Wednesday, August 24, 2005


This is the LA Kings first round draft pick. This jersey should sell


AK1984 said...

Well, if "Black" jumps on this -- which wouldn't be a shock, since he doesn't give Locke much leeway -- then I might, oddly 'nough, have to somewhat agree with him . . .

However, if the following stereotype is factual -- which, personally, I don't believe to be true -- then the African-American community isn't too fond of Japanese-American community, so maybe "Black" won't attack this linguistic form of ethnocentricism.

Biggie said...

Why the F*** would you think black folks don't like japanese people?

That is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard, they never did anything to us and we sure weren't the ones who bombed their country or put them in internment camps. and you call me ignorant. How is that linguistic etnocentricism? Calm down dude, it's just a funny name.

Diezel said...

Locke.... U are such a REGGIE WILLAMS hater its not even funny I was listening to ur show last night and u were saying how Matt Jones was right on Reggies heels, cmon Locke have u been to busy covering the WNBA that u havent been watching training camp and pre-season?? Read Len Pasquerellis camp observations of Reggie, for u to go on the radio and say Matt Jones is catching Reggie is SOOO inaccurate, Chad Owens is aruguably playing better than both of them in practice. The guy whos getting weeded out is obviously Jimmy Smith. B 4 u go on the radio and bash Reggie at least know what is going on with the jags.. Plus with Carl Smith as the new offensive coordinator they plan to use Reggie ala Mike willams at SC.

I guess the real test is Sept 11 when Reggie goes against Trufant I can already see Reggie ripping him up just like in college.

Pleas believe I will defend Reggie to the death, greatest Husky reciever ever. For some reason Locke always hates on him, he must have turned u down for a interview.

Another thing is U need to put Elise threw the Truth Machine and find out if she did a Randy Moss while she was at the U, cuz that Willy Wonka line as a stoner movie is highly questionable.

Anonymous said...

I'm not talking about Black, but most of you guys are idiots. The fact that you continue to respond to the childish posts is even more sad.

Biggie said...

Greatest Huskie Reciever ever!!!!
Reggie is the truth, Reggie is big and BLACK just like TO, I think Locke has issues with his own 'size'. LOL

The only other reciever who had as much promise as Reggie was Mario Baileys protege Mr. Travis Spring one of my buddies. RIP babyboy.

Biggie said...

I want a japanese kids jersy whose last name is FUKU and then you can put his first two initials on it which would be YT. LOL I would wear that everywhere, now that would be classic. LOL

Anonymous said...

that's not the only thing elise smokes. LOL


Biggie said...

Hey if anyone wants a good laugh check this clown out.
I guess you do what you have to but man, is it that serious??

Biggie said...

This is just special;
Two arrested in alleged hate crime

The Associated Press

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SPOKANE — The Spokane Human Rights Commission is decrying a violent attack on several Indian teen-agers last weekend by two men who claimed they were with the "KKK" and had painted swastikas on their chests.

Jim Fry, 15, says two men he described as skinheads jumped him on a Spokane River beach Sunday afternoon and then attacked his companions, who were huddling in a van. The two men have been arrested.

"The Spokane Human Rights Commission deplores this incident and reminds everyone that Spokane continues to declare a zero-tolerance policy towards hate crimes and deliberate abuse of human rights," the commission said yesterday in a news release.

Fry, a Sioux Indian born in Spokane, said the dozen other people on the beach didn't offer any help.

"I love Spokane, but I don't know what to think," Fry said Tuesday. "All those people stood there and just watched."

The Washington Human Rights Commission, Spokane Human Rights Commission and the Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane condemned the incident at a news conference earlier this week.

The victims are friends and family members of Bonnie Joseph, lead organizer of a major powwow in Spokane this weekend. Rusty Nelson, leader of the peace and justice organization, asked that people show their support for the Joseph family by attending the Riverfront Park powwow.

Daniel G. Wilson, 28, of Missoula, Mont., and Andrew Charles Lovelace, 24, of Spokane remained in custody on charges of first-degree assault, felony harassment and second-degree malicious mischief.

According to the police report, Mike Fry, 15, and his friends were at the river Sunday when Lovelace and Wilson approached. They called Fry a racial slur often used against black people and a "dirty Indian," and began punching him, court records state.

"We're skinheads. This is our park. Get the (expletive) out of here," one of the suspects yelled, according to two witnesses quoted in the police report.

Joslyn R. Buccelli told police that Lovelace and Wilson began chasing her, Maureena Twoteeth and other victims, including Bonnie Joseph's 6-year-old, to their van.

"Lovelace produced a 6-inch bladed knife, told (Twoteeth) to get out of the car, and then slashed the front passenger seat," the report stated.

Lovelace slashed the rear passenger tire and Wilson threw a rock through the rear passenger window of the van, according to court records.

