Friday, May 13, 2005


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Huge win last night for the Sonics. We talked about validation when they won the first series, put this one the list also. They showed every one again last night what a good team they are and how they managed to win the division and 50+ games this year.
I re-watched he game today I have to tell you I saw a lot of things I really like for the Sonics. Their offense is finding a way to score against the Spurs and moreover they missed a ton of really good looks. Allen and Lewis had shots they will make. The Sonics have found a way to deal with the Spurs double teaming defense and they are now exploiting it.
Nate has created a game where Rashard is the power forward for the majority of the game that eliminates the dual posts for the Spurs this is big.
Defensively the Sonics have built a very nice game plan to limit both Parker and Ginobili and it is going to be tough for Parker to get the same penetration he got in the first game. In Game 1, he got 6 lay-ups out of the half court set, he got just 1 in the second game and while he got 4 last night, 2 of them were miracle shots. The Sonics may have found a bit of an answer for Parker.

What is amazing is the Sonics won this game with Allen and Lewis not scoring for nearly the final 19 minutes of the game. That is remarkable. The Spurs are taking those guys away but they also are rushing shots that are good looks. Those are going to fall and the Sonics are going to be in good shape. Before you bag on these two guys realize Rashard grabbed 10 boards and Ray had 7 boards and 7 assists.


I got to give Huge Kudos to two Sonics players. Antonio Daniels was terrific running the offense, hitting his free throws, reading what was taking place. He was great last night. The other guy that was remarkable last night was JJ – he was flat out super. He got back defensively, he forced Duncan to the outside, he set great picks, he read the plays correctly, his hands were as good as I have ever seen and his aggressiveness was amazing. I have given JJ the business a ton, but last night he was the game changer.

Today Tiger Woods misses the cut for the first time 142 tournaments. The only other time he truly missed a cut was in 1997, 8 years ago at the Canadian Open. That record will never be broken said Robert Appleby. This is huge. I have always felt that this streak is what truly separated Tiger from every other golfer, even if he wasn’t #1 this streak told me he was different then the rest of the golfers on the Tour. But to lose this streak is enormous. As much as he seems to have his game back on this year this is another sign that he is a top golfer in the world but is no longer in a class by himself. It is an enormous day in golf and a significant drop for Tiger Woods.

Last night the Mariners star farm hand had his best start of the year 7 innings 2 hits 0 runs and only 1 walk the key number here is the 1 walk. Coming into the game he had walked 19 in 36 innings. Before everyone goes nuts over one start can we back up for one minute. This guy is going to be all that there is no question, but last year the Mariners brought up a bunch of guys and other than Bobby Madritch none of them could throw strikes. None of them had control not Blackley, not Thorton, not Nagoette. I don’t want to see another pitcher brought to the big leagues from Tacoma that can’t throw strikes. This is basic. So until I see this out of Felix for nearly two months of starts I don’t want to see him here no matter how bad the pitching is.

Thursday, May 12, 2005


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SONICS 92 SPURS 91 with 2.9 seconds left in the game
Allen goes 1 on 1 with Bowen and misses the shot. Spurs rebound.
Spurs will in bound in front court.

SONICS 92 SPURS 91 with :29.3 seconds left
The Sonics have the ball
Barry and Horry missed wide open threes. The Spurs get a third opporunity with Ginobili getting the offensive rebound and he hit just one of the two free throws.

SONICS 92 SPURS 90 with 1:46 left in the 4th Q
Jerome James has fouled out. He was terrific on the pick and roll offensively.
James was 7 of 7 and at least 5 were dunks.
Allen still no field goals since the 5:08 mark of the 3rd Q
Free throw shooting is killing the Spurs

SONICS 92 SPURS 89 with 1:56 left in the 4th Q
AD nails 4 straight free throws

Allen and Lewis are a combined 9 of 31.

