on AD.

Pace of Play: 75 trips
Offensive Efficiency: 150 IN THE 3RD
Defensive Efficiency: 154 IN THE 3RD Q -- OUCH
Effective FG%: 60% IN THE 3RD
Defensive EFG%: 61% IN THE 3RD
Off Rebounding %: 43
Def Reboundng % 75
Off Turnover % 20 (even in the 2nd quarter they turned it over 20%)
Def Turnover% 9 (Sac is #1 in the NBA at not turning it over)

KINGS 92 SONICS 81 end of the 3rd Quarter
Huge by the Kings they held off Seattle's run and still lead by 11
Missed opportunity in the final minute by Seattle. Collison missed a lay-in and on the rebound Fortson committed a foul with Seattle already over the penalty. A four point swing.
Huge shot by Mike Bibby. Seattle got it down to 7 points and with a stop it could have been nervous time for te Kings. Instead Bibby got off AD with a pick and hit the shot going to his left.
The difference in Peja going right v going left is one of the most amazing things I have seen. He never misses going left and never makes it going right.
Danny Fortson is really ineffective. He checks out. A really poor showing.

KINGS 86 SONICS 77 with 1:57 left in the 3rd quarter.
The Sonics have to get some stops. If they can get this game down to 6 then the Kings might get tight. but it just hovers at 10.
Fortson Tech costs the Sonics a point
Peja got a look going to his left and hit the jumper
AD hits VR on a gorgeous drive and dish for a 3.

KINGS 81 SONICS 70 WTH 3:11 left in the 3rd Q
No one can get a stop.
Sonics go with AD, Lewis, Vlady, Nick and JJ --- interesting. Score 79 to 69 with this.
Fortson in for JJ. Still going big. Now with Fortson as the center.
Rashard Lewis is absent tonight. 1 for 8 with 6 points.

KINGS 77 SONICS 67 with 4:30 left in the 3rd Q
Luke RIdnour just got blasted on a pick and roll. I mean blasted. JJ didn't let Luke know.
AD comes in for Luke. AD has not played very well yet in the playoffs.

KINGS 73 SONICS 63 with 6:18 left in the 3rd Quarter
Seattle is slicing apart the Kings defense the same way they did in Games 1 and 2. They are getting penetration, they are finding the open man and getting dunks and lay-ups.
Second chance points are keeping the Kings with their lead.
JJ just banked a free throw line jumper. This man is hot and lucky.
Seattle has scored on 8 of 10 possessions to start the 3rd.

KINGS 66 SONICS 56 with 8:00 left in 3rd Quarter
Seattle needs to stay within 10 by the 6:00 mark
The Kings are going at Reggie Evans with Kenny Thomas. This has been a new development in this game and it has been very succesful for the Kings. Evans is a great rebounder, but not a very good on ball defender and the Kings are going at that.
Seattle's offense is much more patitent in the 2nd half.
The post players are not playing defense at the same level they did in Games 1 and 2.

KINGS 60 SONICS 47 with 10:45 left in the 3rd Quarter.
Sonics assist to turnover ratio is 4 to 14. In the wrong direction.
Sonics pick up full court out of the half
Bibby going left on first jumper of the half and it was good. The Sups need Bibby going right.
Who is going to step up Lewis or Peja?
Terrible defense. Out of an inbound play in the back court Mobley was able to go full court for a layup with no resistance.
Nate calls a timeout because of it.

Pace of Play: 50 trips
Offensive Efficiency: 89 (77 in the 1st and 101 in the 2nd)
Defensive Efficiency: 108 (125 in the 1st and 91 in th 2nd)
Effective FG%: 45%
Defensive EFG%: 53%
Off Rebounding %: 44
Def Reboundng % 76
Off Turnover % 26 (even in the 2nd quarter they turned it over 20%)
Def Turnover% 12 (Sac is #1 in the NBA at not turning it over)

KINGS 54 SONICS 45 at the half
The Sonics have to be pleased that they are inside 10 points. They controlled the last 8 minutes of the 2nd quarter.
Ray Allen is unreal right now. He is killing Mobley. The Jackson/Bibby backcourt was doing a much better job for Sacramento.
The Lewis/ Peja match-up is two guys with time resumes both playing very poorly.
The game has settled down into a half court game and this is to Seattle's advantage
The Kings defensive presure has subsided.
The loud mouth behind me is no riding Peja instead of Nate. Is that a sign.
James is much better if he makes his move quickly the longer he pounds the less he scores

DJ Chameleon said...

