Friday, September 23, 2005


This week will be the biggest test for Isaiah Stanback. Truly I don’t think you can make an opinion on him until we see how he reacts when playing good teams that have a scouting report on him. However, I think there is an interesting trend developing. In the Air Force game Stanback hit a ton of 3 step drop plays and since then the clubs have taken that play away from Isaih. Today I went through the play by plays that I keep for the Huskies game and broke Isaiah Stanback offense into two categories, pocket passing and rollout/screen plays. Let put a few qualifiers on this. It is not perfect. I do the best I can. Also I didn’t count after 3 quarters against Idaho because the game was over and I didn’t count the end of the Cal game because it was garbage.
Here is what I discovered
In pocket passing Stanabck is: 12 of 33 for 281 yards with 1 TD and 1 INT
Out of the pocket or screen he is: 13 of 13 for 109 yards

The 13 of 13 is amazing. The 12 of 33 is awful. Not sure what this means.


Biggie said...

Black QB's rule the world. All the rest, you've had your day, give it up, you're done. LOL

Every NFL team will have a black QB in 15 years, that will be beautiful (more beautiful than Cognac and Grand Marnier).

Myk said...

What I dont understand is why they always roll him out to the left forcing him to throw across his body. I don't think those numbers are completely accurate because I know there were a couple of times where this has cost him the power needed to complete the throws he tried.

Anonymous said...

Ban the black!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey black!

Are you Buckwheat or Cream of Wheat? LOL Look out Rita is coming your way!!!!!!!

Biggie said...

Your moms name is Rita?? I'll just call her stank-ho. Happy bigotry anonymous.

Sonic EJ said...

He is the poor man's Vince Young or Mike Vick.

GoND said...

At best, he's a poor, poor man's Aaron Brooks. And I'm talking food stamp, government cheese, Black (the poster, not the race) poor. Not that it matters, considering that Vick could be the UW QB and the huskies would still get rocked this weekend.

Myk said...

Thought the Dawgs looked halfway decent today. Three or four plays go the other way the Huskies are in the least this wasnt Cal all over again. A showing like this makes me believe that maybe just maybe we can upset one of the teams they play the next four weeks. Who knows.

Anonymous said...

Notre Dame is overrated. Stanbeck is overrated. Washington won't beat anyone else in the PAC-10...maybe Wazzu because it's a rivalry game & rivalry games are always close no matter how crappy each team is or how good each team is.

Mike Barer said...

A quarterback is only as good as the players around him.

Myk said...

Hey EJ..has Oakland won a game yet?

I hate living in Seattle and trying to watch football. Why does the rest of the country get a doubleheader with NE vs Pitt being the late game..but here in Seattle we get INFOMERCIALS..

Sonic EJ said...

Hey Locke,

Seattle does not care about UW anymore. You can tell by how few posts you get every time you Blog about the Dawgs. Can we have something new?

Sonic EJ said...

Hey myk...has Seattle won a playoff game yet?

Myk said...

Funny, how were the playoffs last two years? Oh yeah I forgot Oakland wasn't in them...looks like it is three consectutive years. Moss really is an MVP

Sonic EJ said...

Flip is back for one year. I like the deal.

Myk said...

So lets start a new topic, since we are at the end of the year with the Mariners who do you think they should go after in Free Agency? Personally I would love to see four signings:

- Matsui (3 years 10 or 11 million)
- Millwood or Burnett (3 years at 9 or 10 million)
- Ramon Hernandez (3 years 4-5 million)
- One of: Matt Morris, Jeff Weaver or Jarrod Washburn (3 years 6-7 million)

That would give you my preferred line up of:

- Ichiro
- Reed
- Beltre
- Matsui
- Sexson
- Ibanez
- R. Henrandez
- Jose Lopez
- Betencourt

And a rotation of:
- Millwood/Burnett
- Morris/Washburn/Weaver
- King Felix
- Moyer
- Pinero

I chose the line up and the rotations to try and mix the righties and the lefties (if we sign Washburn). I would also move Meche to the bullpen and let him be a power reliver, might suit his style more (a'la Eric Gagne).

