Friday, August 26, 2005

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This is Mark Cuban's blog. I found this an amazing post. Very honest admitiion of his mistakes. Some not so subtle shots at Don Nelson. And a solid explination of how the NBA has evolved.


Diezel said...

Almost every team in sports does that though...load up salaries make ur 5-6 year run then either win a championship or the window slams shut. The sonics haven't even come close to spending the money Marc Cuban has so to me there is no comparisons... The soncis won 50 games last year won a division championship, and instead of getting a piece or two to take them to the next level they signed one FA Ric Brunson.. I agree whole sale changes were not needed but dang, look at detroit with that Rasheed move it won them a ring... Look at SA they got Nazi at the deadline and that put them over the top. To me the Sonics are just cheap.

Myk said...

That is why you are an idiot Diezel...

If Boston wasn't happy to facilitate a deal for Rasheed or Isaih wasn't stupid enough to trade Nazr

Im sure the fact that SA has Tim Duncan has nothing to do with their championships

Diezel said...

So that there dumb ass fault it doesn't change the fact that they won it. Just look at Detroit the yr before with carlise.... can u say early exit...and u think the ONLY reason they won was cuz of duncan you dooche... U obviously didn't watch the finals that much. Bruce Bowen mught of been there mvp for puttin the late game lockdowns on Chauncey and keeping rip in check and absolutely shutting down shaun marion in the playoffs... so if a gm is dumb enough to make a dumb move it doesn't take away the fact that the added piece was the key to a chmampioship, how about Rodman in chicago, drexler in houston.

Diezel said...

and u idiot we dont have a td on our team u moron thats why u like going out in the second round and i like winning a champioship u soft ass fan... Ur a phoney probably be off the wagon if they start losing anyway.

Myk said...

What? Ummmm yes I can give you a 1000000000000% guarantee that if the Spurs did not have Tim Duncan they would not have won even one championship...

I'm not a soft ass fan I just know that there are certain times when you complain (Mariners not making any midseason deals when they were in contention, or giving Baker a fat contract for his fat ass) and times when you as a REAL fan and a SMART fan realize that they are doing the best they can within the constraints in the salary cap system

Myk said...

and if you want to compare us to any team you can compare us to the Pistons model. We are trying to put together a team that has 10 good players because we know that right now we don't have that one superstar. Im sure if we can get a lucky trade for a Rasheed like talent we will be right in it.

Jeremy said...

The obvious problem with the Detroit comparison is that Detroit is built around guys who excel defensively. Ben Wallace may be the best defender in the game. The Sonics have one guy (Collison) who plays excellent defense. Watching Ridnour, Allen and Lewis try to defend is just painful.

There have been quotes attributed to Rick Sund when he first took the team that said he wanted to build the team according to the Dallas model.

My prediction on Rick Brunson is he's going to play like Kevin Ollie did when he came over in the Allen deal. Ollie was a solid player who outperformed all expectations. The Sonics don't need Brunson to be a superstar. They just need him to come in, run the offense, and not turn the ball over.

WRT Detroit and San Antonio, those are the 2 best run orgs in the league. I don't think the Sonics are a fair comp to either of them.

AK1984 said...

The following is a list of transactions that Seattle Supersonics General Manager Rick Sund should make during the remainder of the off-season, along with a projected team roster and salary for the 2005-2006 season:

• The Seattle Supersonics re-sign small forward Vladimir Radmanovic to a six-year, $52,500,000 contract (‘05-‘06: $7,000,000; ‘06-‘07: $7,700,000; ‘07-‘08: $8,400,000; ‘08-‘09: $9,100,000; ‘09-‘10: $9,800,000; ‘10-‘11: $10,500,000), with the sixth year exercisable via a team option.
• The Seattle Supersonics trade small forward Rashard Lewis ($8,571,429) to the Cleveland Cavaliers for power forward Drew Gooden ($4,065,811), small forward Luke Jackson ($1,955,160), and shooting guard Aleksander Pavlovic ($1,274,160).
• The Seattle Supersonics renounce their rights to restricted free-agent power forward Reggie Evans, which thereby makes Evans an unrestricted free-agent.
• The Seattle Supersonics re-sign shooting guard Ronald Murray to a five-year, $15,000,000 contract (‘05-‘06: $2,500,000; ‘06-‘07: $2,750,000; ‘07-‘08: $3,000,000; ‘08-‘09: $3,250,000; ‘09-‘10: $3,500,000); subsequently, the Supersonics trade Murray, a 2006 second-round draft pick, a 2006 second-round draft pick [via the Memphis Grizzlies], a 2007 second-round draft pick, and a 2007 second-round draft pick [via the Memphis Grizzlies] to the Denver Nuggets for center Maybyner “Nenê” Hilario ($3,064,916).
• The Seattle Supersonics trade power forward Danny Fortson ($6,415,584), the draft rights of power forward Peter Fehse, the draft rights of small forward Mickaël Gelabale, and the draft rights of point guard Paccelis Morlende to the Los Angeles Lakers for center Vlade Divac ($5,393,300).
• The Seattle Supersonics release center Vlade Divac ($2,000,000 buyout).
• The Seattle Supersonics sign shooting guard Tre Simmons to a one-year, $398,762 contract.
• The Seattle Supersonics re-sign point guard Mateen Cleaves to a one-year, $835,810 contract.

Center: Maybyner “Nenê” Hilario ($3,064,916) [32 m.p.g.]
Center: Vitaly Potapenko ($3,000,000) [16 m.p.g.]
Center Robert Swift ($1,764,480) [NBDL]
Center: Johan Petro ($936,600) [NBDL]
Power Forward: Drew Gooden ($4,065,811) [32 m.p.g.]
Power Forward: Nick Collison ($1,815,000) [16 m.p.g.]
Small Forward: Vladimir Radmanovic ($7,000,000) [32 m.p.g.]
Small Forward: Damien Wilkins ($2,586,207) [16 m.p.g.]
Small Forward: Luke Jackson ($1,955,160) [0 m.p.g.]
Shooting Guard: Ray Allen ($13,223,140) [40 m.p.g.]
Shooting Guard: Aleksander Pavlovic ($1,274,160) [8 m.p.g.]
Shooting Guard: Tre Simmons ($398,762) [0 m.p.g.]
Point Guard: Luke Ridnour ($1,638,000) [32 m.p.g.]
Point Guard: Rick Brunson ($1,029,873) [16 m.p.g.]
Point Guard: Mateen Cleaves ($835,810) [Inactive]
Team Salary = $48,347,919*
*Vlade Divac ($2,000,000) [Released]
*Ibrahim Kutluay ($1,760,000) [Released]

AK1984 said...