SPURS 88 SONICS 86 with 3:00 left in the 4th Quarter
Allen's last bucket was Seattle 65th point mid way through the 3rd Q
Allen just missed an open 3. It was the first possession with a shot from Allen or Lewis since the 5:20 mark.
Lewis still out of the game.
Daniels going to the line with a chance to tie
Reggie Evans has an injury to his back.
Spurs have scored on just 2 of last 10 possessions.

SPURS 87 SONICS 84 with 4:00 minutes left
Barry in for Horry and playing the power forward -- that is going small.
Rashard Lewis just left the game with an ankle injury.

SPURS 85 SONICS 82 with 5:49 left in 4th Quarter
Seattle has just had two straight poor offensive possessions. AD forced a shot on the baseline, Ray went into the death zone and left Luke to die as the shot clock expired and
Duncan nails a 20 footer --- he is so good.
No 3 point shooting at all in the game 2 of 15 for the game
Sonics have Daniels, Ridnour, Allen, Lewis and James
Spurs have Parker, Ginobili, Bowen, Horry and Duncan.

SPURS 81 SONCIS 81 with 8:34 in the 4th Quarter
This an amazing game.

SPURS 79 SONICS 79 with 9:25 left in the 4th Quarter
Jerome James in for Nick Collison with score 79-77 Spurs.
Sonics have Ridnour, Daniels, Allen, Lewis and James
Spurs have Udrich, Barry, Bowen, Horry and Duncan
Duncan will check out at the next whistle

SPURS 78 SONICS 77 with 10:21 left in the 4th Quarter
Both teams have gone small with Lewis and Horry playing the power forward.
Tim Duncan has the most amazing hands on rebounds
Seattle is not giving Tim Duncan anything easy -- he will have to make free throws.
Rashard Lewis has by-passed two open looks and tried to drive into the DEATH ZONE. Both times turnovers. Lewis must not feel right if he is by-passing that shot.
Ray Allen returns.

Talk about a learning experience for a young team -- HERE WE GO.
Robert Horry hits two dagger threes in the 3rd quarter.
When tied going into the 4th Sonics are 1-2 and the Spurs are 1-3.
Key Arena has been wonderful and should be incredible in the 4th.

SONICS 73 SPURS 71 with 1:30 left in the 3rd Quarter
Seattle is scoring again. They have scored on 8 of their last 11 possessions.

SPURS 70 SONICS 67 with 3:59 left in the 3rd Quarter
This has become an offensive display. The teams combined to score on 8 straight possessions.
The Spurs got back to back three's from Horry and Ginobili which were back breakers.
Again the Spurs never blink or seem frazzled.

SONICS 65 SPURS 64 with 4:55 left in the 3rd Quarter
Ray Allen just got caught in the DEATH ZONE and shot an airball.
For those just joining us, the DEATH ZONE is below the free throw line and near the baseline on either side when the Sonics have the ball. The Spurs double every time and Seattle have been incapable of getting the ball out of the DEATH ZONE. Until now.
Next play the Sonics ran a pick n roll where Allen starts toward the DEATH ZONE and curls back to the middle for an open jumper. Next play after that Allen goes to the DEATH ZONE and bounces the pass to JJ for a dunk. Good coaching and great execution.
Then Seattle got out of it again when Allen threw a cross court pass to Ridnour. That is a break down by the Spurs that passing lane is not supposed to be open.

SPURS 57 SPURS 57 with 8:31 in the 3rd Quarter.
Less ball movement in the opening moemnts of the 3rd Quarter. They are scoring but it is not in the correct fashion.
The Spurs are not flapable. They seem unconcerned everytime the Sonics get hot.
The Spurs game plan tonight is to work Duncan in the post.
Continued good defense on Parker.
Ray Allen scored on the first two possessions of the 3rd quarter and both were off running opportunities.

