Friday, August 26, 2005

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This is Mark Cuban's blog. I found this an amazing post. Very honest admitiion of his mistakes. Some not so subtle shots at Don Nelson. And a solid explination of how the NBA has evolved.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


The Sonics were hot after Dale Davis for the past weeks and really thought he would be a nice fit to the team. However, the Pistons blew the Sonics out of the water with a 2 year 7 million dollar contract for Davis.
The Sonics were believed to more in the 2 year 4 to 5 million range. If the Sonics had matched the Davis contract they would have been unable to match Damien Wilkins if they decide that is the best approach.
Moreover, 7 million over 2 years for a seriously aging Davis is another head scratching deal in the NBA this off-season. Hard to complain that the Sonics wouldn’t eliminate any chance of retaining Wilkins by matching the deal that Davis got offered from Detroit.


Funny how this sports world works, by being in San Antonio I was able to watch the Hawks pre-season game last night. Here is a quick summary


1) Bobby Engram was active in the middle of the field. This was sorely lacking from last year’s team.
2) Stevens was a part of the passing game. He still needs to get better after the catch but he was active and involved. If the passing game can cover the middle of the field they should be able to hit a few deep over the middle when defenses are forced to adjust.
3) Chuck Darby was all over the place and Marcus Tubbs stunted on a play and showed enough athleticism that he got to the quarterback.
4) 1st quarter run defense was very solid holding Julius Jones to no carry over 2 yards.

1) 2 of the first 3 drives by the offense were turnovers
2) Penalities on the first kickoff and the first play set the tone. The Hawks were sloppy all game.
3) Dropped balls by Urban and Wallace may have sealed their fate.
4) Inability to make a play. On three occasions the Hawks had interceptions they dropped. These are the plays that you have to make.
5) Second quarter run defense was awful as Jones gashed the Hawks for three carries over 10 yards in one drive.