At any rate, the Seattle Supersonics front office executives have filled the team's coaching staff; it includes the following personnel:

Head Coach: Bob Weiss
Assistant Coach: Bob Hill
Assistant Coach: Ralph Lewis
Assistant Coach: Jack Sikma
Strength & Conditioning Coach: Dwight Daub
Athletic Trainer: Mike Shimensky
Video Coordinator: Walt Rock

As it is, Bob Hill is well-known and highly-regarded for his defensive coaching abilities, while Ralph Lewis' forte is coaching the offense.

In addition, Jack Sikma is around for a second season of coaching the young centers (i.e., Robert Swift & Johan Petro); thus, due to the fact that each organization is allowed to send one assistant coach and two players to an NBDL franchise, it would seem as if Sikma, Swift, and Petro should prepare to head down south this upcoming season.

Anonymous said...

Thank god you aren't Rick Sund, you are a moron for even thinking that those moves would help the team get better, you obviously have no basketball knowledge.

AK1984 said...

Yeah, if Rick Sund continues to stand pat, watch this team go anywhere from 25-57 to 35-47 this upcoming season.

Oh yeah, and by the way, I hope you remember remember "anonymous" that there was a reason as to why Joe Dumars fired his bald ass back in Detroit.

Of course, given that you are the actual idiot, I highly doubt that you were even aware of the fact that Sund was the general manager of the Detroit Pistons prior to their championship run. Undoubtedly, it was only until after Dumas fired Sund that the Pistons began their ascension to the top.

Also, Sund was the general manager of the Dallas Mavericks during their lean years throughout the early 90s -- he was also the director of player personnel there during the late 70s and 80s, but he had nothing to do with the roster management at that time -- which was when the whole Jamal Mashburn/Jimmy Jackson/Jason Kidd debacle occurred and the Mavericks managed to only win a combined 24 games during the 1992-1993 (11) & 1993-1994 (13) seasons.

In the end, ultimately, Sund will wear out his welcome in Seattle; plus, I expect that the collapse of the Supersonics franchise, due to Sund's idiocy, will occur sooner rather than later -- sadly, though, none of you dronish leemings seem to realize it.

Good Times,

AK1984 said...

In addition, I could go into a long, drawn-out spiel about how Seattle Supersonics Chief Executive Officer/President of Basketball Operations Wally Walker is a flat-out imbecile; yet, I'm sure most of you are already aware of Walker's inexplicable maladroitness.

Of course, Walker owns 5% of the franchise; thus, there is no point in bitching about his ineptitude.

Scott said...


Gotta agree with the other guy, you're made up deals are absolutely horrid. Lewis for Gooden, Jackson and Pavlovic? Giving Radman the deal he wants when he has NO LEVERAGE.

Thank god someone rational is in charge.

I fully expect a response which completely trashes me.

PS, Denver would never do the Nene deal. That's as close to a pipe dream as Vladi for Jamaal Magloire would be.

AK1984 said...

Look, Scott, "Nenê" is attainable. Presently, the Denver Nuggets are in dire need of a shooting guard -- which is why Kiki Vandeweghe might, perhaps, sign the enigmatic Latrell Sprewell -- and the team is overloaded with post players. Besides, even if the Vandeweghe were to unload "Nenê" -- who, by the way, is one of the best defensive players in the NBA (def. +/- rating: +4.7) -- the club would still have three centers (Marcus Camby, Francisco Elson, & Luke Schenscher), and three power forwards (Keyon Martin, Eduardo Najera, & Luis Kleiza) under contract.

In any event, though, it isn't irrational to believe that Vandeweghe may consider parting with "Nenê" for Ronald Murray and a few draft picks.

Also, regarding the contract offer that I proposed for Vladimir Radmanovic, you should've noticed how the sixth year of the deal is exercisable via a team option; thus, only five-years & $42,000,000 of the contract would be guaranteed, which would be a mutual compromise from the current negotiations between Rick Sund and Radmanovic.

Lastly, anyone who thinks that Rashard Lewis is a superstar is completely moronic. As it is, Lewis is a piss-poor ball-handler (1.73 tpg), a crappy distributor (1.3 apg), a shoddy defender (def. +/- rating: -1.1), and horrendous on the glass (5.5 rpg).

Hell, all in all, Drew Gooden (18.89 eff. rating) -- who people seemingly don't like because of his reported attitude problems -- is even more productive than Lewis (+17.9 eff. rating)! Of course, Scott, most people are blinded by Gooden's innate talents and well-developed skill set solely due to the fact that they aren't fond of his arrogant, self-serving attitude.

In the end, ultimately, Lewis will most likely not be traded this off-season; nevertheless, his future in Seattle will probably coincide with the team's imminent failure.

Anonymous said...

You're an idiot.

This team almost took down the San Antonio Spurs, without Radman or Lewis.

They lost Jerome James and Antonio Daniels.

Plug Vlad and Lewis in for James and Daniels and we should be right around the same level.

The Sonics are fine, they should get to the playoffs and if Lewis and Rad are actually healthy...have a CHANCE to do what they failed to last year.

And if I'm up in the stands screaming at the refs in game 6 down by 3 points after a bad call..just like last year....I'm fine with it..a decent chance at the championship is all I'm asking for.

Jeremy said...


Your deals are not grounded in reality. I've probably seen 30+ posts from you all trying a 5 for 1 swap including our foreign players for someone's good player. Just stop, please.

I don't want to see the Sonics give Radmanovich a long term deal. He is a liability defensively at either the 3 or the 4. The combination of Gelabale and Wilkins will be fine as backup 2 and 3. Gelabale projects to be a combination of Desmond Mason and Manu Ginobli. Collison is fine as a 4th option offensively.

What the Sonics really need to do is build a rock solid interior to cover the defensive deficiencies of Lewis, Allen and Ridnour. Allen and Lewis are fine offensively as 1 and 2 options. They could use a legit 3rd option, preferably a low post guy to draw double teams and kick outs to Allen and Lewis.

The Sonics as an org are one of the smartest orgs, employing the services of Dean Oliver, who is known as the "Bill James of basketball".

They probably will be a 45 win team next year and make the playoffs as a 5 or 6 seed.

AK1984 said...

As blasphemous as this may seem, "anonymous", I believe that the Seattle Supersonics were better off during the playoffs last season without both Rashard Lewis and Vladimir Radmanovic in the Western Conference Semi-Finals versus the San Antonio Spurs.