Great turn around by Jerome. This is our only opportunity to make a game out of this.

If Sacramento responds to this run we will be crushed just like we did to Sacramento at this exact same time of the game when they made a mini run and then we crushed them the last 3 minutes of the 2nd quarter in game 2.
Another great point. Seattle needs to keep this mo for the 2:26. That is exactly what happened in Game 2.

KINGS 49 SONICS 41 with 3:07 left in teh 2nd quarter.
Allen has gotten to the line twice in the last three possessions. They have opened the floor with Allen, Lewis and Vlady on the floor.
Allen in transition just popped a three in the flow.
14-1 run by the Sonics
Miller just committed his 3rd foul. Skinner comes in for Miller.

KINGS 49 SONICS 30 with 4:32 left in the 2nd Quarter
Miller is abusing JJ
Seattle's offense has no flow. The Kings are denying the first pass and it is pushing the Sonics deeper then they are comfortable.
In addition, the Sonics have no room when they are pentrating.
12 turnovers at the 5:37 mark of the 2nd quarter.
The Kings have the line-up on the floor that I was worried about.
JJ is not helping out at all on the defensive end. Ridnour was just run off a pick and James needs to show to help out on Bibby and he was no where near the play.
The Kings are re-setting picks for Bibby so he can get going to the left. The Sonics have been forcing Bibby and Peja right all series.
On the next play James did a nice job of showing.

KINGS 44 SONICS 27 with 6:47 left
Mike Bibby is killing Seattle tonight
Jerome James is flat out not following the defensive game plan on Miller. Listen to our pre-game show and the Sonics are trying to push Miller off the elbow and James is letting him work freely and shoot freely.
Miller has hit three in a row.
Rashard Lewis is not flowing tonight. He just missed two in a row

KINGS 36 SONICS 25 with 8:45 left in the 2nd quarter.
This is the Bibby we anticipated. He is getting space on the floor and hitting his shots.
Seattle is totally out of sorts.
Another tell tale sign. Seattle executed well on the offensive side but AD missed a in paint jumper, the Kings got the rebound and Bobby Jackson went coast to coast past all the Sonics for a lay-up.
The Kings are using Jackson and Bibby together in the back-court and it is effective.
Ridnour just broke a 7:30 drouhgt by the Sonics without a Field Goal.
Sonics with a 6-0 flurry. If they can get it within 6 at the half they would be in great shape.

Offensive Efficiency: 77 (terrible
Defensive Efficiency: 125
Off Rebounding %: 55
Def Reboundng % 77
Off Turnover % 32 (that is gross)
Def Turnover% 4 (ouch)

m_dawg21 said...

Hey Guys,
Well we look alright so far. Gotta get Rashard goin here but it looks to be an even game through the first 6 Minutes.
Totally agree. Rashard didn't look as active as usual in the first quarter. Sometimes a player nows he is going to be doubled and losses his aggressiveness. The Sonics need to get Rashard some easy looks.

KINGS 31 SONICS 19 end of the 1st Quarter.
The Kings dominated the quarter in every phase. The crowd is now juiced and rolling.
Eight turnovers in the opening 10:30 by the Sonics. You can't win this way.
The Sonics defense has tightened up after the opening run, but their offense is awful.
A very telling play was Vlady making a lazy in bound pass to Antonio who didn't come to the ball, Bobby Jackson stole it and went the lenght of the floor for a layup. In the meantime, none of the Sonics ran back to help and when it was time to in bound Vlady had to sprint back to help get the ball in bound. No energy and shell-shocked is the story.
The Kings are on a 12-1 run. Most of it off turnovers.
The crowd behind me is ruthless on Nate and the Sonics. If they have any good lines I will send them along.

