Friday, April 07, 2006


Sonics 121 Blazers 108 – FINAL SCORE
Seattle just outscored the Blazers tonight. The Blazers didn’t have the offensive fire power to match the Sonics
Sonics move to 11-6 with Watson and Wilcox in the line-up.
Ray Allen was the best player on the floor and dominated the game
Wilcox gets his third straight double and added a career high assists.
Collison return was positive.
Overall I find this game impossible to evaluate. The Sonics were up 10 for most of the second half and knew they could score at will, therefore had no need to defend at any point. You would like them to but really they didn’t need to any point. It also is why Portland is screwed. It is impossible to evaluate your talent in a game of this nature.

Sonics 88 Blazers 73 at the end of 3 Quarters
Ray Allen dominates the third with 14 points and now has 26 on 10 of 15 shooting.
Chris Wilcox has 16 points 8 rebounds and 6 assists in another terrific game.
The highlight of the game is how well Nick Collison has played
Honestly, I am not sure if the Sonics defense got better or if Portland’s terrible offense just showed up.

Sonics 66 Blazers 54 with 9:15 left in the 3rd Quarter
A good 3rd quarter start
Swift with some nice boards
Wilcox another follow shot, he doesn’t rebound like Reggie but he finishes just about every time he gets an offensive board

Sonics 58 Blazers 52 – at the half
No defense in this game
Collison hit back to back shots after my last comment
He and Wilcox look very good together
Blazers hoot 58% and they are the worst offensive team in the NBA

Sonics 49 Blazers 45 with 2:38 left in the 2nd Quarter
Ray Allen moves into #2 all time on the 3 pointer list
Wilcox and Collison are playing together and it is neat tandem that will have success.
Collison is rusty and having a hard time with his shots but is in the right place to get garbage.
The Wilcox dunk show is on
Juna Dixon is keeping Portland in the game

Blazers 29 Sonics 26 at the end of 1
Not much defense being played
Ridnour bounced back
It is great to see Nick back on the floor he understands where to be on the court terrifically
Telfair, whose game I don’t like at all, made two nice plays to get points for the Blazers

Blazers 23 Sonics 14 with 2:55 left in the 1st Quarter
Ridnour is in the midst of a really poor stretch.
Blazers on a 9-0 run
Sonics don’t have a defensive stop in the last 7 possessions
Collison has made his first appearance playing the center.
Swift had two turnaround jumpers that looked great expect for the end result. Both missed, but both look terrific and he will always be able to get those shots off

Sonics 14 Blazers 14 with 6:15 left in the 1st Quarter
Luke really has to be able to beat Steve Blake. He has done that so far.
Zach Randolph doesn’t have an offensive touch until the 8th possession.
I find that interesting since Wilcox is not a good defender.
Nice move by Swift early and Wilcox has 4 points

1) Will the Soncis take the Blazers too lightly?
2) What does Chris Wilcox have in store tonight?
3) Get up early and make the Blazers wilt like they want to.


RUNNERS    0        1          2
--- 0.5165 0.2796 0.1075
1-- 0.8968 0.5487 0.2370
-2- 1.1385 0.6911 0.3502
12- 1.4693 0.9143 0.4433
--3 1.5120 0.9795 0.3718
1-3 1.8228 1.1830 0.4931
-23 2.0363 1.4144 0.6073
123 2.3109 1.5279 0.7485

Thursday, April 06, 2006



WP: Gil Meche (1-0)
LP: Esteban Loazia (0-1)
SV: JJ Putz (1)
HR: Carl Everett (1)

  • This was flat out impressive. In control from the first moment of the game and stayed in control the entire game. Solid pitching, good work from the starter and into the bullpen. Then the defense and the offense was solid throughout the game.

  • This is a game that makes you believe a little bit.

  • Lots of different feelings throughout the game on Meche. But the bottom line is he got the job done and he really pitched well. His movement was terrific and he did a better and better job of pitching to contact throughout the game. The 5th inning was particularly impressive. His pitch count was very high and with a 4-1 lead he really went at hitters to prolong the outing. This was smart pitching. He needs to get the pitch count down so he can go longer then 5 innings.