As it was, in the games that either Lewis or Radmanovic participated in during the series against the Spurs, the Supersonics were outscored by 38 points; conversely, in the games that both Lewis and Radmanovic didn't participate in during the series against the Spurs, the Supersonics were only outscored by 3 points.

Then again, however, one might argue that both Lewis (+/- rating: +11.2) and Radmanovic (+/- rating: 9.7) were invaluable during the regular season for the Supersonics. Yet, the overall production of both Lewis (+17.9 eff. rating) and Radmanovic (+11.4), was sub-par in relation to fellow small forwards and power forwards, respectively, who put up similar minutes per game.

In any case, though, I promote guys like Drew Gooden (29.47 eff. rating per 48 minutes) -- as well as hate on Rick Sund's decision to select Robert Swift (+1 eff. rating) instead of Al Jefferson (27.31 eff. rating per 48 minutes) or even David Harrison (+19.77 eff. rating per 48 minutes) in the first-round of the 2004 NBA Draft -- for very logical reasons.

Anyhow, regardless of Swift's lack of skills on the basketball court, the fact that he wouldn't work out for any teams prior to the 2004 NBA Draft -- along with his eligibility issues as a senior at Bakersfield High School (CA) -- are reasons enough to have question Sund's selection of him.

In the end, ultimately, Sund's track record of mediocrity as a front office executive in the NBA (Dallas -- '80-'81: 15-67; '81-'82: 28-54; '82-'83: 38-44; '83-'84: 43-39; '84-'85: 44-38; '85-'86: 44-38; '86-'87: 55-27; '87-'88: 53-29; '88-'89: 38-54; '89-'90: 47-35; '90-'91: 28-54; '91-'92: 22-60; '92-'93: 11-71; '93-'94: 13-69; Detroit -- '95-'96: 50-32; '96-'97: 50-32; '97-'98: 37-45; ''99: 29-21; '99-'00: 42-40; '00-'01: 32-50; Seattle -- '01-'02: 45-37; '02-'03: 40-42; '03-'04: 37-45: '04-'05: 50-32) speaks for itself . . .

AK1984 said...

Hey, Jeremy, I know that I didn't make it explicitly clear; yet, I, too, would rather have Vladimir Radmanovic sign the one-year, $3,166,155 qualfying offer instead of a long-term contract.

However, if the Supersonics could find some team to dump the remarkably OVERVALUED (def. +/- rating: -1.1!!!) and relatively INEFFICIENT (+17.9 eff. rating) Rashard Lewis on -- as he is, for whatever inane reason, highly-regarded by many people -- then giving Radmanovic a five-year, $42,000,000 contract, with a sixth year ($10,500,000) exercisable via a non-guaranteed team option, would be a cost-efficient move.

At any rate, though, I would like to see Radmanovic signed-&-traded -- especially for someone like Jamaal Magliore -- yet, there will not likely be such a deal.

Finally, why is seemingly everyone enamored with Peter Fehse, Pacellis Morlende, Mickaël Gelabale? Hell, Fehse and Morlende have already proven that they flat-out suck; in addition, Gelabale -- who has the upside of Tariq Abdul-Wahad and the downside of Alain Digbeau -- wasn't that good last season in Euroleague competition with Real Madrid, and will probably never succeed in the NBA. In the end, ultimately, the Fehse, Morlende, and Gelabale should be used as trading assets . . . or the Supersonics should renounce their rights to them.

AK1984 said...

Look, Jeremy, there is no way that any person who is "grounded in reality" would compare Mickaël Gelabale to either Desmond Mason or Emanuel Ginóbili. As it is, though, Gelabale has the upside of Tariq Abdul-Wahad, the median of Mickaël Pietrus, and the downside of Alain Digbeau.

Anyhow, regardless of our differences in opinions, we are nonetheless diehard fans of the Seattle Supersonics -- or else we wouldn't be here -- so there is nothing that can get inbetween our fanaticism.

hsshoops said...

Congrats to AK 1984. At least he put something out there to be debated. And yes, I agree that Nene for Flip and draft choices is wishful thinking.

Diezel, on the other hand just bitches and moans, but doesn't propose the trade or FA signing he thinks could put the Sonics over the top. come on, dude, lets see what you got and make it credible.

Personally, I don't see how the Sonics could have made a big splash this year. What we needed was a lock down defensive center, a Ben Wallace type. I didn't notice him or anyone like him on the trading block or in the FA pool. Tyson Chandler was the best bet and I don't see to Bulls letting him go for any rational amount.

Letting JJ and AD go was the right move. I like Wilkins, but think they over paid. I think their offer to Rad-Man is fair and he is an idiot for not taking it.

Sund is not my favoriate GM, but exactly where did he screw the pooch this summer? Quit bitching and show me the deal.

AK1984 said...

Here are the bad moves that Rick Sund has made throughout his tenure as the general manager of the Seattle Supersonics:

6/27/2001: Traded the draft rights of Bobby Simmons to the Washington Wizards for the draft rights of Predrag Drobnjak.

8/3/2001: Signed Calvin Booth to a six-year, $34,000,000 contract.

6/26/2002: Drafted Peter Fehse with the 49th selection in the 2002 NBA Draft.

7/18/2002: Signed Jerome James to a three-year, $15,000,000 contract.

8/21/2002: Signed Ansu Sesay to a two-year, $1,151,114 contract.

6/26/2003: Traded the draft rights of Willie Green to the Philadelphia 76ers for the draft rights of Paccelis Morlende and cash considerations.

6/24/2004: Drafted Robert Swift with the 12th selection in the 2004 NBA Draft.

6/24/2004: Traded shooting guard Andre Emmett to the Memphis Grizzlies for a 2005 second-round draft pick (Mickaël Gelabale) and cash considerations.

6/24/2004: Drafted David Young with the 41st selection in the 2004 NBA Draft.

9/22/2004: Signed Ibrahim Kutluay to a two-year, $3,360,000 contract.

6/28/2005: Drafted Johan Petro with the 25th selection in the 2005 NBA Draft.

6/28/2005: Drafted Mickaël Gelabale with the 48th selection in the 2005 NBA Draft.

8/24/04: Re-signed Damien Wilkins to a five-year, $15,000,000 contract.

Biggie said...