While I think that the moves I outlined are possible I doubt they will happen because of the payroll constraints.

What does everyone else want?

Sonic EJ said...

I want to not think about baseball for months. Leave the Mariners alone. It is football season. Basketball is next. Just give the Mariners some time.

Biggie said...

The mariners get no love from me after winning 116 games and not even getting to the series, that's just pathetic. FOOTBALL!!!!! football is what's relevant now, and like Ej and his winless Raiders clearly state basketball is next. Sell the Mariners to Puerto Rico. Baseball is 4th on the list of national pastimes behind the NFL, the NBA, and NCAA football. F*ck Baseball.

Myk said...

Glad to see you have an opion on this Black...guess your probably said the Sonics were shit when they lost to Denver too, huh.

You sure are a good fan of sports!! Maybe you should move to Philly or something.

Sonic EJ said...

You say that like Philly fans are bad or something. I think Philly fans are great fans! I wouldn’t dream of proclaiming myself a Raiders fan if I lived in Philly. I would probably get killed. But here in the land of soft sports fans (like myk) I can do whatever I want. LOL

Go Raiders!

We want Vince Young in the Silver and Black!

Diezel said...

good to see wally waste a millon dollars on that black hole in Flip murray!!!!

myk... this is another example of why your SOFT fan, u actually want to bring that sellout Jamie Moyer back??? we had a trade to get a couple of Houstons top prospects and the guy vetos the trade and a chance to win a ring, for what to be comfortable!!! I dont want a guy who doesnt obviously want to win a ring. The guy should just retire and keep hanging with digger phelps . LOSER!!

Biggie said...


Funny story, no I didn't think the Supes were crap after they blew it against Denver and Mt. Motumbo, actually I was on 3 hits of really good blotter (I was in High school) and thought that the Sonics had the game in hand and went outside to smoke a cig, While out there I got distracted by a bird or caterpillar or cat (it was good acid) anyways my buddy comes outside looking like his mom just died and stated "WE LOST!!!" I, higher than shit, didn't realize at first what he was talking about, when I realized I almost had a bad trip, being as mentally potent as I am I pulled my self from the depths of hallucenogenic hell and sobered up real quick. I will always remember that day, when I was finally in my right mind (ten hours later) I said "we'll get 'em next year" (damn lakers). So no I didn't say that about the 93-94 sonics. I love the Sonics. The Mariners on the other hand have always, ALWAYS been bad. So to me that was the epitome of this "franchise" they always have and always will SUCK. Sorry.

Biggie said...

yo ej,

Denny Greene has got his eyes fixed squarely on Mr. Young. Sorry Raiders, anyway, you guys have a real good mobile QB on your squad, and you guys have squandered him worse than PO did J. O'neal. Languishing on the bench dude.

Myk said...

EJ, Diezel and Black..

This is why you are idiots and really should go root for other teams, if you have no concept of what being a true fan is then go root for other teams, seriously you will just go bitch about them.

Just a waste of space

- As for Moyer, I don't get a shit about what he did if he still wins 13-15 games for me. If you wanted to trade him for prospects all you are saying is that you think that the Ms should be "rebuilding" and I think we should be "retooling" my lineup already has three second or third year players in it..don't need anymore.

Damn all of you are dumb..

Sonic EJ said...


Trust me, I know. Tui has been on the bench forever. I'm pissed at all things Raiders right now. Although I have hope and reason to believe(3 titles) thing will get better. Besides,I bet Denny will take Matt form USC first if he gets the chance.

Diezel said...

myk...ur the one who said he doesnt even go to Sonics games anymore so whos the one who supports the team? I pay my money every year for a 20 game package so i think i have the right to complain about the way the Sonics have handled there off season... I hope I am wrong u think i want them to suck, just being realistic dude!! come talk to me in April.

