Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Locked on Sports: Four Keys for Sonics' success

Locked on Sports: Four Keys for Sonics' success: "Murray will get the first shot to fill the 3-guard rotation. However, he will have to show tremendous growth to handle this significant a role.

Murray will be the first backcourt substitute replacing Ridnour, leaving the Sonics with Murray and Allen in the backcourt and no true ball handler."


Sonic EJ said...

This is a gamble that I wish we didn't have to take. Earl Watson would sure fit great on this team. However it may work out great if Ray can make sure the offense is still run correctly while Flip is in the game. Brunson must not be all that if he can't even claim the backup PG spot with no competition.

I’m very interested to see what type of role Vlade will play this year. I sounds like Bob wants to play about 7-8 guys at the PF/Center spot. What does this mean for Vlade?

NateRob1 said...

We should have kept Alex Scales and dropped Murray. Murray is good at one on one and taking the ball to the rack. Alex may not have been as big an offensive threat as Murray but he could also dish and play solid D something Murray lacks. I hope that we get Scales backat some point. Also, I think that the Sonics need to send Swifty to the NBDL because he looks a little timid out there and needs to bulk up. He is not NBA ready and needs meaningful minutes which he will rarely get with the depth we have.

Sonic EJ said...


Maybe the Sonics shouldn't have signed Brunson. Then we could have had both Murray and Scales. Cleaves is every bit as good as Brunson.

Biggie said...

Robert Swift will never be a successful NBA player, sorry if some of you still think he will pan out. It's over, just another stupid draft pick by Mrs. Wally Walker.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't give up on Swift yet, because simply no one knows how good he will be. The difference between 19 and 23 is HUGE.

Would I bet he's a productive NBA player by the age 23? No.

But, atleast we have Petro. And 1/2 on drafting young centers is a damn good ratio. Swift and that Euro shooting guard they signed may be managements only two mistakes in a long time.

I actually trust them for the most part. Imagine Petro in a few years, the man can play now at 19.