Damn, this blog, is boring as hell when I'm not around. Some of you guys think you're NBA scouts with all these stats and crap. FYI stop being such stat-geeks, there are people who get paid to do that none of ya'll are them, so just stop, you make yourselves look silly with all this nonsense. Basketball is months away, get off it, it's football season damnnit show some respect. Talk about the Dawgs, Hawks, or whatever team you like, but enough of this Sonic speculation. And AK1984, if you are not the most pretentious SOB, I mean really who gets on a sports blog and uses words like maladroitness?? Some jackass the other day implied that I used a thesaurus due to my use of the word literary, he was a moron, but you take the cake, get a life dude. You are absolutly clueless about basketball and while the word maladroitness, probably appears in your lexicon, there is a time and place for everything, and it's not here. So go write an essay or something but please, please keep your silly ass of this blog. Great Times.

Biggie said...

Thought some of you might find this interesting to chew on;

Pioneer Square attack was not as it appeared


That the victims are two U.S. servicemen who returned from the war in Iraq should be a footnote, not a headline.

What happened to them could happen to any one of us.

Their savage beating, in Pioneer Square at the end of July, had echoes of another terrible narrative already seared into the consciousness of the city.

That previous story from not long ago, like this recent one, unfolded late at night. It also involved the club scene. It, too, occurred in the heart of Pioneer Square.

In both stories, a victim ends up lying in the street after trying to help a woman in need. In both stories, a suspect in the beating ends up in a photo showing his postviolence glee.

The beating on July 31 was caught on video. Seattle police released video snapshots this week because they want the public's help in identifying the thugs.

To see the fresh images loosely brings to mind what happened in 2001, when Kristopher Kime of Kent was clobbered during Mardi Gras in Pioneer Square. Kime was trying to help a woman who was being threatened by marauders when the festive night turned into rampaging, mob violence.

A kid named Jerell Thomas clubbed Kime in the head with a blind-side punch. Kime hit his skull on the pavement and lay mortally wounded in the street.

Kime was white. Thomas is black.

A toxic brew of alcohol and libidinal energy fueled the Mardi Gras mess. So, too, did a collision of class and race, though our politically correct city leaders plugged their ears to reports that racial epithets were volleyed as the thugs squared off against suburban kids that night.

Last month's assault, though much smaller in scale, suggests that some people still view Pioneer Square as a public boxing ring, a place where they can throw a lethal punch or kick with impunity.

Police say the assault happened as a group of friends queued to enter Larry's Nightclub on First Avenue South. A male stranger groped a woman in the group, causing the woman's female friend to say something. The man then groped the friend as well. The angry husband of the second woman stepped up, touching off an argument that should have ended when the group of friends made the smart decision to walk away.

One of the women threw a hot dog at one of the gropers, who rustled up two male buddies and followed the group of friends, which included the two U.S. military men.

A fight broke out. The servicemen got knocked out.

One of the attackers stomped on the face of one of the military guys as he lay on the ground -- a scene reminiscent of Kime lying in the street.

A police spokesman describes what happened to the two victims as "a vicious beating." The men suffered broken jaws and face cuts. One of them got a fractured arm.

News accounts invariably described the three male suspects similarly.

One is 5-foot-11, 185 pounds, with a white cap and blue jeans. A second suspect stands 6 feet tall and was last seen wearing a red baseball cap and a white T-shirt. The third is 5-foot-7, 170 pounds with gold teeth and cornrows in his hair. He wore a black T-shirt that said "Scarface."

These descriptions are pretty much all the public got to know about the suspects from merely reading or hearing about the case. But most of the news accounts had accompanying photos or videos that highlighted the one thing that was not overtly mentioned in the stories -- race.

Pictures showed that the suspects are black.

Talk radio and Web posters pounced on the story. People spewed about how the media were "covering up" an assault in Pioneer Square involving predatory blacks on whites. Some ignoramuses seemed particularly indignant at the thought of black men groping white women.

But the beating victims and their female companions are -- surprise! -- black as well, police tell me. News reports failed to mention the race of the beating victims or the women.

So, the public was left to fill in the blanks, drawing on their misperceptions and prejudices. In some cases, people were too quick to draw on a similar- sounding narrative. The assault became Kime, Part II.

Police say race was not a factor in the July assaults, and point out that race should never come into play unless it is part of a crime, such as a hate crime.

Race became the factor the media chose not to mention directly, letting strategically placed pictures of brown-skinned suspects speak volumes about a topic Seattle struggles to talk about.

Race was what some latched on to by assuming that a conspiracy was afoot to cover up blacks beating up "white war heroes" enjoying a night on the town.

The whole story powerfully shows two things: the danger of jumping to conclusions, and thugs don't always discriminate.

Myk said...

Nice post Black..that is why I don't go down to Pioneer Square many people (of all colors/ethnicities and any other segment you can define) who are just looking to cause trouble. It really is a wonder there aren't more items like this or even worse things like shootings down in that area during Friday and Saturday nights.

Myk said...

Also, I agree Black lets stop talking Sonics. Football season starts this week!!

Anyone desperate to bring Corey Simon into the mix in Hawk town? Probably won't happen because Seattle teams never seem to sign the impact guys but he sure would look great next Mr. Tubbs

Biggie said...

I agree, that is the first thing I thought of when I saw that he was a free agent. But isn't he a problem guy(Corey Simon)?? We just got rid of one problem we don't need another, he's a great player but Tubbs and Darby seem to work quite well together. Plus you're right we don't bring in big name players (although Sharper is pretty well known).

AK1984 said...

The Seattle Seahawks don't need to waste a bunch of money on a starting left defensive tackle like Corey Simon, since they've already got Chartric Darby. Of course, though, if Rashard Moore is placed on injured reserve, while Robert Bernard and Craig Terrill keep sucking, then the Seahawks are in need of a couple solid backups along the defensive interoir. However, if Moore is alright and either Bernard or Terrill can pick it up, the it should be all good there on that front for the 'hawks.

In other news, though, the Seahawks have some god-awful backup defensive ends (i.e., Jeb Huckeba, Joe Tafoya, Alain Kashama, Kevin Emanuel, & Christian Mohr), and are, within the next week-'n'-half, in dire need of picking up some waiver-wire claims to patch the pash-rushing game.

Oh yeah, and Black, why are you upset with my choice of words? I mean, come on, it isn't as if you don't use a couple of decent terms -- which does not mean that either one of us is a pretentious son of a bitch -- now and again; consequently, you ought to be backing me up, rather than throwin' my ass into the fire. Lastly, there is a reason that I'm not some executive for a sports franchise, and it's 'cause I'm an uneducated dumbass who's got some 'xtremely crazy idea 'bout some things regardin' transactions -- which I'm more than f***ing aware of, mind y'all -- thus, I don't see where anyone can get off on believing that I'm arrogant, since I totally recognize that we're all on equal ground.

