Friday, October 07, 2005


Tune in tonight to hear Chuck Armstrong under the kleg lights. Have they fixed their problems? Why haven't they develop minor league talent? Is Ichiro tradeable? Will Ichiro play centerfield? Is Bavasi the right guy for the job? What have they done to make sure that the get out of the doldrums?
It is all tonight on Locked on Sports at 7:05 and open phone lines to follow for your reaction.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


This season Locked on Sports is following some specific stats about the Seahawks. Each week I will post these stats. With a quarter of the season completed I thought it was time to reveal the them for the first time. Put your thoughts in the comment zone.
Things I found interesting: Alexanders 1st down rate, Alexander's thrid down rate, run v. pass amount on first down and Bobby Engram all the way across the board.

Section 1: PLAY SUCCESS RATE --- To be a success a play must get 40% of the yards on 1st down, 60% on 2nd down and the 1st down on a 3rd down play.

Alexander: 50%
Morris 38%
Passing: 67%

1st Down
Alexander: 39% (17 of 44)
Passing: 64% (46 of 72)

3rd Down
Alexander: 100%
Passing: 55%

Section 2: RECEPTION RATE --- % of pass intended to the receiver that were caught

Engram: 78%
Strong: 72%
Jackson: 66%
Jurevicus: 57%
Stevens: 52%
Hannam: 50%
Alexander: 29%

Section 3: 3rd Down

3rd Down Efficiency
1 to 3 to go: Run 83% Pass 100% Overall: 91% (10 of 11)
4 to 6 to go: Run 50% Pass 33% Overall: 40% (2 of 5)
7 or more : Run 33% Pass 17% Overall: 19% (5 of 27)

3rd Down Receiving %– 1st Down %
Jackson – 40% of intended passes 30% of intended for 1st down
Engram -- 50% -- 33.3%
Stevens – 50% -- 25%
Jurevicus – 33% -- 33%
Hannam – 67% -- 67%

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


The Seattle Seahawks will be very shorthanded at the receiver position this weekend. Mike Holmgren announced today at his weekly press conference that the Hawks would be without both Darrell Jackson and Bobby Engram for the match-up with the Rams.

Jackson bruised his knee earlier this season and it has become a serious enough issue that he will sit out this week. This could linger for a few weeks. Bobby Engram broke a rib on the first play of the game against Washington and he will also be out.

Holmgren did not announce the starting receivers, but they are limited in their options. Look for Peter Warrick to work in the slot with DJ Hackett and Joe Jurevivius as your starting receivers.

Itula Mili is not all the way ready. He could be available for limited action, but also could be on the inactive list.

The Hawks also waived punter Leo Araguz and re-signed Tom Rouen. Rouen was with the Hawks last season and he will also be Josh Brown’s holder.

Holmgren acknowledge the amount of talk about his decision not to pass at the end of regulation and said, “I don’t struggle with that decision at all.” He added that if they had made on more block on the first run Alexander would have run for a touchdown. That is the same play they used to beat Atlanta in overtime a few years ago and the play that resulted in Alexander’s big run v. Dallas last season.

The line of the press conference was when talking about Mike Martz play calling, Holmgren said “ I have been called a little wild and wacky myself.”

Holmgren reminded us that only 3 players on this year’s Hawks defense played in all of the games against the Rams last year. The problem is all three are in the secondary.

Locked on Sports: Fear, not numbers, sacked Holmgren

Locked on Sports: Fear, not numbers, sacked Holmgren: "Holmgren's entire decision to run, not pass, was based upon a 9.2 percent chance. Yet, in the minds of most coaches, it is the correct decision.

With the established risk at 9.2 percent, what are the other possibilities? More than 56 percent of the time Hasselbeck passes, he completes the pass; 34.3 percent of his attempts fall incomplete.

What was the gain? In Brown's career, if he attempts a kick from between 40 and 49 yards, he makes 61.9 percent of the kicks. When the attempt is between 30 and 39 yards, he connects on 90.5 percent.

A nearly 30 percent gain with a 9.2 percent risk? Can I please have that investment?"

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


950, KJR is reporting that Reggie Evans will be reporting to camp. Evans has decided to sign the one year tender agreement and become an unrestricted free agent next season. The Sonics had offered Evans a 2 year 5 million dollar deal.
Evans will compete for the starting power forward job with Vlady Radmanovic and Nick Collison. Bob Weiss said yesterday that he likes Evans with Potapenko more then liked Evans with James. Also, he said he would like for Collison to come off the bench.

