Friday, September 30, 2005


It is discovery time for the Cougars. How good are they? There are certain things you don’t doubt when it comes to the Cougs.

One, their offense will score points. It is a birth right at WSU that they will be able to score. Jerome Harrison is going to be productive week in and week out.

This week the Cougs receivers will be able to exploit a young and inexperience Beavers defense. To be honest, I am not convinced that Oregon State is a well coached football team this season and I anticipate the Cougars will be able to take advantage of flaws in the Beavers system.

However, what we are going to find out is where Rob Akey’s defensive unit is. Oregon State can throw the football. They are third in the country in passing. The Cougars secondary has not been tested this season and we are going to find out if they have the metal to handle Mike Hass and the Beavers.

Also, the Beavers haven’t been able to run the football at all. If they are able to run on Saturday then the Cougars are in trouble both at Reiser and all season. If the Cougs can stop the run then they can really put their ears back and be the sack masters that they usually are.
Cougars prevail and show the top of the Pac-10 that there is another competitor in upper house of one of the nation’s best conferences.

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