Biggie said...

You right, you right. It's all gravy. Hatchet buried, that was good, LOL.

Biggie said...

Wassup D, don't go nowhere jus' 'cause dude called you an idiot, I know you got more stuff than that bro.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you all get a room instead of squatting on this sight. It would be nice to see some new folks here. All I've seen for the last two weeks is you hens clucking all day.

Biggie said...

Cluck you, muthacluka. LOL shut up. If you don't like it, bounce punk.

Myk said...

So if we could get Simon an All-Pro DT (one of the hardest positions to fill) it would be better to just say no because we have Rocky Bernard and Greg Terril??

I haven't heard that Simon was an attitude guy. It said in the article that he has played in every game but 2 in his six year career. Why do people want old ass Bouleware but not a young 28 year old DT. Heck with him and Tubbs hopefully commanding some double teams that would open up your weak DE for more pressure.

hsshoops said...

If you want to talk NFL or Pioneer Sq fights go somewhere else. It's a sports blog and this thread is about the NBA. Go squat on some other blog.

AK1984, I think it is way too soon to be calling drafting Swift and Petro a mistake. Both were drafted with the idea that they would develop over time.

Sund has been here for 4 seasons, starting in 2001. He has made many mistakes, but the question was what has he done wrong this summer? The answer can't be "he signed Damien Wilkins for $15 mill". To show it was a mistake, tell us who else should have signed.

My own personal choice is Maurice Evans. Detroit got him cheap. He has what Damien has, but Damien has potential. Mo aint going to get better, Damien may get a lot better. But I still don't think it was worth a 5 year commitment.

Anonymous said...

Thank you hss! I still don't get all the Wilkins hype. He's already as old as Rashard, yet folks talk like he's some kid. He's not going to get much better people, and he certainly shouldn't be considered an essential part of this team. I can live with 3mil/yr for a solid role player though.

AK1984 said...

As it is, the Detroit Pistons signing of Maurice Evans to a three-year, $4.5 million contract was an absolute steal.

At any rate, though, Evans, 26, is only 14 months older than Damien Wilkins, 25, and they are both at the same point in the development of their careers.

Ultimately, however, if the Seattle Supersonics keep Rashard Lewis and re-sign Vladimir Radmanovic, then Wilkins will most likely, due to a lack of playing time, flounder as poorly as Ansu Sesay did three years ago.

Anyways, rather than having had just selected center Robert Swift with the 12th pick in the 2004 NBA Draft, Rick Sund should've still taken Swift, but instead traded their draft rights of him to Boston -- since the Celtics V.P. of Basketball Op., Danny Ainge, was enamored with him -- for the draft rights of power forward Al Jefferson, along with [if possible] the draft rights of point guard Delonte West, as well as [if possible] the draft rights of shooting guard Tony Allen, and [if possible] the draft rights of power forward Justin Reed.

Lastly, as it concerns center Johan Petro, Sund should've passed on drafting him with the 25th pick in the 2005 NBA Draft; instead, he ought to have had selected power forward Wayne Simien.

Biggie said...

I just had to post part two, this cat is deep and alot of you out there desperatly need this life lesson.

Why do faces like mine evoke negativity?


Thugs are thugs.

Their behavior should not be tolerated, regardless of their race or the race of their victims.

That was one underlying message in Saturday's column about a vicious beating in Pioneer Square that left two servicemen from the war in Iraq unconscious.

The attackers are three young black men -- a narrative arc the city pounced on. People were quick to grab hold of the military angle of the assaults. Some assumed that the victims are white war heroes and that their female companions, who were groped by the thugs, are white as well.

The enlisted men and their female friends are black -- a detail absent from previous news accounts until my column brought it to light. Like a crazy mad-lib, people filled in the blanks of the story to suit their biases.

Race should not have mattered.

The hard truth is, people seek out or assign weight to evidence that confirms their hypotheses about people and ignore evidence that could debunk their thinking.

Psychologists have a name for this -- confirmation bias.

When it comes to race, such bias makes people quick to equate "war heroes" with whites, perhaps because those are the faces they see most on television.

"Thugs" become cemented as predatory blacks.

"Victims" -- particularly in instances where race is not mentioned -- are whites.

The phenomenon partly plays into why people assign more value to pretty blond women who go missing.

It also feeds into why yesterday I became a "purse snatcher."

Before coming into the office, I stopped for a cup of joe at a bustling coffee shop on lower Queen Anne. As I waited in line, I looked down and noticed a cream-colored purse dangling on the back of a chair. "Did someone leave this?" I asked Justin, the barista. He pointed out an elderly woman standing outside the entrance with three people.

I instinctively reached for the purse and walked to the door, pushing it open. "Excuse me, ma'am," I asked, leaning through the door frame. "Did someone leave this behind? It was on ..."

Before I could finish the sentence, a young woman in the group with the elder woman violently yanked the purse out of my hand, twisting my pinkie and arm. The elderly woman looked on in what I took to be embarrassment. Seconds passed -- it seemed like an eternity -- before one person in the group nervously mumbled, Thank you.

I slinked back inside the coffee shop and wondered, Did that really just happen?

I'd love to think that the young woman would have reacted the same way had one of my white colleagues, wearing the same preppy sweater and pressed corduroys, tried to help. You know, equal opportunity rudeness?

My experience in liberal Seattle has taught me better.

The city smugly touts open-minded thinking, but that doesn't always translate into open-minded behavior.

In my three decades of life in far more urbane cities, Seattle is the first place where police slapped me in handcuffs. Moments after my shackling as a suspected "car prowler," the white officer said, "Oh, this has been a mistake."

Inside my wallet, he had come across my university alumni card right next to my Post-Intelligencer business card. The police report, which I subsequently fetched, had this for the suspect description: "BM, 20s" -- black male, 20s. A mistake.

Countless times I have gone to Seattle watering holes, where a trip to the bathroom has turned into an unexpected business proposal. Strangers hit me up for drugs as if "dope dealer" were emblazoned on my forehead.

I can't count the number of times I've walked past couples in broad daylight. The guy will reach to offer a strategically timed protective hug to a female companion the instant I walk by. Such a gesture, I suppose, wards off dark spirits.

At a popular restaurant in town, a cocktail waitress I'd known casually was shocked to see my column picture in the paper. "I didn't know you had a job," she said.

She probably thought I hustled for a living.

It all makes me wonder why the image of young, black men is so mired in negativity.

Parallel universes seemingly exist.

In one, there are black men, like many of my friends, who are Wall Street execs, top-shelf movie writers, decorated war vets. They are all successful professionals, dedicated fathers and upstanding citizens.