  • Any frustration about Meche was in the bottom of the 2nd when he was given a 3-1 and then got into a huge jam. It was typical Meche not closing the door but on this night he was able to get out of the jam.

  • Some of his specific pitches tonight were terrific. He threw a great 1-1 change-up to Chavez, a terrific 2 seam fastball that drifted away from left hander Kotsay.

  • Meche did an amazing job of wasting the A’s big hits.

  • This team continues looking like they are going to be able to score. Carl Everett went deep and all of the Mariners RBI’s came from 6-9 in the line-up.

  • Jo-Jo is the real deal.

  • The defense is stealing outs each night. If you rob two or three plays a night it costs the other team an inning.
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    Tuesday, April 04, 2006


    Sonics 92 Rockets 80 with 4:52 left in the 4th Quarter
    Seattle is not great right now but Houston is not good enough offensively to make a run at the Sonics
    Wilcox has 20 points and 20 rebounds tonight – 9th Sonics player to accomplish this

    Sonics 83 Rockets 70 with 8:17 left in the 4th Quarter
    Ming fouls out on the first possession of the quarter
    This is one of those games where we have Ray Allen and you don’t. Allen is making a play every time the Rockets make a run he makes a play
    Wilcox has 21 rebounds
    Stomile Swift is awful

    Sonics 78 Rockets 66 -- at the end of 3 Quarters
    Sonics offense slumped but the defense held it together.
    Van Gundy is going to gamble and play Ming with 5 fouls to open the quarter
    Wilcox has 20 rebounds
    Allen has been burying the 3 and is now the #2 all time 3 point shooter in NBA history

    Sonics 67 Rockets 51 with 5:58 left in the 3rd Quarter
    Yao Ming picks up his 5th foul at the 6:28 mark of the game
    Ray Allen has 8 straight for the Sonics.
    Rockets are forced to try to go small against the Sonics
    Wilcox now has 17 points and 19 rebounds
    Ray Allen is bombing the 3 he is 1 short of Dale Ellis for all time #2 spot.

    Sonics 56 Rockets 41 - - at the half
    Very good performance by the Sups
    Defensively the Sonics have been very solid – the halftime defensive rating is 90
    11 fast break points is really good in a relatively slow game’
    Great work on the defensive glass today as let Seattle get out and run
    Wilcox has been just unreal.

    Sonics 47 Rockets 35 – with 3:08 left in the 2nd Quarter
    Chris Wilcox is amazing tonight. He has 15 points and 13 rebounds. If it is possible he has been better then the numbers. His shots have been in the post and not all dunks. His rebounds have been tough in traffic boards with Yao Ming around. In addition, he has two blocks which not usually a part of his game. He has defended well also. He is unquestionably the best player on the floor.
    Ray Allen has been great as well. 10 points.
    The Sonics are not hitting the 3

    Sonics 32 Rockets 21 – at the end of 1 Quarter
    Watson closes the quarter hitting a buzzer beating three
    Sonics hit 60% for the quarter
    Lead by Wilcox who had 12 points and 8 rebounds

    Sonics 24 Rockets 13 with 2:39 left in the 1st Quarter
    Official Tommy Nunez is having a really tough night. At one point both Hill and Van Gundy were yelling at him so much that Dick Bavetta had to ask both coaches to stop. The next trip he blew another call and it was as though Hill felt sorry for him rather then yelled at him.
    Ridnour has three turnovers in the first quarter
    Sups are 11 of 18 from the field, the Rockets really are struggling at 4 of 15
    Juwan Howard tore up Seattle last time and tonight he is 0 for 5.
    Seattle is in serious foul trouble with Swift and Moore both with 2 and no Collison, Fortson or Petro.