KINGS 23 SONICS 15 with 2:53 left in the 1st Quarter.
The crowd is incredible so far.
The Sonics help defense which was so good in Games 1 and 2 has been terrible thus far.
The quarter is going as badly for Seattle as they could imagine.
Reggie Evans just went to the locker-room. He is sick to his stomach.
Seattle has 5 turnovers already in this game. One of the keys was to reduce turnovers and they have not done that so far.
The Kings defensive hands are much more active. Mobley stripped Allen and Bibby came down and digged it out on Collison.
Luke got an elbow to the check but will be able to return

KINGS 15 SONICS 11 with 6:23 left in the 1st quarter
Frantic pace to start.
The Kings scored on 7 straight possessions.
Mike Bibby got good early looks and hit all 3.
The Sonics have been forcing the Kings big to hit the 16 footer and they have done that early.
This is what was anticipated the Sonics just have to stay in this game after the first surge.

We are up and running after a moment or two of problems.

The primary offensive sets today will be ...
1) 1/3 pick and roll on the side (point guard/ small forward)
2) Horns -- big waiting at each elbow
3) Early offensive post up

Here is a primer
Turnovers : The Sonics have done a nice job of keeping the turnovers under control at 13% of possessions in game 1 and 11% in game 2. This will be vital at Arco Arena. It keeps the crowd out of the game and the Kings have struggled in the half court. This may fall on Jerome James ability to pass out of a double team. .
Free Throw Attempts. This has been an advantage for the Sonics in every match-up with the Kings. In game 1 the Sonics shot 28 free throws to the Kings 15. In Game 2 they doubled their free throw attempts 30-15. In the regular season the difference was 36-25 Sonics advantage. The Kings are #24 in the NBA in free throw attempts. It is also a sign of how aggressive the Kings are. Brad Miller is the guy who will be able to draw the most fouls.
Offensive Efficiency: In the regular season the Sonics averaged 115 offensive rating against the Kings. In the regular season the Sonics averaged 109, #2 in the NBA. In game 1 of the playoffs they had just a 101 rating. In game 2 they got it rolling up to 111. The Kings are not a great defensive team allowing their opponents a 107 in the regular season. The Sonics will need to be efficient tonight to quell the crowd.
Pace of Play: This is my bread and butter all season long. Game 1 was 87 trips. Game 2 the Kings took the tempo up to 94 and it was 75 by the third quarter. At Arco Arena the Sonics must keep it in a slow half court game.