The other universe -- the one that garners media attention -- is peopled with pimps and drug dealers, deadbeat dads, womanizers and thugs who just might turn a night at the club into a dangerous dance.

When white frat members go berserk at bars or meth-addled skinheads rampage or white men become the most prolific serial killers in the land, society doesn't paint all white guys with a broad brush stroke.

Why, then, when it comes to young, black males, do people jump to conclude the worst when the actions of some are not the actions of all?

Biggie said...

I'll talk about whatever the f*ck I wanna talk about. If you don't like it come see me boy.

Don't make me act a muthaf*ckin fool.

Myk said...

So AK you are really so dumb to think that Boston was willing to trade three first round picks for Robert Swift? Wow...

I don't get why everyone thinks we should have drafted Simien. Sure he is a decent player but we already have like 20 PFs on our team, why would we draft another PF? Where would have gotten his minutes?


Diezel said...

hshoops.... u idiot why dont u try reading some of my post b 4 u talk out your neck!!!! u obviously havnet been on this board long enough or u would have read my posts... I have offered trades or signings u moron... I was the one who thought Magloire for vlade would be a good deal. I was the one who was trying to get them to sign Keyon dooling, chris duhon, gerald wallace, mo evans, get Tyson chandler etc,etc,etc... so either read first then comment or shut the hell up!!!!!

bty... whos excited for the unit vs. da phenom tommorow night???

Scott said...

Ya diezel....

but you also think the Sonics should have used the amnesty clause on Fortson to open up cap space.

AK, I read the contract on Radman, I just don't know why the Sonics would compromise up 9 million dollars on Vlad when there's no reason to do it. That's what happens when you go from 5/42 to 6/42.

Food for thought.

Biggie said...

Last weekend in Belgium, Ethiopia's Kenenisa Bekele set the world record at 10,000 meters, a distance every halfway-competitive runner has earned a T-shirt for, and that sound you hear is nobody paying attention. Paced by his younger brother Tariku through the first half of the race, Bekele ran the 10K in an astounding 26:17.53, breaking his own year-old record by three seconds. Bekele also owns the WR in the 5,000 meters (12:37.35, set in the Netherlands in May 2004).

Biggie said...

F*ck Lance Armstrong, this cat deserves all the praise that alot of morons showered on him. This cat is an athlete. Lance is just some clown who needs steroids to ride a friggin bike.

hsshoops said...

Black said...

I'll talk about whatever the f*ck I wanna talk about. If you don't like it come see me boy.

Don't make me act a muthaf*ckin fool.

8:12 AM

Black, why would you chose to perpetuate the sterotype of violence in the african american community? This tough talk makes you look ridiclous. I can't make you act like a fool, but you are doing a heck of a job all by yourself.

If you don't want to talk sports, why are you here?

diezel, look at your comment at the top of this thread. "The soncis won 50 games last year won a division championship, and instead of getting a piece or two to take them to the next level they signed one FA Ric Brunson." Who do you think the Sonics should have gotten and how? I've see your suggestions in other threads, but not here.

I'm not calling anyone an idiot, but I'd really like to enject a little more thought in the the discussion.

Biggie said...

Think about how to spell inject. The only reason I spit back at you is because you put yourself on blast, if you didn't like my post, DON'T read it. But nobody needs to hear your ass whining about what should or shouldn't be on here I'm not perpetuating a violent image, I'm not a violent person, BUT, BUT, if you feel froggish, please leap. have no illusions if pushed I will push back with twice the force.

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about?

Biggie said...

I know, it's confusing, it's called english, bear with me. Jackass.

Rex Manning said...

I'm sorry, but that post isn't anywhere close to "english."

Biggie said...

Oh was that chinese?? I'm sorry. BTW, do you have a point or are you just an idiot??

AK1984 said...

I, too, could go over the numerous times wherein I was treated with prejudice -- due to my scraggly serial killer looks, crystal meth addict esque thiness (6'4", 160lbs), and child rapist esque long, stringy hair -- yet, I don't bitch and moan about it.

Hell, for whatever goddamn reason, I take some pride in being thought of negatively in a unjustly biased manner, while simulatenously defeating the generalized stereotypes that have been labeled upon people of my appearance-based ilk.

In the end, ultimately, it doesn't f***ing matter if a majority of folks think poorly of you -- even if it leads to, in the most extreme instance, your death and possible martyrdom -- 'cause it's all 'bout what you and the people who you care 'bout understand and comprehend.

Good Times,

P.S.: I will say, however, that the article is spot on regarding the unawarely smug nature of both conservatives and liberals in the Seattle area; thus, I urge all of you to vote Libertarian -- whenever it's possible -- come the next general election.

P.S.S: The article is also correct about how people with military experience are improperly deified; though, I blame that more on sociological issues concerning the human race more so than anything else.

Myk said...

Why does some runner deserve more credit than Lance Armstrong? Personally I could give a rats ass about either of them...

You are right if you want to have a Republican in power definately vote libertarian...I really have to thank Mr Nader, for the GREAT (sarcastic...) time we have had with Mr Bush in the WHite House

Biggie said...

I'm not saying anyone was treated unfairly due to race, I'm making a point to show how silent chicken-shit racism is in most cases worse than blatant racism (I know you don't believe there is such a term but for the sake of this post we'll let that slide. At least in the case of blatant racism I know where you stand an can act accordingly but with silent racism I don't know and could let my guard down. Just showing basically the climate of the city that shaped the voice of so much animosity on this blog. Just think and find out before you judge (not you in particular '84, but everyone of every "race" in general).

Biggie said...

only because a runner is more of an athlete than a cyclist (I'm on a personal crusade ever since I read the stupid article about Mr. bicycle, don't mind me).

Myk, I happen to agree that the "green" libertarian party take votes away from democrats which aren't much better (if any) than repubs. Sorry '84 but the green party will never hold office so you might as well pick one of the main two and by your description of yourself you probably will pick dem. LOL.

Biggie said...

but enough of this.

Sports dammnit, hawks could use C. Simon I retract my previous statement about his attitude, it doesn't matter we NEED D-line HELP!!!

Biggie said...

Looks like Stanback is the starter by default. DuRocher isn't eligible until game 4 or 5. Well at least we know now.

Anonymous said...

I see that the hens are still here. Go someplace else squatters. Nobody posts here anymore because of you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Locke!

How come that poll about whether or not we should sign Damien Wilkins is still on the website?
Isn't that last weeks story. Need to better update this site.

AK1984 said...