Spurs when leading going into 4th= 48-4
Sonics when leading going into 4th= 42-3

Pace of Play: 44 trips (very slow)
Offensive Efficiency: 114 (above their season average despite shooting 38%)
Defensive Efficiecny: 106 (best of the series)
Effective Field Goal%: 39%
Defensive Field Goal%: 58% (this is where they have been all series)
Offensive Turnover %:9%
Defenisve Turnover %: 19%

SPURS 51 SONICS 49 at the HALF
Seattle has played much better tonight. The Spurs are playing brillant basketball and Seattle is still in the game. If the Spurs play well they dictate who wins games, but the Sonics are in position if the Spurs blink
Duncan has been dominant in the first half.
Vitaly played Duncan well but Duncan is impacting the game on every possession offensively and defensively.
Seattle's offensive in the 2nd quarter was very efficient despite not shooting well.
The Sonics are getting to the free throw line tonight. 18 to 5 over the Spurs

SPURS 47 SONICS 47 with :48 seconds left
Seattle had slowed down the Spurs offense. They had stops in 8 of 10 possessions. Then the Spurs scored on three straight possessions.
Allen big 3 in transition. It was a running opportunity and Seattle took advantage.
Seattle has had 5 running opportunites in the quarter.

SPURS 41 SONICS 39 with 3:04 left in the 2nd Quarter
Tim Duncan is so good. His defensive block on Vitaly was brillant. His effort on the offensive end is terrific. His use of angles is unequaled.
Seattle stll just shooting 35%

SPURS 41 SONICS 39 with 3:04 left in the 2nd quarter
10-2 run by the Sonics gets the Sonics to within 2 until Paker makes an unreal play driving to the basket.
As we guessed Vitaly Potapenko is playing a large role tonight.
Luke just committed a turnover by getting caught in the DEATH ZONE.
If you are watching on TV watch the Spurs defense when the Sonics try to go to the post with Lewis the defender just sits on his outside shoulder and forces him baseline into the double team. The double team is always there. The Sonics rarely get out of the DEATH ZONE


SPURS 39 SONICS 33 with 5:29 left in the 2nd Quarter
Allen just got his first feld goal at the 6:11 mark of the 2nd quarter
The Sonics have only two running opportunites in this quarter and had only 4 in the 1st quarter.
They are taking them when they get them but it is not often.

SPURS 37 SONICS 29 with 6:42 left in the 2nd Quarter
Nazr Mohhamed just committed a foul that was identical to the flagrant foul by Danny Fortson but no call.
This game is getting chippy.
Ridnour is back on Parker -- he is playing him well.

SPURS 35 SONICS 25 with 8:44 left in the 2nd Quarter
The Spurs don't lose double digit leads.
Sonics ball movement is great. This is largely becasue they are staying out of the Death Zone of the Spurs defense.
Glenn Robinson is now in as the Spurs power forward.
The Spurs are playing Parker at the 2, this puts AD on him rather than Luke. Is this what the Spurs want?

A terrible call on Fortson changes the complexion of the game to close the first quarter. It was gave the Spurs an extra 3 points when Horry hit a 3 on the extra possession.
Seattle looked much better and yet they still trail by 8.
They can't afford to fall any farther behind it is too hard to come back against the Spurs
Sonics shooting just 32%

SPURS 26 SONICS 21 with :20 seconds
Interesting match-ups. The Sonics are playing two bigs with Collison and Fortson. The Spurs have Duncan with Horry who is basically a three.
Damien Wilkins is getting Flip Murray's minutes
The flagrant foul on Danny Fortson was a terrible call.

SPURS 19 SONICS 19 with 2:24 left in the 1st Quarter
The Sonics have had 4 running opportunities in the game thus far -- they have 4 points off of those.
Parker has only 2 points when guarded by Ridnour on 1 of 3 shooting.
The Sonics are doing a much better job reacting to San Antonio's defense in the half court. The ball movement was terrifc lead by Ridnour.