    Sonics 18 Rockets 11 with 5:26 left in the 1st Quarter
    Swift with the assignment on Yao Ming committed two fouls by the 9:14 mark
    Great start for the Sonics offensively. The Rockets are not a good offensive team therefore they will not be able to keep up with a good offensive night
    Chris Wilcox has been very active –6 points and 6 rebounds

    1) Houston's putrid offense against the Sonics defense
    2) Yao Ming
    3) Sonics lack of player to guard Ming
    4) Allen 3 point shooting

    New York Daily News - Sports - Nate nearly shut down

    More stuggles for Nate Robinson in his relationahip with Larry Brown and his adaptation to the NBA. The Stry says that Nate was shooting spitballs on the team bus of all things.

    New York Daily News - Sports - Nate nearly shut down: "Nate Robinson had become such a nuisance for Larry Brown that the coach considered sending him to the Developmental League last month to work on his game and improve his attitude.

    According to a source close to Robinson, Brown wanted to demote Robinson to the NBA's minor league rather than keep him on the inactive list. Brown broached the idea with Isiah Thomas, but Thomas felt that Robinson would benefit from practicing with veteran teammates."

    Monday, April 03, 2006


    950, kjr's and Locked on Sports Matt Gaschk attended Huskies practice today. Here is his report.

  • Tyrone Willingham gave his assessment of the first padded practice on Saturday, saying that he was not happy with the overall execution. “Intensity, at some points, wasn’t bad. We still have too many breakdowns, but that’s coachable and that’s something we can work on and continue to get better and better with,” Willingham said.

  • EJ Savannah should benefit from the spring drills in getting back into the mix because it will naturally limit the amount of contact drills he will participate in

  • WR Sonny Shackleford will not be available for spring practice in the immediate future after he sprained his ankle in Saturday’s practice. No timetable has been set on his return

  • Though Wilson Afoa has had some back troubles that have limited his work in the past, Willingham touted his perseverance last year in keying his leadership role on the team this season. With Jordan White-Frisbee still on the shelf with his foot injury, the competition at Defensive Tackle is heating up in spring. In addition to Afoa, UW has Erick Lobos, Jordan Reffett and Jovon O’Connor competing for playing time alongside mainstays Dan Milsten and Donny Mateaki.

    Welcome to Mariners opening day. This season and the Locked on Sports Blog will keep a running commentary about what is happening during the Mariners games. It will be somewhat similar to the Simulblog of the Sonics season. Obviously with 162 games it will be impossible to cover all of the games but we will do the best we can. Enjoy the season and please give us any thoughts on what would improve the coverage or bring you to more often.

    WP: Scott Shields (1-0)
    LP: JJ Putz (1-0)
    HR: Guerrero (1), Johjima (1), Petagine (1)


  • A lot of the talk out of spring training is that hitting coach Jeff Petland has changed the approach of the Mariners hitters. In addition, the Mariners said they were going to push the limit on the baselines. The rally in the 6th inning showed a lot of signs of this being true. Both Johjima and Reed took the ball the other way. Betencourt battled with a solid at-bat and a short swing for a hit and Jose Lopez hit a flair to right by simply battling.

  • Great sign that Johjima has enough power to take it out to right field. Johjima also made a great play to cut off a runner at second when Reed’s weak throw had no chance to get the runner at home.

  • A good sign that the bottom of the line-up started the rally because last year the Mariners gave away every third inning with the bottom of the line-up.

  • Jamie Moyer was vintage. A slow start but then he got his game on. The issue for Jamie over the past few years has been how the home plate umpire calls the game. Today he was given a really wide plate.

  • First guy out of the pen was Rafael Soriano. If he can be anywhere close to what he was before Tommy John surgery it will significantly change the Mariners staff. He hit 94 MPH on back to back fastballs to Vlady Guerrero. He is consistently at 94. Then he threw a great breaking ball to Vlady at 83 MPH. That is a great differential.

  • The gun at Safeco must have been fast George Sherill was at 93MPH which is hard to believe or he got a hold of Ryan Franklin’s illegal stuff :-o

  • If Soriano is solid he can control the 7th inning, JJ Putz, who should improve again, can take the eight and Eddie the 9th. That could be a very solid group and if the Mariners can shorten games in that fashion they could be much better.