Yeah, just like in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, the inmates are running the asylum.

jkuhn9 said...

. . . to get back to sports (imagine that), from

Sonics Sign Mikki Moore
31st August, 2005 - 2:03 pm
Sonics Press Release - The Seattle SuperSonics today signed 7-0 center Mikki Moore, Sonics General Manager Rick Sund announced. As per team policy, terms of the contract were not disclosed.

“We’re pleased to have Mikki in a Sonics uniform,” said Sund. “Mikki’s length and his ability to run the floor complements the Sonics’ style of play and gives us added depth at both the center and forward positions.”

Last season, Moore’s eighth in the NBA, he appeared in 74 games with the L.A. Clippers, averaging 5.4 points, 3.3 rebounds and 15.9 minutes. He shot 50.2 percent from the floor and 78.7 percent from the foul line. Moore started four games and scored in double figures on 17 occasions, including a career-high 18 points in two separate games. Moore recorded a career-high 14 rebounds vs. the L.A. Lakers last season on Dec. 11, 2004.

Myk said...

I don't buy your racism category with Lance Armstrong. Again I really don't understand the big deal with him either way..but..I think the reason he is so popular is because he overcame cancer. Cancer is a disease every race has to deal with and the fact that he could overcome it and become such a good athlete (assuming it wasn't drug enhanced) is why people get so excited for him.

I believe this to be true because when Greg Lemond won 3 Tours in a row no one really even cared. He is white and yet he never got the accolades Lance did. That kind of ruins your argument. Also, I think riding your bike 10000 miles or whatever is a pretty big athletic accomplishment and more so than the 10,000K race. If I set my mind to running a 10,000K race I could do it. There is no way I could ride the same course as the Tour riders.

Finally, as for Stanback ummm what the hell is going on with DuRosher did they just realize this little rule or what...I love how hard everyone at Montlake is trying to make me look like an ass by being a Husky supporter. How stupid are they that they didn't know the rule, and if they DID know the rule how stupid are they wasting snaps on DuRosher when everyone knows Isaiah needs all the snaps he can get.

hsshoops said...

This trash just isn't worth responding to. Another potentially good blog ruined by selfish jerks who think the world should revolve around them.

I'm gone.

Biggie said...

I'm sure you could run a 10k race but could you post a world record time? I think not, thanks though.

Biggie said...


Bye. LOL Don't let the door hit ya....

Myk said...

What does being able to post a world record time have to do with one person being more of an athlete than another?

Lets put it another way: Could the 10,000K runner have completed the Tour in a reasonable amount of time? Nope...

Could Lance complete a 10,000K race in a reasonable amount of time? Yep...

Anonymous said...

Mikki Moore? Not much of an insurance policy and one of the least sexy signings all summer. Does the FO have any confidence in Swift this season?

Hey, you hens should check out It's what all the cool kids are doing, and signing up will take just a little more effort than squatting here all day.

Biggie said...

Of course a runner could post a good time on a bike don't be stupid they both use their legs, and I disagree that lance could post a good time in a foot race, he needs the help of a contraption. So... any more pearls of wisdom??

Biggie said...

who calls people hens anymore??


Anonymous said...

hey diezel made any nikes lately??

Anonymous said...

Fag? You mean like James Baldwin? Nice job epitomizing the dumb, urban, negro stereotype.

Biggie said...

What does that have to do with anything?? That stereotype only exists in your rabbit ass mind, cracker.

Biggie said...

Btw, every brotha I know is way more intelligent than the smartest white guy I know, and that has been the case since elementary school. So maybe your fantasy steroetype should be the dumb urban honky.

Biggie said...

Hawks signed P. Warrick, that's good, now how about Mr. Simon.

Anonymous said...


I was watching the news last night about the storm in New Orleans and a mass exodus of people leaving. Was that you standing on your roof with waving for someone to rescue you? I could have sworn it was you, no teeth and shaggy!!!LOL

Anonymous said...

Simon signed with the Colts.

I'm happy with the Warrick signing...although we need much more help on defense.

Warrick reminds me alot of Bobby Engram...we should be able to move the chains on 3rd down.

I hope his knee is actually healthy.

Biggie said...


Yeah dude that was me, I'm glad you can find something funny in others suffering. It's faggots like you that got me writing on this blog in the first place. Did you find it funny that about 400 children died in Iraq the other day, yeah friggin hilarious right, you f*ckin piece of shit. Do you find it funny when you hear about our service men and women dying in iraq regarless of their skin color. I'll include your stupid as in my prayers for the hurricane victims and the people in iraq, Iraqi and American, and for those in Gaza. You are the biggest SOB I have ever had the misfortune to come across, I'll pray for you the most mainly I'll be praying that you don't have children to carry on the torch of hate. Bitch.

Administrator said...

Go to and get your own blog. It's free. That way you can talk sports here and leave the social commentary at

Biggie said...

Are you going to write to these other assholes too or am I being singled out? If you're not, you're just proving my points. I think thst, seeing as how I'm not the only one guilty of this that you would have made your post more general. And the adddress you made up is real cute.

administrator said...

No, just you, I don't like your kind.

Diezel said...

The Spurs go out and get Finley and we get Mikki Moore??? 7 foot and 223??? the guys a stick. I mean if were gonna get stiffs at least have them come from winning organizations, adding journeyman who have played on losing teams most of there career makes no sense at all. I would of rather had Alan Henderson than Mikki Moore, thats why teams like SA keep winning championships.

Kiss Bones goodbye, u got ur ring now its on to the next stop.

Anonymous said...

Alan Henderson is 6'9" and has played most of his career in Atlanta. And then there's the matter of the gun charge. Why would Seattle want him? I don't think this is a great signing, but at least Moore has size and can hit a FT. Plus this gives Swift someone to practice with if the Sonics send Petro to the NDBL.

Myk said...

Wow you are an idiot, obviously you haven't met me because your logic is so flawed there is no way you can be smarter than me.

So let me get this straight the runner guy can do the Tour because well both of them use their legs so it would be easy...


Nope Lance couldn't run the 10,000K beceause well apparently he is the only person who rides his bicycle without his legs. It is silly to compare someone who runs a 10,000K race in 25 minutes (not much need for endurance there) to a person who rides 100s of miles today in the mountains.

You are just an idiot who is a racist himself and willing to tailor an arguement anyway you want to support your point..

Biggie said...

ok, good. Shut up and stop addressing me, get on with your life, that conversation was over yesterday. Jackass. Again the funniest thing in the world to me is when white poeple holler racism or call some one else a racist. It's like that "just say no" commercial "I learned it from watching you!!!!" F*ck off.

