Sunday, April 02, 2006


Soncis 107 Blazers 65 with 6:02 left in the 4th Quarter
Top 10 things to do during a 40 point blow out at the Key Arena instead of watching this disaster …….

10) Count the tattoos on the floor.
9) wonder if New York basketball is any good if Sebastian Telfair was really a school yard legend
8) think that the blazers broadcaster who just got up and left maybe the smartest man in the building
7) Wonder if you could drink the entire Pepsi 8 pack in one sitting
6) Eavesdrop on all the conversations around you and see what you can learn
5) Come up with another geeky stat that Groz can’t understand
4) scan’s dance team bracket and really analyze what was an upset.
3) nap
2) check out all the talent in the building
1) read my junk mail.

Sonics 91 Blazers 55 at the end of 3 Quarter
I am currently working on top 10 things to do during a 40 point white wash.

Sonics 74 Blazers 38 with 9:02 left in the 3rd Quarter
If I was starting a franchise, and I could have every player on the blazers I would only take blake as a practice point guard on my inactive roster and I might take Przybilla as a 3rd center but maybe not.
Nate doesn't start Zach Randolph in the third quarter

Sonics 67 Blazers 35 at the half
It is one thing to be as bad as the blazers but what is even worse is they don’t have a single player who they can build around for the future.
This is the bleakest of the bleak
This reminds me of a college game around finals when the big program plays a division III team so they can just get out and sweat.
Ray Allen did a ton of damage in the first half 20 points on 10 shot attempts
The Sonics put down the hammer and the Blazer crumbled.

Sonics 47 Blazers 27 with 5:52 left in the 2nd Quarter
Back to back threes by Ray Allen over the top of Jarrett Jack.
Sebastian Telfair is unimpressive. I think at best he is Earl Watson
The Blazers are really awful. It is hard to tell if they are not trying or if they are not good.
Great low post power move by Johan Petro
Allen has 9 in the Q
Not much to say about this one sided affair.

Sonics 34 Blazers 19 at the end of the 1st Quarter
Wow – I am not sure how Nate watches this every night his team is brutal.
Robert Swift is playing without the mask and his rebounding has been very strong in the game so far.
Earl Watson has been able to pick up the tempo and give the Sonics a ton of easy looks.
Sonics hit 14 of 19 in the quarter with only 4 fast break points but that is misleading they had numerous early chances
Good defensive rebounding by both teams.

Sonics 14 Blazers 7 with 7:00 left in the 1st Quarter
Damien Wilkins starting in place of Rashard Lewis who is not playing tonight with the ankle injury. Wilkins has come out on fire scoring 10 of the Sonics first 12 points on 4 of 4 shooting.
Seattle has hit 7 of 8 shots to open the game.

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