Friday, September 23, 2005


This week will be the biggest test for Isaiah Stanback. Truly I don’t think you can make an opinion on him until we see how he reacts when playing good teams that have a scouting report on him. However, I think there is an interesting trend developing. In the Air Force game Stanback hit a ton of 3 step drop plays and since then the clubs have taken that play away from Isaih. Today I went through the play by plays that I keep for the Huskies game and broke Isaiah Stanback offense into two categories, pocket passing and rollout/screen plays. Let put a few qualifiers on this. It is not perfect. I do the best I can. Also I didn’t count after 3 quarters against Idaho because the game was over and I didn’t count the end of the Cal game because it was garbage.
Here is what I discovered
In pocket passing Stanabck is: 12 of 33 for 281 yards with 1 TD and 1 INT
Out of the pocket or screen he is: 13 of 13 for 109 yards

The 13 of 13 is amazing. The 12 of 33 is awful. Not sure what this means.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005



As we have reported on 950, KJR’s Locked on Sports for most of the off-season the Sonics and Vlady Radmanovic were unable to find common ground on a long term contract. Instead, today the Sonics signed Radmanovic to the one year tender contract. This makes Radmanovic a free agent after the season. It also restricts the Sonics ability to trade him.
The ideal situation for the Sonics would have been to come a long term agreement. However, the asking price from the Radmanovic camp was more then they were willing to commit to. The Radmanovic camp thought the contracts of Kwame Brown, Tyson Chandler, Samuel Dalembert and Bobby Simmons set the market where the Sonics didn’t feel those were appropriate comparisons.
Dave Bauman, Radmanovic’s agent, said during the process that if Radmanovic signed the tender it was his first step out the door and was a sign of lack of commitment from the Sonics that Radmanovic would not forget going into free agency. Time will tell if that was negotiation bluster or if the Sonics have just taken the first step to losing a key piece.
Radmanovic is also in the news today for a fight he got in with a Serbian teammate at the World Championship in the locker-room after their shocking loss to France.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Is Randy Moss really so good that Dante Culpepper has fallen apart without him or is that the Vikings are terribly coached ….. Is their any guy you root for in the NFL more then Trent Dilfer his post game quote after the Browns beat the Packers in Lambeau on the day they retired Reggie White’s # was so touching “I am sure my son and Reggie were together watching the game.” This is guy that you have to root for ….. Are the Bengals for real, the numbers say yes but realize they still haven’t played anyone yet …
The Saints got screwed so badly last night with that game-taking place in New York. …. Tom Brady’s comments after the game were interesting about how this is a totally different group then they have had in the past, it is clear he doesn’t feel whatever that championship feeling is ……. I thought Brian Billick was supposed to be an offensive genius, but his offense in Baltimore is the worst in the NFL …
If KC defense is as good as it seems, Indy and NE better look out in the AFC … What happened to the big year of the Atlanta Falcons, you have to have an offensive line and they don’t … Joey Harrington is following in the footsteps of other great Oregon NFL QB’s like Akili Smith … 1-0 teams on the road this weekend generally lost I believe those teams that were 1-0 and went on the road were 2-8, I include the Saints as a road team