Biggie said...

what are you driveling about anyways with that "Lance can't ride a bike with his leg??" Shut up. That stupid ass excuse for rational kinda proves your idiocy.

Anonymous said...

Now that's tenacity. You got completely punked by the "administrator" a few hours ago, and now your pretending nothing happened. Sucker!

administrator said...

Anyone who posts as anonymous,

Please go somewhere else. This blog is for people who log on with actual names. I didn't "punk" anyone I simply made a suggestion. I have the same sentiment for all anonymous bloggers. Thank you.

Biggie said...


Hahahahahahahaha LOL.

Anyways, P. Warrick is a great signing, we need a decent punt/kick returner and I think P. gives us that. The Hawks should be real good this year. Probably win the Division again and win a playoff game or two, for the first time since '84.

Diezel said...

I worry about the hawks focus on the upcoming season when i seen Marcus Trugant shakin at Medusa last night he should of been in dat playbook scoutin for big Regg on the 11th.

I agree henderson is not all that..and i forgot about his dumm ass and the gun thing. its just frustrating seeing how close we were and watching sa go out and get nickey v and finley.

People on this board ripped me when i suggested the sonic killer himself, but if hes good enough for the spurs then why wouldn't the sonics want him..

Two years for Moore...and two for Vitaly, this shows me that after the summmer the Sonics have ZERO confidence in Robert.

administrator said...

Sorry, I was talking out of my ass. This isn't my blog, and obviously being anonymous is a option here. In fact, names in general are meaningless here. Thank you.

Biggie said...

I don't think the fans have any confidence in him either, most people see him as Mcillvaine '05. I met Trufants older brother at a club once, and he was just walking around flappin his gums about"I'm a Trufant, I'm a Trufant" I'm like, so the f*ck what. Can you ask your brother why he can;t cover anyone, since college?? You better hope Reggie Williams brother doesn't come in this joint.

Biggie said...


I think you need to go back to elementary school it is 'an' option not 'a' option. Idiot. Those are called vowels.

Diezel said...

If swift turns out to be another mcciilvane....and they wasted a lottery pick on him cmon man... they could have had al jefferson who as a high schooler came in for boston and had some productive games obviously he was a bit inconsistant but he was a rookie and should be better this year.

I just hope the bench of Moore, Wilkins, Vlade???, Brunson, murray, nick, can get it done. This could be another phoenix situation where they run threw the regular season and all there startes get worn, and are dead tired by the western conference finals.

Biggie said...

I don't think they're getting to the WCfinals. It would be nice, but it seems like pretty wishful thinking.

Myk said...

Way to go justify that you can be a racist because white people are racist.

Im gonna go be a muderer because other people murder people. Anyone who is racist against any other race is just as big of a problem as another one..

Biggie said...

You want some cheese with that??

Comparing it to murder is pretty accurate seeing as how that was the MO of you folks back in the day. I'm not saying that makes it right, don't worry no one will ever reach the heights of racism that your people set. Didn't I tell you to stop addressing me?? Eye for an eye. By any means neccessary. Don't you get it yet??
Revenge is a dish best served cold. Understand now?? Hello?? Jackass.

Diezel said...

where did all the sonic talk go?? knowones interested no more or what?? i guess wally and rick bored erryone to death.

That shot sheffield hit last night was a bomb!!!!

Biggie said...

It's football season bro!! Supes are on hold.

Diezel said...

I am not the only one who thinks the sonics off season has been weak!! Major additions: None
Major subtractions: Antonio Daniels, Jerome James
The skinny: The Sonics were the surprise team in the West last year. We picked them to finish last and instead, they finished third. Can the magic continue? There are a lot of factors working against a Sonics Cinderella repeat. Head coach Nate McMillan is gone. Daniels, a key reserve and the team's best perimeter defender, bolted for Washington. One other key free agent, Vladimir Radmanovic, remains unsigned. The Sonics' success had a lot to do with great chemistry and coaching. With McMillan gone and the team visibly weaker, you've got to wonder how far Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis and Luke Ridnour can actually take them. In other words, an eighth seed might be too generous, especially if they lose Radmanovic.

This is from Chad Fords insider column previewing the west.

Anonymous said...

Well somebody has to win the NW Division. Of course, George Karl teams tend to get a lot of regular season wins, but Denver isn't a lock. Camby's been healthy for what two straight seasons? That's a record. And I don't see any reason to believe that Minnesota, Memphis or Golden State will be better than the Sonics this year.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone out there know what happened to Keon Clark?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he's having unprotected sex with Myks' mom. She loves huge black ones. ask black, he knows.

Biggie said...

Yes, I've ssen the pictures of "looters", but why does CNN run tag lines showing white folks taking bread as "necessities," but a black kid taking bread as a "looter?" These people are DYING. I'd take matters into my own hands too.

This is a comment posted by someone on a seattle PI blog. I agree If these people were middle class white people in boston or somewhere every helicopter in america would have had them all out of there by day two. This country is a racist mess perpetuated by the old white crackers in charge. I feel sorry for them when it is judgement day. Fuck sports people are dying in the streets in New Orleans.

Biggie said...

George W. Bush is a f*cking clown, he should be impeached for not acting quickly enough. They tried to impeach Clinton for gettin a hummer and this clown f*cked a whole city worth of people while in office.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I actually agree with you on your last comment.

Biggie said...


Myk said...

Ahhh the signs of Fall

Leaves start to turn color...

Clouds start to roll in...

Women start wearing way too many clothes...

Husky Football Saturdays...

Mariners only score one run...


Might be funny if it wasn't true EVERY DAMN YEAR

HuskyFever isVD said...


Biggie said...


ok, go back to your business thank you


Anonymous said...

Ban the Black!!!!

Sonic EJ said...

ESPN Insider Rumor Central:

“Dealing Curry?
Sep 7 - According to the Chicago Tribune, Eddy Curry's agent has asked the Bulls to consider a sign-and-trade for the restricted free agent. A deal would be complicated mainly because of his heart condition. Plus, the Bulls would likely not get equal value in return.

Bulls general manager John Paxson declined to comment on the possibility of a deal, but did acknowledge the parties are nowhere near reaching an agreement. If Curry doesn't have a contract in place or an offer from another team by Oct. 1 his only option is to play for the Bulls' qualifying offer of $5.14 million.”

Jump all over it Sonics. This is the move we need to make.

Vlade for Eddy straight across.


Jonathon Combs said...

Hey, Great Stuff. I'll be back to read often.


Anonymous said...

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