Thirteen-year-old Mike Ellenwood clutched his screaming 6-year-old cousin when the two men attacked the van. One man bashed a rock on the van window four times before busting through and flinging the rock inside, bruising Ellenwood's leg.

The defendants then tried to run one of the Indians over before driving away in their car, according to the report

We don't go around fuckin ya'll up but i don't know, maybe we should.

Teach your ignorant ass kids PLEASE!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Is this guy in line for an endorsement deal with Kodak or what?

Anonymous said...

Does Fuk-U Fuji have a japaneese 'Fro working? He'll look like Oscar Gamble under the mask.

Biggie said...

I didn't even know Japanese cats played hockey. I guess you learn something new everyday. Hey did everyone out there know that in the last NHL season the best player was black?? He plays for Calgary, the dude is a straight up gangsta. I can't remember his name but, look out we're takin over another one. LOL

AK1984 said...

Ah, "Black", you didn't pick up on the dry sarcasm & cynicism that was within my original post.

As it was, the whole point of that post was to show how most of us feel when you spin stupid sh*t out of context -- which is what I proved.

Oh well, it doesn't really matter, since I also, once in a while, take you way too seriously on here.

Biggie said...

How can one pick up on sarcasm through writing on a blog. Dude you are way too full of your self, thinking you are leaving little literary traps for someone, what a fag. Get a life and don't try to bait me you are not on my level intellectually. I know you think you are because you throw around words like ethnocentricism but you really don't know what it means due to the fact you are lacking any real 'ethnicity'. Your culture is stolen from everyone else, it really bugs me how you think you can lock horns with me. Go get some learnin first boy, school of real life would help you immensly. Jackass. Damn, I hate havin to set you little bastards straight.

Biggie said...


Biggie said...

Well once again it's that time boys and girls, see ya tomorrow have a nice 'black' free evening blogging away to your little hearts content with no fear of being checked like a ho. Nighty night.

Don't trip AK we can be cool you just need to learn your place.



Anonymous said...

You're an idiot black. I know you whipped out the thesaurus to write that last post.

You're trying too hard, man. Its OK to be ghetto.

AK1984 said...

Hey, "Black", there's no problem, 'cause part of the fun here is jus' messin' with one another . . . besides, it would get borin' otherwise, which is why I try & step up the banter.

Anyways, with that said, I didn't steal my cultural style from any group of people, nor am I some arrogant f*ck . . . hell, admittedly, I'm jus' the same as any other person.

Yeah, all in all, I'm as original as the come, & there is no way in hell that you -- or anyone else, for that matter -- can deny it.

P.S.: Oh yeah, and by the way, the only reason as to why I use the term ethnocentricism is 'cause there is no such thing as race. In any case, for whatever the f*ck it's worth, the word race, in regards to anthropology, is a nominal term that isn't tangible.

Biggie said...

Yeah, that's true but it is also just semantics.

Biggie said...

I know it's ok to be ghetto, sorry if my vocabulary causes you to run for your dictionary, I am an english major. I write Lyrics, poety, and short stories, and have never in my life used a thesaurus, that is cheating IMHO, and I'm no Lance Armstrong. LOL

Biggie said...

Hey, have ya'll heard about Ginger Howard?? She's an 11 year old girl who can smack a tee shot 225yds, and shes black. Nice. You go girl. She be hammerin on old white men in no time, sorenstam too, and damnnit if michelle wie doesn't get hotter everytime I see her. Ya'll need to hurry up and invent another sport. LOL 'cause we got these.
The best sight I've seen this summer was driving by Franklin high school this summer in my old neighborhood, and I saw three kids walking home from LaCrosse practice in full gear, one was black, one was pacific islander, the other looked to be south east asian. It was beautiful. I love the southend, so rich with culture. This country belong to all of us especially those who had to go through something really shitty to get here like a f*cked up country with all kinds of warlords runnin around or some facist dictator. Those people are the true americans they fought and struggled to get here, the rest of us, myself included (to quote the funniest man in show business, Mr. Chris Rock) "just came out of a p*ssy on american soil" andd be glad you did, and never try to exclude anyone else or deny them their rights as americans, that is the true beauty of this country. To quote the best rapper of all times IMHO (Immortal Technique) "I love my country I just hate the people in charge). And I'm ghost.


Biggie said...

LEAVENWORTH - It's harvest time for drug investigators who have seized 9,800 marijuana plants in Chelan and Yakima counties in recent days.

The big haul was 8,300 pot plants found Wednesday near U.S. 2 about eight miles east of Stevens Pass. The 4- to 6-foot-tall plants were growing among evergreen and broadleaf trees beneath a ridge on Rock Mountain, Chelan County Sheriff Michael T. Harum said.

Dammnit leave the pot alone it ain't hurtin' nobody. Or at least bring it to my house.