Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I just got back from the Wednesday Mike Holmgren press conference. Here is a re-cap of the news and notes from the presser.
On the injury front Peter Warrick will sit out practice today with a groin injury. DJ Hackett will take his spot in the passing game and Jimmy Williams will return punts. Itula Mili is still not at full strength and may be another week before he is ready. Pork Chop Womack is still a week away, but will be the left tackle when he returns.
Holmgren talked about the Skins’ defense as a very aggressive unit that plays true pressure defense and bring the blitz more then most teams in the NFL. Specifically, they like to bring former Hawk Shawn Springs off the edge in a blitz. Springs v. D-Jack will be a big time match-up on Sunday.
In regards to D-Jack, I asked what he does to get so open. Holmgren talked about his tremendous quickness, that he is faster then people give him credit for and that he really is terrific in the first 5 yards of a route.
Offensively the Skins, offensive line will just maul you. They play a very similar system to what Joe Gibbs ran when he was the head coach the first time. He will pound, pound, pound and they shoot for one deep.
I brought up Holmgren’s passing on first down, he said you really have to have great confidence in your QB to make those calls. He admitted that running on first down is the hardest down to run on so if they can he is more then willing to pass on first down. In addition, he mentioned that they chart their own tendencies and will try to change his patterns.
Crowd noise is always a factor on the road. The obvious problem is audibles. Hasselbeck no differently then any other QB gets flustered when he can’t change out of bad plays and then no longer feels comfortable or in a rhythm.
The Hawks 3rd down defense has been amazing thus far. Holmgren credits it with a young defense that just flys around. He also talked about the depth of the roster and the rotation of players they are able to use. I wonder how much John Marshall calling the defense may be responsible for this change.
This year’s defense is different because of the depth. I wrote about this today in the Seattle PI and Holmgren discussed it at the press conference. In the past the starters got hurt and their was no second line, this year there is no such class distinction, they are all interchangeable parts. All the players feel they are contributing.
I credit a great deal of this to the influence of Tim Ruskell on this football team.
Lastly, I asked why the Hawks use Mack Strong in the 2-minute drill rather then Alexander. Holmgren said they have numerous personnel groups that can be used. However, he added that he usually asks Matt what he wants to use. Interesting, if I was Matt I wouldn’t want to have a back in the game that I couldn’t check to as a blocker or dump off to in the passing game.


Diezel said...

I must say the front seven so far this year is looking great, I think a healthy Wistrom is key, the fact about how much better the D is with him in da lineup is off the charts as far as difference. Bryce Fisher and Bernard have looked good as well. If someone can find Marcus Tubbs please let me know.

I worry about Trufant though as our number one corner getting beat like that is unacceptable look at Champ when he was in there on monday he was locking up everyone. And woodson on sunday did a pretty good job on TO, he's got to step up especially in that St. Louis game coming up, it will be interesting to see how our d plays agains Steven Jackson.

I temper some optimism though just on the facy of how we started out and how we looked forward to the New England game and how it went downhill from there.

Sonic EJ said...

Hawk fans,

Pork Chop is going to move to left tackle?

So Jones will be moving to right tackle?

Was that a typo from Locke or is Coach really going to balance the O-line for the first time in resent memory?

Myk said...

Yeah I think we should trade for Charles Woodson, he sure is a shut down corner. He was able to take TO completely out of the game and held him to only 9 catches, 80 yards and one TD last game. Of course it might have helped if Donovan McNabb wasn't hurt or anything...

And yes EJ, the Seahawks are going to go against all convention and move what many think is one of the two or three best Left Tackles in the history of the NFL to Right Tackle...I mean that makes so much sense.

Sonic EJ said...

"and move what many think is one of the two or three best Left Tackles in the history of the NFL to Right Tackle..."

myk are you drunk again?

Those people you are referring to are on drugs.

Sonic EJ said...

Jones is the best player on the team but come on man.

cunning linguist said...
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Myk said...

You are right he is only the top OT in the league right now...maybe he slips to top 10 of all time. I still think that would be a great move to move him to a less important position. Maybe we could put him at Center..

Diezel said...

myk... do u ever read the whole posts or do u just do some type of self editing I said Woodson did a ok job on him fool, and if ur drunk ass watched the game u would have seen that he played very physical on him and didnt allow a huge amount of YAC, and the td was a like 5 yarder with woodson out of the picture.

That's like watching last years cincy/denver game where Chad Johnson torched Champ bailey the best corner in the nfl but would u say that Champ sucks, stats arent everything, just look at the first monday night game To had over a 100 against Deangelo but he was able to deflect alot of passes, didnt allow a huge amount of run after catch, and was very physical with him and was Horse trailer player of the game u dooche, numbers aren't everything watch a game once in a while instead of reading the sports page then come talk to me!!!

Myk said...

I agree that Trufant hasn't been playing as well as he has in the past but if you don't judge a corner by his numbers than how do you judge them? Dieon Sander's was a shut down corner and the reason you knew that was because he shut down half the field. Woodson doesn't do that

Mike Barer said...

I would like to see more before I get on the bandwagon. If we are talking Seahawks on November 1st, I'll be a happy camper.