Monday, October 03, 2005


The Sonics had media day this evening. Camp starts tomorrow. Here is a collection of the discussion points at Media Day.

As we reported Friday night on 950, KJR Reggie Evans is holding out until he comes to a contract agreement with the Sonics. According to sources, the Sonics offered a 2 year 5 million dollar contract. Evans’ agent is notorious for tough negotiations. The Sonics are not surprised by this development. Head Coach Bob Weiss said he knows what Evans can do, but they will put heavy focus on defense in the opening of camp and the 4 spot will be won by defense. Defensive rotations have not always been a strong point for Evans.
The 4 position will be the most interesting battle in camp. Weiss says he would like to bring Collison off the bench. He really likes the combination of Fortson and Collison on the floor together. However, Weiss did say that Collison will finish games for the Sonics. He also noted that Collison was far and away the best defensive forward on the team last season. According to Weiss, Collison is shooting the ball great.
Weiss also said in some ways he likes the combo of Reggie and Vitaly better then the combo of Reggie and Jerome James last season, because Reggie and James were two non-shooters.
He also mentioned the idea of starting Vlady Radmanovic as the 4 and playing the way Phoenix did last season.

Bob Weiss main point was that last year’s team was within one shot of pushing the World Champs to Game 7 and they did with a terrible defensive team statistically.
In an attempt to change that he will put heavy focus on transition defense and being a more focused defensive unit.
This will be done primarily in two ways. He says every play in the NBA is built around the 1st, 2nd and 3rd option. His design is to guard those 3 with 5. He talked about a concept of contain, help and help the helper.
They have hired Brendon Malone, a long time NBA assistant to join the staff. Malone has worked with both Hubie Brown and Chuck Daly in his career.
Bob Hill, another new assistant, has also with Brown and Larry Brown. They both bring heavy defensive knowledge.
The defense will be much simpler with just 2 ways to play the mid pick and roll and 1 on way to play the side. The hope is that will improve execution.

Practices will be much more 5 on 5. Weiss will take an idea from Jeff Van Gundy. Before each practice the team will hold a “forum” and then go out and practice which should help the flow and conditioning.

Style offensively will be more focused on a fast break. Weiss felt last year’s focus on the secondary break often got players thinking of where they should go on the second part of the break rather then focusing on how to score in the initial break. Weiss wants the basketball skills to be free to show. On the break he wants penetration and then play basketball.


I just got back from mike HolmgrenÂ’s Monday press session. Here is a re-cap.

Holmgren says he doesn’t second guess the decision to run both plays before the missed field goal. Then I will do it for him. The whole premise is that he is scared of an interception. In his entire career Matt Hasselbeck averages just 2.8% of his passes being intercepted. That is crazy to make a decision based on that little a margain.

Moreover, Josh Brown’s percentage from 30 to 39 yards is 91% and from 40 to 49 is 62%. The risk of an interception is far inferior to the reward of gaining another ten yards. If you want to get deeper in the numbers. Here is the entire breakdown.
56.5% of the time Hasselbeck passes it is complete.
34.3% of the time Hasselbeck passes it is incomplete.
6.5% of the time Hasselbeck is sacked
2.7% of the time Hasselbeck throws an interception.

Therefore, he based his whole decision on 9.2% of the time. The numbers don’t lie.

On the injury front it is unlikely Bobby Engram will be able to go. He cracked a rib on the first play of the game and fought through it for most of the game. Floyd Womack is back and available, but he has had a death in the family so Sean Locklear is likely to start again. Locklear will be going up against Leonard Little.

Holmgren sited inexperience and youth for many of the third down issues. Guys were lined up wrong or made too much of an effort to disguise their blitz. On the final 3rd down conversion in overtime Michael Boulware blitzed from 16 yards off the line of scrimmage and was no where close to getting to Burnell.

The NFL has contacted Holmgren about the awful pass interference call on Boulware. That was a game changing bad call.

Sunday, October 02, 2005


AGGGGHHHHH!!!!!! Why, why can't a Seattle team ever win a close game !!!!! Why didn't Holmgren try to get ten yards closer. Why. Why. Why. Why couldn't the Hawks get a stop. Agghhhhhhhh!!!!!. This is tearing my heart out and it sucks !!!!!!!!!!!