Coming to you from Sacramento getting ready for Game #3. I will attempt to live blog again tonight if we can technically get it going.
A ton of storylines coming out of the Capital City ….
Rick Adelman denies all of Jerome James account of what happened when he got cut by Sacramento. I have to say that I side with Adelman on this one. I find it hard to believe that any coach would tell a player who is 7 foot one to pick another profession and I am sure they didn’t get him a garbage bag to clear out his stuff. The real issue is that Jerome James has forgotten who he was. When he was cut by the Kings he had sat out an entire season, they did him a favor by inviting him to camp and he was grossly overweight for an NBA player. Jerome is playing revisionist history and he just got called out. As a media member who has covered James for 5 seasons I have always found it a struggle because his stories are often lacking a factual reference point. This is the case on his stories out of Sacramento.
Is anyone else terrified that Jerome James is now talking a little trash and pumping out his chest. I have visions of a 5 for 17 coming and JJ forgetting about all the great rebounding and rotation defense he has been playing …..
Rick Adelman has to be the biggest cry baby in the NBA. Before Game 2, in an interview we aired on the pre-game show, he complained about the officials in Game 1 and how the Sonics ran roughshod all over his players. Now he is complaining the James is walking every time he makes a move to the basket. Poor Rick ….
The heat here in Sacramento is on Peja Stojakovic. Peja is 12 of 29 from the field in this series and shot 29% in last years series against Minnesota. The Headline in the Bee is “Peja needs to become a shooting not falling star.” The article closes with the line, “The Kings need a grown-up Peja.” The problem is part of the reason Peja struggles in the post-season is scouting. He has flaws i
n his game and when a team has days instead of hours to prepare they are able to expose some of those areas. He is totally dependent at going left and the Sonics have been able to take the away from him. Peja and Bibby combined to take just 6 shots going to their left in Game 2. Both of them have to have that shot in their game …..
Look for Brad Miller to play a tremendous amount in Game 3 which should slow down Jerome. Also, look for the Kings to double team JJ. This is a problem because James is terrible at passing out of the double team. It is why they should have doubling him the whole series. Not so much to stop his scoring, but to force turnovers. The flip side is the Kings are a bad defensive rotation team and the Sonics have killed them on the double team of Lewis. Now they will have Lewis and Allen available.
Bottom line Luke Ridnour has to make some shots tonight.
A few other notes … Kings are just 19-13 at Arco Arena in the post-season. They have won 7 of their last 8. The Key to Game 3 is going to be staying close and avoiding the death blow from the Kings at Arco,. If the Sonics can stay close then the pressure really turns on the Kings. Every shot is to stay in the series, every possession has magnified importance for them and they have not shown that they are a group that is capable of answering that bell in the first two games of this series
Notes from around the NBA. Jason Williams of Memphis passed up an open 3 in the 4th and then went scoreless in the 4th quarter. It makes you wonder. … Denver is playing a dangerous game of turning it off and then flipping the switch back on. …. Eddie Jones may be the biggest choke in the NBA he is just lucky he has been surrounded by great players his whole career …. Reggie Miller is playing at a totally different level …. Vince Carter was terrible late in the game before he hit his buzzer beating tying shot. The Nets had the Heat on the ropes and Shaw had 5 fouls and then all they did was shot threes.
Talk to you tonight from Arco Arena.

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Please place any questions or thoughts on tonight's game in the comment's area.


It has been a long time since Key Arena bounced with the Super - Sonics chant
Great win. They won it with defense in the 3rd and by withstanding the run in the 2nd Q.
Ray Allen kept carring the mail all night long.
Jerome James has done it again. Back to back huge nights.
Nick Collison had a very strong outing.
Luke Ridnour's box score won't wow you but his game was terrific.

SONICS 100 KINGS 92 with 1:49 left in the game.
The Sonics have stopped executing. The picks aren't being set.
Nate is going nuts on the sideline about the lack of execution. He keeps screaming "go" to remind guys to set the pick for the pick n roll.
I might be wrong about pushing this group to far. They are able to get out and run and Seattle can't keep up. But once they are in the half court they have no idea where to go.

SONICS 98 KINGS 85 with 4:33 left
Adelman is making a mistake. His bench got him back in the game and now he is pushing them out of their comfort zone. That is bad coaching

SONICS 95 KINGS 85 with 5:54 left in the game.
Out of the time-out the Sonics go to James in the post. And he scored over Skinner.
Bobby Jackson is on Ray Allen. It didn't work in Game 1
Sacramento is getting out in the open floor every trip.
Lewis shot looks wrong.
Seattle is flat out lazy right now.

SONICS 90 KINGS 79 with 8:13 left in the 4th.
Nervous time. The Kings have opened the 4th quater with a 17 to 2 run.
They are doing it with Evans, House, Jackson, Songalia and Skinner. No starters.
The Sonics just dropped their guard something they haven't done all night.
The Kings are running. They are getting easy looks and the Sonics have stopped moving offensively.
The Sonics are trying to get the knock punch instead of playing basketball.
This is the same thing they did in the 3rd quarter the other night.

Sundodger says said...

So I actually have a question:

Why were the Sonics the team everyone wanted to face in the playoffs?

Everyone has forgotten that this team was nearly unbeatable when it played well early in the season. They have their swagger back after tonight.

