Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Locked on Sports: Hawks appear complete

Locked on Sports: Hawks appear complete: "However, this year looks and feels different. Addition by subtraction was the mantra all offseason and it is holding true. The purge of a heartless, selfish defensive unit has given way to an active, aggressive and free-flying group.

The biggest difference is that the Hawks are a complete team. Top to bottom, every player has a role and fills a need.

It is president Tim Ruskell's signature. Every roster spot is being maximized."


Sonic EJ said...


You have not followed the Hawks for very long have you? The Hawks do this every year. I understand you have a job to do but come on. (Sigh) Every year seems like it might be the breakthrough year. I expect the Hawks to have a great regular season because they should, they have an easy schedule. Will any of this matter if they don’t win a playoff game? The answer is unquestionably no.

cunning linguist said...