Friday, May 13, 2005


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Huge win last night for the Sonics. We talked about validation when they won the first series, put this one the list also. They showed every one again last night what a good team they are and how they managed to win the division and 50+ games this year.
I re-watched he game today I have to tell you I saw a lot of things I really like for the Sonics. Their offense is finding a way to score against the Spurs and moreover they missed a ton of really good looks. Allen and Lewis had shots they will make. The Sonics have found a way to deal with the Spurs double teaming defense and they are now exploiting it.
Nate has created a game where Rashard is the power forward for the majority of the game that eliminates the dual posts for the Spurs this is big.
Defensively the Sonics have built a very nice game plan to limit both Parker and Ginobili and it is going to be tough for Parker to get the same penetration he got in the first game. In Game 1, he got 6 lay-ups out of the half court set, he got just 1 in the second game and while he got 4 last night, 2 of them were miracle shots. The Sonics may have found a bit of an answer for Parker.

What is amazing is the Sonics won this game with Allen and Lewis not scoring for nearly the final 19 minutes of the game. That is remarkable. The Spurs are taking those guys away but they also are rushing shots that are good looks. Those are going to fall and the Sonics are going to be in good shape. Before you bag on these two guys realize Rashard grabbed 10 boards and Ray had 7 boards and 7 assists.


I got to give Huge Kudos to two Sonics players. Antonio Daniels was terrific running the offense, hitting his free throws, reading what was taking place. He was great last night. The other guy that was remarkable last night was JJ – he was flat out super. He got back defensively, he forced Duncan to the outside, he set great picks, he read the plays correctly, his hands were as good as I have ever seen and his aggressiveness was amazing. I have given JJ the business a ton, but last night he was the game changer.

Today Tiger Woods misses the cut for the first time 142 tournaments. The only other time he truly missed a cut was in 1997, 8 years ago at the Canadian Open. That record will never be broken said Robert Appleby. This is huge. I have always felt that this streak is what truly separated Tiger from every other golfer, even if he wasn’t #1 this streak told me he was different then the rest of the golfers on the Tour. But to lose this streak is enormous. As much as he seems to have his game back on this year this is another sign that he is a top golfer in the world but is no longer in a class by himself. It is an enormous day in golf and a significant drop for Tiger Woods.

Last night the Mariners star farm hand had his best start of the year 7 innings 2 hits 0 runs and only 1 walk the key number here is the 1 walk. Coming into the game he had walked 19 in 36 innings. Before everyone goes nuts over one start can we back up for one minute. This guy is going to be all that there is no question, but last year the Mariners brought up a bunch of guys and other than Bobby Madritch none of them could throw strikes. None of them had control not Blackley, not Thorton, not Nagoette. I don’t want to see another pitcher brought to the big leagues from Tacoma that can’t throw strikes. This is basic. So until I see this out of Felix for nearly two months of starts I don’t want to see him here no matter how bad the pitching is.


Andy said...

Please tell me that Wiki didn't pull his hammy. He was the lone bright spot this last miserable week.
I am fully behind the sonics now...if for nothing else than to get to see ray allen get the last word on bruce bowen.

James F'n X said...

A new remix of our Boom Goes The Dynamite friend.