Friday, April 07, 2006


Sonics 121 Blazers 108 – FINAL SCORE
Seattle just outscored the Blazers tonight. The Blazers didn’t have the offensive fire power to match the Sonics
Sonics move to 11-6 with Watson and Wilcox in the line-up.
Ray Allen was the best player on the floor and dominated the game
Wilcox gets his third straight double and added a career high assists.
Collison return was positive.
Overall I find this game impossible to evaluate. The Sonics were up 10 for most of the second half and knew they could score at will, therefore had no need to defend at any point. You would like them to but really they didn’t need to any point. It also is why Portland is screwed. It is impossible to evaluate your talent in a game of this nature.

Sonics 88 Blazers 73 at the end of 3 Quarters
Ray Allen dominates the third with 14 points and now has 26 on 10 of 15 shooting.
Chris Wilcox has 16 points 8 rebounds and 6 assists in another terrific game.
The highlight of the game is how well Nick Collison has played
Honestly, I am not sure if the Sonics defense got better or if Portland’s terrible offense just showed up.

Sonics 66 Blazers 54 with 9:15 left in the 3rd Quarter
A good 3rd quarter start
Swift with some nice boards
Wilcox another follow shot, he doesn’t rebound like Reggie but he finishes just about every time he gets an offensive board

Sonics 58 Blazers 52 – at the half
No defense in this game
Collison hit back to back shots after my last comment
He and Wilcox look very good together
Blazers hoot 58% and they are the worst offensive team in the NBA

Sonics 49 Blazers 45 with 2:38 left in the 2nd Quarter
Ray Allen moves into #2 all time on the 3 pointer list
Wilcox and Collison are playing together and it is neat tandem that will have success.
Collison is rusty and having a hard time with his shots but is in the right place to get garbage.
The Wilcox dunk show is on
Juna Dixon is keeping Portland in the game

Blazers 29 Sonics 26 at the end of 1
Not much defense being played
Ridnour bounced back
It is great to see Nick back on the floor he understands where to be on the court terrifically
Telfair, whose game I don’t like at all, made two nice plays to get points for the Blazers

Blazers 23 Sonics 14 with 2:55 left in the 1st Quarter
Ridnour is in the midst of a really poor stretch.
Blazers on a 9-0 run
Sonics don’t have a defensive stop in the last 7 possessions
Collison has made his first appearance playing the center.
Swift had two turnaround jumpers that looked great expect for the end result. Both missed, but both look terrific and he will always be able to get those shots off

Sonics 14 Blazers 14 with 6:15 left in the 1st Quarter
Luke really has to be able to beat Steve Blake. He has done that so far.
Zach Randolph doesn’t have an offensive touch until the 8th possession.
I find that interesting since Wilcox is not a good defender.
Nice move by Swift early and Wilcox has 4 points

1) Will the Soncis take the Blazers too lightly?
2) What does Chris Wilcox have in store tonight?
3) Get up early and make the Blazers wilt like they want to.

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