U dont care about the person as long as he wins 13-15 games a year u are the same guy who rips Shaun yet he the guy had 20td's last year and went to the playoffs??? so your arguement holds no water.

Sonic EJ said...

Hey myk,

You are obviously not a “national sports fan.” You are a “Seattle sports fan.” Kind of a Homer in my opinion, but that is ok. Most Seattle fans are just like you. They are soft and the Seattle Times is their main source of sports info. You can’t let go of the Jamie Moyers of the world even after he f!cked your team, twice. I’m not surprised. Just don’t get pissed when you run into “national sports fans” that think it is funny to pick on you because all of your teams (other than the Sonics) suck! It is going to happen a lot, ie let me know when the Hawks win a playoff game or the Mariners used to suck and they suck now and so on. You get the point.

If you are wondering why then do I like the Sonics, it is because I think since the Sonics have at least won a title they qualify as a legitimate, national sports team. like Diezel was saying, I spend money on them so I feel I have the right to complain about how they spend my money. I grew up watching them like the rest of us and I can’t help but love the Sonics.

So anyway, take some advice you have given to me in the past and shut up. No one wants to hear your “I’m smarter than you guys” crap.

BTW, did I mention you are soft? lol

Biggie said...


I figured it out, you're a woman. Due to the fact you are such a bitch, pull your panties up. I hope you don't root for the Hawks or Sonics we don't need charmin (oh so soft) fans. Bitch.

Myk said...

HA HA HA HA HA HA..yup I am soft. Actually I just prefer to be intelectual and not bitch about things that can't be controlled. Are you the same kind of people who bitch about the weather in Seattle too?

Give me a break that I am not a national sports fan, I think it is pretty obvious that I know more about sports than all three of you considering you are throwing out the: "Lets trade for Paul Pierce" or "Lets trade Vlade for Tyson Chandler in a sign and trade crap".

You guys are just idiots who go on message boards to complain and you don't even do that well. Seriously don't you have to be intelligent to watch sports anymore?

Sonic EJ said...


If you are so intelligent then why don’t you bring something to the table? You did propose that the Mariners go sign like 4-5 guys but you did it right in the middle of Football season. Nice timing.

What do you want the Seahawks to do? Get rid of Alexander? Brilliant!

Hey smart ass, what key player do you think the Sonics should go after? Don’t tell me you really think this team is complete. Do you really love every move they have made over the last few years? Isn’t there a move you thought they could have made but they didn’t? You should be smart enough to think of at least one right?

For some reason you continue to chime in on this blog with all this crap about how you are such a better fan than everyone else. Do you even spend money on your teams?

You seem to think you are Gods gift to sports fans or some kind of ‘voice of reason.’ I think you suck and you don’t have anything to offer. In fact you are one of the least knowledgeable fans I have ever conversed with. You have said you don’t go to games. Plus you always seem to agree with whatever the company line is for whatever team you are talking about. For God’s sake you argued that the Hawks have as much winning tradition as the Raiders. Not exactly the kind of thing that makes me go “wow, that guy knows his sports.”

All in all, you seem to get off by thinking you are smarter than everyone else and all that does is make you look like an idiot.

Biggie said...


I'm sorry to try to lock horns with such an intellectual sports genius, wow you just crush me soooo soundly. WTF???? Get over youself dude. Only women say shit like "I think it is pretty obvious that I know more about sports than all three of you" why don't you add nah nah nah nhah nyah at the end, is this 3rd grade?? Wow I thought you were going to start bringing relevant crap to the table but it never happened. Well keep being the ultimate sports genius, but do you think you could do it somewhere else?? Fag!!

Diezel said...

myk... U are a idiot cuz if u ever watched sportsenter or read once in a while you would have known PP and Chandler were on the block if the right deal was offered. Of course Danny Ainge is going to deny it u dummy.