SPURS 19 SONICS 18 with 3:06 left in the 1st Quarter
How good are the Spurs? One play tells the story. Tony Parker ran a pick and roll and the Sonics defended it perfectly and he was denied by great help by the Sonics big men. Then he dished back to Ginobili who then penetrated the defense and the Sonics rotated again but he found a gap to pass to Mohammed for a dunk. It is too hard to guard both of those guys penetrating and not leave a passing lane open.
Sonics are exploiting the Spurs over aggressive help defense with the pick n roll pass back to the big man.
Great hard foul by Nick Collison on Ginobili.
The crowd is riding Rashard Lewis hard tonight.

SONICS 11 SPURS 4 with 7:54 left in the 1st Quarter
In Games 1 and 2 the Sonics trailed 18-8 this time they are putting down the pain.
Luke Ridnour has been brillant in the opening moments, making hustle plays, defending and executing the offense.
The Spurs focus early is to get the ball to Tim Duncan
The Sonics are moving Lewis around and he is getting the ball at the top of the key and places other than the DEATH ZONE. The DEATH ZONE is the area next to the baseline at the post where the Spurs push the ball and let the teeth of their defense go to work.

Running opportunities for the Sonics
Defense on Parker by LR and AD
Lewis double team and how they react


Game 1 v. Luke In 19 minutes Parker was 8 of 14 and scored 21 points. 5 of those field goals were lay-ups and 2 came on the fast break.
Game 1 v. AD In 9 minutes Parker went 3 of 4 and scored 8 points. 1 of those was a lay-up
Game 2 v. Luke In 17 minutes Parker was 6of 11 for 12 points. Two of those baskets came on the fast-break and just 1 on a lay-up in the half court.
Game 2 v. AD In 20 minutes Parker was 1 of 4 but scored 10 points. That was a fast break field goal.

You can see they did a much better job in Game 2.


Player --- G 1G 2Total
Luke -- -13 -16 -29
Allen -- -16 -15 -31
Lewis -- -23 -10 -33
Evans -- -12 -7 -19
James -- -6 -15 -21
AD -- -17 -3 -20
Nick -- -4 -6 -10
Danny -- 4-4 0
Flip -- 7 -1 6

My guess is that either Nick Collison or Vitaly Potapenko will get an increase in minutes. Seattle must get two things. One they need one of their bigs to make some shots. In addition, they need defenders who execute the plan and that is not a strength of Reggie Evans and Jerome James.

No surprises tonight.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


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The Spurs are simply a better team then the Sonics.
The one thing I wish we knew was if Vlady was healthy what would happen. The Sonics found an offensive set that works it is when the Sonics spread the floor and run the pick and roll with Rashard at the 4. If they had Vlady the floor would still be spread and the Sonics would have a much better team on the floor. Murray is playing terribly. Ridnour had a poor night.
On the other hand, the Spurs are scoring at will in this series and if Vlady was here it wouldn't matter at all. The Sonics have to find a way to defend in this series or it will be over in a hurry.

SPURS 98 SONICS 85 with 1:09 left in the 1st Quarter
Flip Murray is amazing. He gets called for a foul that keeps JJ in the game, it would have been James 6th, and instead of raising his hand or taking the call he evil eyes Joey Crawford for the entire time Ginobili is at the free throw line.
The Spurs just keeping making every play they need to. Never were the Sonics in the game.
The Sonics have found a way to score. They play Lewis at the 4. The Sonics have been able to score with some proficiency with this line-up.

SPURS 91 SONICS 81 with 2:51 left
AD has been outstanding on the pick and roll.
Duncan re-entered the game and the Spurs promptly scored on 4 straight possessions
Rashard Lewis is getting really unnerved by the physical defense. The problematic thing is the defense is coming from Robert Horry

SPURS 87 SONICS 72 with 5:55 left in the 4th Quarter
Seattle has only got inside 10 points for three possessions since the 1st quarter.
Seattle's offense has no ball movement. It is all one pass and go to the basket. It also has eliminated the Sonics three point game. They are just 3 of 12 from the three.