SONICS 90 KINGS 72 wiht 9:51 left in the game
The owners of the Kings, the Maloofs, just left the building. This is with 11:00 left in the game.
The Maloffs will be on Frank Hughes Sonics Access show on 950,KJR this Saturday.
Sonics have dropped their guard and the Kings are getting easy buckets

Pace of Play: 75 trips (this is very fast)
Offensive Efficiency: 119 (133 in the 3rd Q)
Defensive Efficiency: 86 (outstanding)
Offensive Rebounding %: 25%
Defensive Reboudning %: 75% (vastly better than Game 1)
Free throws: Sonics 25 to 7 advtange.
Turnover%: 12%
Forced To%: 15% (24% in the 3rd quarter is amazing)

SONICS 88 KINGS 62 end of 3rd quarter
What a line-up by Nate: AD, Lewis, Vlady, Fortson and Nick.
This is a butt-kicking
The Sonics scored on 17 of 24 possessions in the quarter
The Sonics stopped the Kings on 16 of the 24 possessions of the quarter.
Seattle dictating the game from the 1st moment of the 3rd quarter and never relented.
I go back to the end of the 2nd quarter when the Kings made what seemed like a run and the Sonics answered. It may have ripped their heart out of the game.
AD's 3 % drops off dramatically if he is not shooting from the corner.

SONICS 82 KINGS 57 with 1:55 left in the 3rd quarter
The Sonics have stopped the Kings 8 of the last 9 possessions and 7 straight.
For the quarter they have stopped the Kings on 13 of 19 possessions.

The way this game is going I will be able to have Bigger Dance breakdown and analysis of the Sonics dancers.

SONICS 80 KINGS 57 with 3:00 left.

SONICS 78 KINGS 57 with 3:16 left 3rd Q
Nate comes out of the time-out will a full court press to try to grab the energy of the game back.
Nate has matched Adelman's small line-up with his own: Luek, Ray, Lewis, Vlady, Nick
Seattle must play small and slow
Seattle needs to take advantage of being in the bonus since the 8:00 mark of the 3rd.
Seattle has scored on 11 of 16 possessions in the quarter

SONICS 70-51 with 7:13 left
Adelman's answer is to go small. Let's see what happens. What is interesting here is last game he went big.

SONICS 70-51 with 7:13 left in the 2nd Quarter.
Wow!!!! They are playing great basketball. They are getting to every play. The Kings are a boxer that has just been hammered. The Sonics have the Kings look for the easy way out and nothing is easy against the Sonics right now.
A 15-7 run to open the half.
This is the team that was so dynamite early in the season,

SONICS 65 KINGS 51 with 8:04 left in the 3rd quarter.
I will promise you the Nate reminded his team how they lost focus offensively in the last game. They got quick in Game 1.
Jerome James is playing like a man possessed. It is unreal. He is killing the Kings. He took Ostertag to the middle and on the next trip he powered over Thomas and then drop stepped for a 8 foot jumper.
Kings are making frustration plays.

jhathaway said...

Ray is not getting enough touches.
The Sonics have made that a focus of the opening part of the 2nd half.

SONICS 60 KINGS 46 with 9:52 left in the 3rd quarter
Seattle opens the half dictating the energy. This is very impressive.
Reggie Evans has knocked Kenny Thomas out of this game with his physical pressence.
If Seattle wins this series they may have just won it in the first 3 minutes of this half.
Opening play of the second half was the adjustment off the pick n roll that Weiss told us about in the pre-game.
Luke is really guiding his shot. He is playing great, but he has to make some shots.
Rashard needs to get going -- he is playing passively offensively. He needs to go at Peja, who has slow feet.