Your the same game who rips Shaun Alexander but the Hawks are 19-5 when the guy runs for over a hundred yards, u say were not happy with the Sonics but why dont u look in the mirror how can u rip that production. U tried to rake me over the coals when i tried to compare Ray against larry Hughes but at least I had a alterative whos your alternative to Shaun??

and u talk how we throw out fantasy scenerios dude your m's moves are all fantasy. First U really think Matsui is leaving New York? come on dude wake up. And Aj Burnett why would u want a guy who basically did a Moss and just quit on his team?? Kevin Millwood might be ok if the guy can ever stay healthy?? Plus Matt Morris is not signing for 6 millon a year GUARANTEED!! so get off ur high horse and start doing some research!!!!

Myk said... are right I am the one that thinks they know everything about sports. Not you guys, you don't act like that at all.


- Sorry I didn't bring up the Mariners talk at the right time. The Message board was dead so I thought I might try another topic..

- Sure I am not *happy* about what the Sonics did this year. I would have preferred for them to get better players, but there were not any to be had. So why bitch?

- The Raiders things was obviously a little bit tounge and cheek although I find it hard to believe that you can really say that you feel that Oakland has been that much better of a franchise than the Seahawks in the last 10 years.


- And the relevant crap you bring to the table is...all you do is trumpet certain QBs, rip on Lance Armstrong and bitch about things. That really is bringing something to the table.


- Yes Paul Pierce is on the block, Denver offered Andre Miller and Nene to Boston and they declined. This is a team that desperately needs a PG and yet they didn't take the deal. Sure sounds like the Sonics could have traded for him.

- The when runner X rushes for 100 yards they are x and x is the dumbest excuse in football. There is a reason that the player gets to 100 yards and that is because the team is ahead and is trying to run the clock out.

- My point about Shaun was that his style does not fit the style of the West Coast Offense. He doesn't block and he doesn't run routes. If could pick and chose any RB in the league I could have I would pick a Brian Westbrook or Edge James...but what is the point of wasting my time doing that since it wouldn't happen?

I guess that sums up my whole point. Sure I can sit here and live in fantasy land with you guys and wish for certain things but what is the point?

- I knew someone would try and argue my signings as fantasy, here is my rationale:

Matsui: You know how much the M's like Japanese guys so I figured they would be willing to go the extra mile in trying to sign him (especially since he is Left Handed). I understand that there could be issues we don't know about between Ichiro and Matsui where they might not want to play together or something.

Burnett: Simply put he has the most talent. I don't really care if he quit on his team, would you guys have been mad if Randy Moss had been traded to the Seahawks even though he walked off the field before the game ended?

Millwood: He is an injury risk and has never proven that he can anchor a staff but again he is one of the best available talents.

Morris: Why wouldn't he sign for 6-7 million a year? His last three years he has averaged 14-10 and a 3.85 ERA. It isn't like he is Cy Young material. Another way to look at this is I wouldn't pay him more than 6 or 7 million just because he has a reputation of being good.

As for all of you:

- It is nice to know that since I don't go to games that means I am not a true sports fan. What bullshit is that. Does that mean you aren't a true fan EJ because you don't go to every Raiders game? I'm sorry that I have other things I need to use that money...but in no way does that effect my knowledge of the game.

You act like I act all high and mighty and that is only because I have the balls to point out how stupid you guys can be. You have the same arrogence about your knowledge as I do.

We all believe in our opinions (strongly)...mine are just right and yours aren't ;)

Biggie said...


Diezel said... about Fantasy name the last big name free agent pitcher to sign with the M's..exactly..why the hell would u want Millwood a guy with a history of arm problems to join a staff which every year gets at least one of our pitchers hurt.

and saying matsui to seattle was about as close as that guy saying the Sonics got a chance at Lebron. I agree that Matt Morris would be a solid signing but we are going to be at minumum third in the running behind the yankees, cards and red sox, and market value is going to predicate him getting more than 6 millon. Just look at the Pinero, Russ Ortiz, and Carl Pavano contracts as examples.

dude cmmon u really think a running back gets most of his yards when the team is trying to run out the clock!! espeially if a team is losing dont u think the opposing d has like 10 in the box and are all running to the ball to try and strip. I thought u had more sense than i gave u credit for.

and have u ever read any other fan boards before this one is actually tame compared to the east or south.