SPURS 83 SONICS 70 with 8:35 left in the 4th quarter.
The high screen and roll is paying some dividends for the Sonics
Rashard Lewis is taking it too soft to the hoop and he missed some opportunites to make cuts to get open looks.
Seattle still has only linked back to back to back stops once in this game.
Flip is terrible again.
This is one of those series where you get exposure or you get exposed. A lot of the Sonics players are not playing well. Murray, James, Evans, Ridnour, and Lewis are all playing well below their usual level. On the other hand, Allen, AD and Collison are showing great resolve against the Spurs

SPURS 79 SONICS 65 with 3rd Quarter.
Seattle has had two awful stretches of basketball and in the quarter. They will cost them the game. First with the game 66-56 Luke Ridnour committed back to back turnovers. Then in the final moments of the 3rd Quarter the Sonics went 4 straight possessions without Ray Allen touching the ball. They committed two turnovers, AD got a bad look runner as the clock was winding down and Flip Murray forced a drive. You can't do it in the playoffs.

SPURS 72 SONICS 61 with 3:15 left in the 3rd Quarter
Luke Ridnour committed back to back terrible turnovers.
Regggie Evans has moved from his collector status to the aggrevator status.
Lewis at the 4 is the match-up Seattle is exploiting. The Spurs have to go to Horry or Robinson and they are poor defenders.
Lewis should be able to score at the 4
Duncan off the floor with the Sonics trailing by 11

SPURS 65 SONICS 54 with 6:35 in the third quarter
Ray Allen is incredible. He is keeping Seattle in the game. He has 14 points since the 2:20 mark of the 2nd Quarter. He has 14 of the Sonics last 19 points
The Spurs dancers are very similiar to the Spurs defense. Great, etc....
Stops, stops, stops. Seattle has to link some stops or they will never be in this series.

SPURS 54 SONICS 42 at the Half
Seattle finally got the offense going late in the 2nd half. Most of it with Lewis at the 4. That seems to be the one match-up the Spurs don't have any answer for. That is why Vlady's injury is such a bummer. If the Sonics have Vlady the Spurs would have had match-up problems.
The Sonics defense improved for a brief moment, but then the Spurs scored on 6 of their final 7 possessions.
The Story of the first half would be how the Spurs are able to adjust to anything Seattle throws at them.

SPURS 50 SONICS 42 with :40 seconds in the half.
Ginobili is tough. He pumped faked his three and then he jabbed left twice and went right. That is his off hand and he can go that direction.
Lewis has scored 8 straight Sonics points. Allen then followed
Bowen and Allen are slugging each other, grabbing each other and pinching each other.
Barry is not healthy. His right thumb is heavily bandaged.
Seattle has 8 of the last 9 possessions.

SPURS 42 SONICS 31 with 4:11 in the 2nd quarter
Sonics on a nice little 7-0 run. They have gotten out on the break.
Lewis just got his first two buckets in the game.
Ray Allen is just 1 of 5 from the floor

SPURS 40 SONICS 24 with 5:42 left in the 2nd Quarter
This is a total domination
The Sonics are not moving the ball at all. The Sonics offense is broken.
The Spurs have ever answer. The Sonics had a nice plan on Parker and the Spurs have made the adjustment and Seattle can't answer it.
Rashard Lewis is non-existent. He is 0 for 5 for the game.
The Sonics still don't have a three in the game.
The Sonics didn't have a three in the first half of game #1.


SPURS 20 SPURS 8 with 3:39 left in the 1st Quarter
9-0 Spurs run. The fast break is killing Seattle
Seattle the offense is totally out of sorts. They have hit just 3 of 15 tonight.
The Spurs are much quicker then Seattle. They have Parker, Ginobili, Robinson, Horry with a big.
Spurs are getting 50% of the offensive rebounds.