  • JJ is still a big circle pitcher. In other words, he is throwing to a big circle rather then specific spots on the plate. Until he shows the ability to find specific locations he will be an average pitcher with great stuff. It cost him today.

  • Maybe it is just opening day, but I am optimistic that both Lopez and Betancourt will be able to hit. Lopez has shown some signs of being special. Time will tell if that all comes together, but I assume he will have a good year and could have some stretches where he is really on fire. Betancourt has been talked about as a defensive only player, but his swing looks and his contact is solid. He is really inexperienced, but my bet is he gains an idea of what he is trying to do and hits for decent average.

  • Bases loaded in the 6th and nobody out and the Mariners can’t score. That is brutal. You simply have to score a run. Last year, the Mariners were the worst in baseball in hits per run. It simply took too much energy to score a run. This has to change if the Mariners are going to have success.

  • In the 9th inning the Angels had runners on 1st and 3rd with two outs. The Angels runner stole second without a throw. It was on a pitch that would have been nearly impossible to throw anyone out on. However, so often teams allow that steal uncontested and in this game that run was the difference when the Mariners added a run in the ninth inning.
  • Sunday, April 02, 2006


    Soncis 107 Blazers 65 with 6:02 left in the 4th Quarter
    Top 10 things to do during a 40 point blow out at the Key Arena instead of watching this disaster …….

    10) Count the tattoos on the floor.
    9) wonder if New York basketball is any good if Sebastian Telfair was really a school yard legend
    8) think that the blazers broadcaster who just got up and left maybe the smartest man in the building
    7) Wonder if you could drink the entire Pepsi 8 pack in one sitting
    6) Eavesdrop on all the conversations around you and see what you can learn
    5) Come up with another geeky stat that Groz can’t understand
    4) scan’s dance team bracket and really analyze what was an upset.
    3) nap
    2) check out all the talent in the building
    1) read my junk mail.

    Sonics 91 Blazers 55 at the end of 3 Quarter
    I am currently working on top 10 things to do during a 40 point white wash.

    Sonics 74 Blazers 38 with 9:02 left in the 3rd Quarter
    If I was starting a franchise, and I could have every player on the blazers I would only take blake as a practice point guard on my inactive roster and I might take Przybilla as a 3rd center but maybe not.
    Nate doesn't start Zach Randolph in the third quarter

    Sonics 67 Blazers 35 at the half
    It is one thing to be as bad as the blazers but what is even worse is they don’t have a single player who they can build around for the future.
    This is the bleakest of the bleak
    This reminds me of a college game around finals when the big program plays a division III team so they can just get out and sweat.
    Ray Allen did a ton of damage in the first half 20 points on 10 shot attempts
    The Sonics put down the hammer and the Blazer crumbled.

    Sonics 47 Blazers 27 with 5:52 left in the 2nd Quarter
    Back to back threes by Ray Allen over the top of Jarrett Jack.
    Sebastian Telfair is unimpressive. I think at best he is Earl Watson
    The Blazers are really awful. It is hard to tell if they are not trying or if they are not good.
    Great low post power move by Johan Petro
    Allen has 9 in the Q
    Not much to say about this one sided affair.

    Sonics 34 Blazers 19 at the end of the 1st Quarter
    Wow – I am not sure how Nate watches this every night his team is brutal.
    Robert Swift is playing without the mask and his rebounding has been very strong in the game so far.
    Earl Watson has been able to pick up the tempo and give the Sonics a ton of easy looks.
    Sonics hit 14 of 19 in the quarter with only 4 fast break points but that is misleading they had numerous early chances
    Good defensive rebounding by both teams.

    Sonics 14 Blazers 7 with 7:00 left in the 1st Quarter
    Damien Wilkins starting in place of Rashard Lewis who is not playing tonight with the ankle injury. Wilkins has come out on fire scoring 10 of the Sonics first 12 points on 4 of 4 shooting.
    Seattle has hit 7 of 8 shots to open the game.