Pace of Play: 49 trips (this is very fast)
Offensive Efficiency: 112 (120 in the 2nd quarter)
Defensive Efficiency: 90 (outstanding)
Offensive Rebounding %: 25%
Defensive Reboudning %: 79% (vastly better than Game 1)
Free throws: Sonics 16 to 7 advtange.
Turnover%: 12%
Forced To%: 10% (needs to pick up)

SONICS 55 KINGS 44 at the Half.
Largest lead of the game for the Sups
Great job by the Sups to hold off the Kings run. They made their move and Seattle stayed right with them.
Huge play by Damien Wilkins to grab the offensive rebound off a missed free throw. This got an extra possession at the end of the half.
Will Miracles never cease? James scores back to back buckets in the post. To quell the run. He is being guarded by Corliss Williamson, how is much smaller.
Bibby half court field goals have both come when Lewis got switched on him.

SONICS 47 KINGS 39 at 3:17 left in 2nd quarter.
Ray Allen just took Mobley to the rack and Miller was playing a zone in the middle to double him. If he scores on that you are screwed as an opponent.
Fortson checks out after playing the best 10 he has played in months.
Look-out -- Peja and Bibby have combined for 9 straight points.
Allen answers with a sick curl jumper -- that is a stud.
This is the Kings run in the first half -- Bibby and Peja are rolling. How Allen and Lewis respond will be big.
Allen leaves the floor. Can Seattle hold the Kings off?

SONICS 42 KINGS 31 with 5:04 left in 2nd quarter
7-0 run sparked by the Sonics transition.
The Kings look deflated and are not as intense defensively right now.
Bibby can't get room in the half court to get looks. He ahs no baskets in the half court his only two field goals are in transition.

Ron Lov says ...
The Sonics are playing very poor off of screens on defense. Are they suppose to be hanging back and giving open looks? If the Kings were hitting the open jumper it would be a much closer game.
I really haven't noticed that. I think they are playing well in the half court. But I will keep an eye on it.

SONICS 38 KINGS 31 at 5:49 left in the 2nd Quarter
Nice line-up on the floor for the Sups: AD, Ray, Lewis, Vlady and Fortson
Allen missed a 3 on the best ball movement of the series. It is a good sign. It makes you wonder if the Kings are beginning to struggle defensively to stay with Seattle's shooters.
I will say it again. Keep Sac in the half court and they really aren't very potentant.
I talked with a Scout before the series and he said I would be shocked that they struggle to score and he was correct.

SONICS 30 KINGS 25 at 8:50 in 2nd quarter
Rashard will re-enter. The Sonics struggled in game 1 when Allen was on the bench. They are ok so far tonight.
Luke is having a brillant game but he has missed three looks that he needs to make. If those fall this would be his coming out party.
The Kings still have no answer for the Sonics pick n roll. The Sups are getting into the paint with ease.

SONICS 28 KINGS 25 at 10:00 in 2nd quarter
Ridnour's quick hands have saved the Sonics three baskets.
Miller is back in for Sacramento
Seattle opens the 2nd quarter with Ray Allen and no Rashard Lewis. Not sure how long this can last. Keep an eye on the score. It was 26-22 to start the quarter.

Remember Kevin Pelton has another blog going at

Pace of Play: 25 trips (this is way too fast)
Offensive Efficiency: 104
Defensive Efficiency: 85
Offensive Rebounding %: 20%
Defensive Reboudning %: 80%
Free throws: Sonics 9 to 0 advtange.
Turnover%: 16%

SONICS 26 KINGS 22 at the end of 1 quarter
Great defense from Vlady on the final possession on Mobley.
Vlady looks great. He is in rhythm hitting his shots and is a force in this game

SONICS 22 KINGS 20 at 1:36 left in the 1st Q
The Kings are getting almost all of their points in transition. Bibby is 2 for 4 and both of those on fast breaks. The Soncis have to curtail the running game by rebounding on the offensive glass and the Sonics have just 1 offensive rebounding.
Danny Fortson just enterted.

SONICS 20 KINGS 18 at 2:00 left in 1st Q
No three attempts in the first 7:30 of the game
Ridnour is doing an unbelievable job on Bibby. He is attached to him.
Ostertag's picks are noticably less good then Miller's.
Miller checked out at the 6:00 mark. Despite Adelman saying he has no limitations I have to imagine they have a limit on him they are not sharing.
Reggie Evans just blew back to back defensive assignments, allow Peja a lay-up and Thomas a jumper.

