Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Locked on Sports: Bad chemistry to blame for Mariners' malaise

Locked on Sports: Bad chemistry to blame for Mariners' malaise: "Striking is the contrast between the Sonics and the Mariners. This season every member of the Sonics performed at levels exceeding his career average. The Mariners are the opposite, with every member of the team achieving below his norm.

It speaks to the power of collective energy inside a professional sports team."

Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I am not sure I am following the whole Danica Patrick thing. The issue here is that there is absolutely no reason why women shouldn’t be able to drive like a man. Women can drive a car as well as a man, there is no debate. What is amazing is that there have only been 4 women to ever drive the Indy and their aren’t any on the Nascar circuit. This has to be the most obvious example of denying women opportunities that I have ever seen. It might be the most gregarious example of sexism anywhere in or out of the sports world. Think about this. On just about all other issues of women v. men in sports there is some sort of justification of how the games are different or physical capability is different, but in car racing there is none of that. The only thing that is going on in car racing is that the old boys network is corralling all the money for their own good. The fact is some male drivers have complained that by being lighter they may have an advantage. If that is true their should be more women and they should dominate. The issue is that the Letterman Rahl race team was finally willing to give over some of its precious green. This is about money and Danica Patrick has money backing her. This is about money and how without any explanation women are being denied the chance.


It may be a sign of how desperate our youth leagues are for money, but a little league team, made up of 8 year olds, in Louisville is sponsored by Hooters. Hooters gave $1,000 the name of the restaurant on the teams’ shirts. The problem I have here is someone should have the class to say no from both sides. Hooters knows what they are doing, they are creating a national story on $1,000 of expenditure, here I am writing about it. I would like to believe that Hooters wouldn’t take advantage of kids to market their product. In addition, you would think some parents might decide this is the perfect message for our 8 year olds team. Hey it is another sign of the times.


The world is currently revolving around Larry Brown and I think it is a joke. Let’s get one thing straight Larry Brown is the best coach in the NBA. If I was a new owner in the NBA the first thing I would do to rebuild my franchise is hire Larry Brown to coach my team. Herein lies the issue. The Cavaliers are hiring him to un a basketball operation. Honestly, I can’t think of anyone whose personality could be an worse for that job. Larry Brown is one of those coaches that at some point along the way hates all of his players and thinks none of them will ever get any better, it is how George Karl is it is how a lot of coaches are. It makes them terrible general managers.
It is completely out of my comprehension why people think a coach is also a good general manager or a good evaluator and projector of talent. They are two totally different jobs, they take two totally different make-ups and I am here to tell you that Cleveland is making a terrible mistake hiring Larry Brown to do anything other than coach.