Myk said...


- Regarding the additions, they could happen or they couldn't that is just what I would like to happen. The nice thing about baseball is that anything is possible without a salary cap which means we all have the right (to a point) to bitch if the Mariners don't sign people.

- Why again is Matsui a lock with the Yankees, have I missed something that shows that he is completely devoted to the one team? It may be true but the biggest reason I had him on my list is that Mariners ownership in the past has shown the desire to go the extra mile to sign a Japanese player so that means they might be willing to pay 12-13 million to the guy and it would be great to have his lefthanded bat in the clean-up spot.

- I guess I take a chance on Millwood because he is one of the top to pitchers on the market (it is very thin) and he leads the league in ERA this year. We obviously need pitching so we might need to take chance. Morris is actually just as injury prone so both of those guys are a bit risky.

- It is funny you blast all my picks because they aren't going to happen, and yet at least the are POSSIBLE since there isn't a salary cap, I mean the Mariners could go out and offer every player on my list a BILLION dollars and I am sure they would accept. On the other hand you want to do this and that in the NBA and it wouldn't even work, because of the cap.

- Ummm yes I think it is pretty obvious that if the team is winning they run more and if they are losing they throw you watch Football? That is a nice Fantasy strategy is to find the team with a bad defense and draft their QB because you know they will be behind alot and have to throw more.

- What does the fact that these boards are tame or not have to do with anything? So since everyone else acts like a jackass that means it is OK for "you" to act like a jackass? Also, my experience with most East Coast fans is that they are actually pretty smart about the game and again realize that it isn't worth bitching about things that never happen.

Biggie said...

Oh shut-up. Please.

Sonic EJ said...


So you can't make deals in a league that has a salary cap???


Yes, unlike in the MLB, NBA fans have to understand things like the new CBA before they propose trades or they are in fantasy land. I don’t think you really now how the CBA works or you wouldn’t think most of the proposed trades or signings on this board are so far fetched.

If you did understand the CBA then maybe you would be impressed by some of these guy’s creativity and want to have an intellectual conversation with them instead of just calling them dreamers and idiots.

Basically what I’m trying to say is baseball is not the only sport for making deals. Just in the leagues like the NFL and NBA you have to be more creative but in no way does that make moves impossible.

So I think your point; “- It is funny you blast all my picks because they aren't going to happen, and yet at least the are POSSIBLE since there isn't a salary cap, I mean the Mariners could go out and offer every player on my list a BILLION dollars and I am sure they would accept. On the other hand you want to do this and that in the NBA and it wouldn't even work, because of the cap.” Holds no water.

I also think it is funny that out of all the people on this board, you try and talk shit to Diezel about how his ideas are crazy. Diezel has probably done more research this week than you have in your life.

Myk, you don’t know what you are talking about and you are wrong. I know there is nothing you hate more than being wrong. HA, maybe the fact that you suck and you are wrong. Plus, I am right! LOL

Myk said...


- Yeah I am sure that Diezel has done more "research" than me..good all of you get over yourself.

- Wow I know about the CBA as well and how to create a trade. Just because a trade makes sense in the CBA doesn't mean it make sense to the other team.

- My references to the deals were all Free Agent ones where a baseball team isn't constrained by a salary cap. Unfortunately in that league called the NBA there is a salary cap which effects your decisions in two ways.

First, you can't just go sign any player you want and give them unlimited money.

Second you don't want to overpay a player because if you cripple your cap there is nothing you can do. At least in Baseball you could just cut him and go sign another player.

Seriously it is amazing how dumb you are with your arguments...

Sonic EJ said...

Thank God for Captain Obvious!!!