SPURS 13 SONICS 8 with 5:18 left in the 1st Quarer
Luke Ridnour is wearing white shoelaces with black shoes -- bad look or fashion statement?
Seattle's defensive plan looks much better. Luke has dropped off Parker and the bigs for the most part are doing a nice job of getting out on the pick and roll. JJ has missed at least two assignments and Parker went away from the show last time and got a lay-up
The Spurs are a much better fast break team then people realize. They are quick, they run a great secondary break but where they are getting Seattle is on the offensive glass on the fast break.
Jerome James is having a very poor game. He is not following the plan on the defensive side of the ball.
Bowen picks up his second foul at the 7:08 mark of the 1st Quarter -- G. Robinson and Ginobili check in

Reggie Evans will now be guarding Tim Duncan and Jerome James will be able to be a help defender on both Duncan and Parker
Defending Parker will be more straight up on Parker and less reliant on help.
On the pick and rolls look for the Sonics big man to double to top of the pick

Ray is currently going through warm-ups and looks fine. He has worked on his jumper and is landing solidily on both feet. He also did an extensive stretching with Dwight Daub. He has stopped warming up and is standing on the baseline with a very intense look on his face. He stands stoicly rocking from side to side.

Ray has headed over to the arena where he will continue the treatment he has been recieving around the clock. He is currently going through his regular shooting routine. According to the Gasman who is in the arena he is moving fairly well.

Sunday, May 08, 2005



Not sure if Seattle was able to learn anything in the 2nd half about will and eon't work for Game #2.
This game was lost in the 1st Quarter.
The series may have been lost with the sprained ankles in the 2nd Quarter.
88% of the time a home team wins game 1 of a 7 game series in the NBA they win the series.

SPURS 89 SONICS 69 with 5:56 left in the 4th Quarter
Adding salt to the wound when a fan was riding Vitaly on his way back to the bench. Vitaly let a bird fly in the house. The fan was clean with his langugue.
The Sonics have done a nice job of moving Rashard Lewis around to get him looks without Ray and Vlady on the floor

SPURS 88 SONICS 67 with 6:37 left in the 4th Quarter.
The minute the Spurs brought their gys back in the game they put the pedal back to the medal and stretched it out.
Is the world coming to an end Glenn Robinson took two charges in this game?
Nick Collison is battling against Tim Duncan. Not succesfully but battling.

SPURS 73 SONICS 57 at the end of the 3rd Quarter
Fortson is guarding Duncan. He is just pounding him.
Rashard Lewis just got a shot to the jewels and is in agony. What else can happen?
Flip really couldn't be playing any worse. His off-season make is disappearing.
Seattle played very well offensively in the 3rd Quarter. They only got stopped on 6 possession in the entire quarter.
The Spurs, on the other hand, scored on only 7 possessions.

SPURS 72 SONICS 46 with 2:43 left in the 3rd Quarter
Greg Popovich runs a tight ship. Mohammed made a bad pass and missed Duncan who was wide open. The Sonics got a turnover and a fast break lay-up.
A few plays later Ginobili took the ball in the court after a deflection. He got it with 10 on the shot clock and then he went into the teeth of the defense and went 1 on 1. Popovich unloaded on him
Pop called a time-out and rode Mohammed all the way to the bench.
Seattle's defense is much e
Flip Murray is not grasping this opportunity at all. He is 1 of 6
Tony Parker is totally dominating this game.

SPURS 64 SONICS 37 with 9:51 left in the 3rd Quarter
Jerome James came out on the floor to open the second half with his warm-up jersey on. Opps.
Sonics got their first field goal off a second chance on the 2nd possession of the 2nd half.

Nothing is going right for Seattle.
The Spurs are penetrating at will.
The Spurs transition game is going at full bore
The Sonics offense disappeared at the beginning of the 2nd Quarter.

