Saturday, November 05, 2005

Night in the NBA -- November 4

Sorry for the late and short post. The game went really late last night and I have a ton of stuff today with the Huskies.

Memphis 94 Orlando 85
– Eddie Jones leads Memphis with 25. He can’t do that everynight and that is what they need. When players get old in the NBA they are able to still have good nights, they just come more and more infrequently…. I am surprised Hakim Warrick is only playing 3 minutes a night …. Orlando is totally dependent on Grant Hill or else the ball is in Steve Francis hand’s all game.

Charlotte 110 Philadelphia 93
– I have always thought Chris Webber was vastly overrated. I have also always thought Mo Cheeks was a terrible coach. His team’s never had any offensive sets and any game plan that he implemented was never evident. Therefore, it makes sense to me that they are 0-3 ….

New Jersey 102 Toronto 92 – The Sam Mitchell death march continues. He may not make it to December …. Toronto scored 9 points in the second quarter and 28 in the first half …. Richard Jefferson had 35. He is outstanding as a complimentary player with Kidd and Carter …. New Jersey wins the Atlantic and may be in the class of Miami, Indiana and Detroit …. Their defense is great.

Detroit 82 Boston 81 -
-- Rip Hamilton buzzer beater wins it …. Rip is loving whatever Flip Saunders is doing. He is getting a ton of looks and he is a scoring machine right now …. Two straight games Dan Dikau did not play. That may turn out to be a terrible signing by Ainge.

Washington 86 New York 75
-- This may be the worst line Jerome James has ever had. 3 minutes 0 for 2, 3 fouls 2 turnovers. Nice work Mr. Thomas. The DNP’s are right around the corner and then the waist line will expand ….. Nate is not in the flow yet either as he played just 5 minutes and had 3 turnovers.

SA 102 Cleveland 76 – San Antonio is a different class. The league has to fear the Spurs getting out to some great start and then deciding they want to win 70. This team could do it ….. Keep an eye on Illgaskus this year. He just signed his deal. He is getting old and he is vital to the Cavs. If he slows down they are on the wrong side of that deal …. Larry Hughes had another quiet night …. No Spurs player played 30 minutes.

Denver 107 Portland 68 ---- Good team v. terrible team. Not much else to say …. Sebastian Telfair may be a real problem for the Blazers at the point. 2 for 11 in this game … Martell Webster got his first time and in 10 minutes was 1 for 6 …. Marcus Camby played another 32 minutes. Keep an eye on that. He was great 23-17 and 6 blocks … Denver was 4 of 12 from 3 this team still has no range.

Utah 91 Golden State 85
--- Utah was one of the worst defensive team’s last year and that has changed. Last night they held GS to 58 points in the first 3 quarter and 37% for the game. Okur 23-14 had another great night ….. Keep an eye on what happens to the Utah defense when Carlos Boozer comes back. He is an awful defensive player. Reggie Evans beat him back to back plays last year. …. Golden State was without Baron Davis. Their may not be another team as reliant on one player as Golden State on Davis.

Clippers 92 Atlanta 77
– Atlanta sucks.

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