Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Weiss world: It's down to earth | TheNewsTribune.com | Tacoma, WA

Frank Hughes writes an amazing piece on the Sonics head coach. It is worth the read and it gives you a great insight into the man leading the Sups.


Anonymous said...

Yeah it is very good piece of writing. The story on Walker was also good and due. A lot of the time the past few years it seemed he was mostly just mailing in the obvious but I hope he sticks with digging deeper, being open-minded / fair (some of his espn pieces were sacrstic on purpose but I didnt always think a lot of them), and showing his strong writing talents.

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NateRob1 said...

why are the Nuggets favored this year? They haven't done anything yet and I think they need to prove something before they get handed the division crown!!!!