SPURS 60 SONICS 35 with 4.9 seconds left in the Half
It is official that Vlady will not return. Honestly, he didn't look like he was going to be able to play again the playoffs.
Line-up: Ridnour, Murray, Wilkins, Lewis and Vitaly

SPURS 54 SONICS 28 with 3:05 left in the 2nd Quarter
19-2 run.
Ray Allen has gone to the locker room. He is being looked at by the doctor.
Vlady was gone to be X-Ray'd
Rashard Lewis is not playing well, he is just 2 of 8 from the field
Seattle is getting crushed on the offensive glass
Sonics has just one field goal since the 10:12 mark of the Quarter

SPURS 44 SONICS 26 with 7:19 left in the 2nd Quarter.
Spurs on a 9-0 Run.
On the next play. Ray Allen drove to the basket and turned his ankle on his way to the basketball
Seattle committed turnovers on 3 straight possessions and 4 of the first 7 possessions of the Quarter.
Vitaly Potapenko has made his playoff appearence
Line-up of Ridnour, Daniels, Wilkins, Lewis, Potapenko

SPURS 39 SONICS 26 with 8:26 left in the 2nd Quarter
Vlady Radmanovic was just carried off the floor with a sprained right ankle. It looks very serious.

Offensive Efficiency: 101
Defenisve Efficiency: 138
Effective Field Goal%: 53%
Defensive E-Field Goal%: 66%
Offensive Rebouding %: 11%
Defenisve Rebounding %:50%
Offensive Turnover %:14%
Defensive Turnover%:16%

SPURS 35 SONICS 22 end of the 1st Quarter
Lewis shot at the buzzer will not count.
Parker hit his first five shots, Ginobili has hit his first two shots
Seattle has no ability to control the Spurs penetration.
Their is no help coming from the Sonics big men.
Tim Duncan got his 2nd foul at the 1:39 left in the 1st Quarter. He is staying in the game. Nate counters with JJ checking in, the Sonics are going at Duncan for #3
The Spurs shot 13 free throws in the 1st Quarter -- Sonics just 2.

SPURS 19 SONICS 14 with 3:59 in the 1st Quarter
Jerome James got a great pick on Tony Parker on a back cut. It was the type of harder physical play the Sonics must make.
The Spurs are beating Seattle on the offensive glass. They did this in the regualr season as well. Seattle must have an advantage on the offensive glass.
Ray Allen is going right at Bruce Bowen, he has beat him three straight times after getting called for a push off offensive foul.
Allen and Lewis are getting good looks at the basket. They have combined for the Sonics last 10 points.
Allen and Lewis have taken 11 of the Sonics 13 shots.

SPURS 9 SONICS 2 with 9:16 left in the 1st Quarter
Tony Parker is torching the Sonics defense with the first 7 points
There doesn't seem to be any help defense on Parker
A great earlier example of how great the Spurs defense is, Lewis got open on a good pick from James and when he went for the pull up jumper Narz Mohhamed was already out on him to block the shot.
The Sonics have to slow the Spurs transition

• Does Parker run through the paint freely or does someone give him a good shot early
• Are they meeting Parker at the free throw line in transition and denying penetration?
• Where is Duncan getting the ball.
• Is Seattle staying with the Spurs shooters?
• Are the Sonics big setting picks to free Allen?
• How is Lewis dealing with the double team’s from the baseline?

Brent Barry will start tonight for the Spurs

Offensive Side of the Ball

Offensive Efficiency Rating: #6 in the NBA
Effective Field Goal%: #6 in the NBA
Offensive Rebounding %: #12 in the NBA
Turnover Percentage%: #9 in the NBA

Defensive Side of the Ball
Defensive Efficiency Rating: #1 in the NBA
Defensive E-Field Goal%: #1 in the NBA
Defensive Rebounding%: #3 in the NBA
Defensive Turnover %: #7 in the NBA