From DJ
I expect either Vlady if he is allowed to play enough minutes or Nick Collison are the most likely candidates to step up and produce more than they are expected to produce. That would mean 12 and 6 from either player
Vlady's minutes are limited to 20 for today's game. Collison looked nervous in game 1.

SONICS 11 KINGS 10 at 5:35 left in 1st quarter.
The last play was one of the adjustments the Sonics have made off the double of Rashard, when he is doubled they are looking for a pick n roll at the top and the Kings won't have enough defenders.
Lewis has missed to rise and fires over Peja that were big misses. Peja is forcing him to take the 16 footer when he straightens up. He has to make that shot.
Ray Allen is forcing a bit and has turned it over twice.
Seattle must keep the pace down the Kings are not executing well in the half court.

SONICS 10 KINGS 8 at 7:00 left in 1st quarter
Miller's picks at much better than Brian Skinner's and it is giving Sac's shooters more room.
Lewis at Peja draws an early foul. One of things people in the NBA talk about is the that officials call it close early. Lewis got jabbed on it in Game 1. If the Sonics can get #2 on Peja early it would be huge. In Game 1 Sacramento needed Peja on the floor.
Sacramento has only 1 field goal off the hald court offense, they have 2 on the fast break and one on a second chance. If Seattle keeps them in a half court they will be ok.

Kevin Pelton hosts a blog that is very good. Just click here.

Seattle adjustments
1) Look for the Sonics to start their pick n rolls a little bit to the right side of the floor. The Kings are forcing it to the left side of the floor and this should give the Sonics more room.
2) Off the Rashard double team look for a pass to the top and a pick n roll with Reggie setting the pick. The trick here is that nobody is guarding Reggie at this point so the Sonics ball handler should get a lane to the basket.

1) They are anticipating a bunch of cross court passes to the weak side.


Sacramento: Brad Miller will start

I just spoke with Rick Adelman and he was very hidden about his starting line-up. He says he has to speak with Brad Miller. He did say that Brad Miller will start eventually and tonight might be the night. I anticipate that he will start tonight.

· Defensive Glass : Seattle allowed the Kings to get 42% of their offensive rebounds. They only average 29% during the regular season. This has to be improved. The Sonics huge advantage is on the glass in this series and they didn’t do a good enough job in game 1 of the series.
· Free Throw Attempts. This has been an advantage for the Sonics in every match-up with the Kings. In game 1 the Sonics shot 28 free throws to the Kings 15 and in the regular season the difference was 36-25 Sonics advantage. The Kings are #24 in the NBA in free throw attempts.
· Offensive Efficiency: In the regular season the Sonics averaged 115 offensive rating against the Kings. In the regular season the Sonics averaged 109, #2 in the NBA. In game 1 of the playoffs they had just a 101 rating. I don’t believe that they will ever hit the 115 in the playoffs but they need to get close to the season average. The Kings defense in the regular season only held people to 107.
· Pace of Play: This is my bread and butter all season long. Game 1 was 87 trips. This keeps the Kings in the half court and the Kings are not a very good half court executing team right now. The Sonics average just 90 trips a game while the Kings average 96. If the Sonics can stay under 90 they are golden. Under 93 trips and they are in good shape. Over 93 and we will be tied going to Sacramento.

Monday, April 25, 2005


Canadian singer Caroline Marcil had a rough night at a Canada-USA hockey game on Friday. She was invited to sing "The Star Spangled Banner," but forgot the lyrics not once, but twice. She left to get the lyrics and when she returned to the ice, took an embarrassing tumble. When the audience booed, "that made me completely blank. I didn't know what I was singing," she said.Marcil, whose first language is French, isn't alone in not knowing the words to the song. A recent study found 61 percent of Americans don't know the lyrics to "The Star Spangled Banner.

Here is a link to the video we were talking about on the air.