Thursday, November 03, 2005


I will attempt to do this every night. Depending on the amount of games will likely dictate how soon I can get it out each day.

Lakers 99 Denver 97 – George Karl just cost his team two games with the suspension in the off-season. Remember that at the end of the year …. The Lakers roster is not complete, they have way too many holes to win consistently … Marcus Camby was forced to play 37 minutes without Nene. There is no way he can hold up for a whole season playing those kinds of minutes. Earl Watson did not play.

Casey 90 Nate 86
--- I wish I had this on tape to see how the match-up played out. Congrats to Casey for his first NBA win, no one deserved it more …. Richie Frahm lit up Portland like he did when he was with the Sonics 18 points in 15 minutes …. Matrell Webster did not play ….. Telfair only had 3 assist in 33 minutes, there is some talk in Portland that Jarrett Jack is a better player …. Zach Randolph is moving into Chris Weber category with a 18 point night on 21 shot attempts and just 4 free throws. How does a big guy take 21 shots and only take 4 free throws. You have to go to the line in this league.

Rockets 98 Sacramento 89 – 0-2 start for the Kings. Adelman is on a short leash … Another really bad shooting night for the Kings at just 41% …. They have to shoot well, because you know they will never play defense …. Bonzi Wells had a huge night, but the 7 turnovers will kill you and he does it all inside which forces the Kings to invert their offense and I am not sure that works ….. As much as I like the Rockets the Rafer Alston/ Derek Anderson back-court does not impress me.

Celtics 114 Knicks 100 – Not a good day for the local kids, Nate was 1 of 5 in 10 minutes, Jerome James played 8 minutes and had 4 points and 4 fouls and Dan Dikau didn’t play. That is a tremendous drop for Dikau who was signed to be a starter. He really didn’t show me a game last year that translates to being an NBA starter on a good team …. Delonte West may be a player. He had 14-9-9 in his first start for Boston as a point guard …. Jamal Crawford came off the bench behind Q. Richardson.

Utah 93 Dallas 82 --- Dallas back to back after 2 OT and ran out of gas. Jason Terry only had two points in the second half …. Believe it or not having Greg Ostertag back is a big deal for Utah defensively. Between Andri Kirilenko and Ostertag they had11 block and that doesn’t count the amount of shots they bothered …. Kirilenko lead the Jazz in Rebs, Ass and blocks …. I am not sold that Josh Howard and Marquis Daniels bring the Mavs enough offense

Washington 99 Raptors 96
-- Maybe Charlie Villanueva is going to be a better pro then he was a college player, he dropped 11 and 6 for Toronto. Another 4th quarter meltdown for the coach most likely to be fired Sam Mitchell …. AD was just 1 of 4 in 19 minutes. That is going to be a bad signing. As much as we miss him that is a bad deal for Washignton.

Pacers 90 Magic 76 – Keep an eye on the Pacers defense. Indiana was stocked that they signed Jeasikevicius and he had 5 pts, 2 rebs, 2 ass and 2 steals in 17 minutes. The Sonics were hot after him as well, but never made an offer.

Cavs 109 Hornets 87 – Desmond Mason another off night, this time 2 of 9 ….. Larry Hughes played 30 minutes and had 10 points on 2 of 9 shooting with 5 turnovers. I am not sure that was a good signing.

Bucks 110 Nets 96 – The Bucks might be for real …. I will say it again, on draft day when I was asked who Andrew Bogut reminded me of I said Tim Duncan. On the first night of the year he was the best player on the floor at time and in night on the back end of a back to back he snared 17 rebounds. There are not a lot of guys in this league who can grab 17 rebounds. He also didn’t commit a turnover. He is not Duncan and may never be the best in the league, but that is who he reminds me of and that is why Milwaukee will be good this year …. TJ Ford was just 7 of 19. He must stay under control. … I like New Jersey but I don’t like any team that has Jeff McInnis. He will be a problem this year

Pistons 108 76ers 88 – The nightly rip of Chris Weber. 16 shots and 16 points. He has to be the most inefficient player in the NBA …. Hard to tell from one night if anything is different in Detroit with Flip Saunders as the coach … Hamilton took 24 shots and the next closest was 11 by Prince.

Heat 97 Grizzlies 78 – I have wondered all year how are the Grizzlies going to score. Evidently for one night they aren’t going to. Gasol has 26, which you can’t anticipate every night. Then their next two scores are old guys, Eddie Jones and Damon Stoudamire. That is a bad team ….. Shaq played just 27 minutes …. Antoine Walker was unreal 25-16-4 on only 17 shot attempts. He is criticized a lot for his selfishness, but if he plays under control he is a nice player. You have to guard him and that makes the world easier for Wade … Jason Williams took just 7 shots in 33 minutes …. Payton played 28 minutes off the bench and was 0 for 3 with 4 turnovers.

Bulls 109 Charlotte 105 – Chris Duhon had a triple double, how good is he …. The Bulls have great depth …. Loul Deng and Mike Sweetney are very good players coming off the bench

Golden State 122 Atlanta 97 – The Warriors are going to try to be like Phoenix last year … Joe Johnson made his debut at point guard for Atlanta with 1 assist.


Sonic EJ said...

Thanks for the post Locke.

You really do hate Chris Webber don't you? lol.

I tried to tell everyone Antione Walker would be the best pick up for any team last summer. Everyone told me I was crazy. Well now what???

Anonymous said...

Antoine isn't very good. He's not bad, hes does a little of everything. And hardly anything above average.

I wouldn't want him on the Sonics, or any team that I was a fan of.

Anonymous said...
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Myk said...

I think everyone is putting way too much stock into opening night..

Myk said...

Isnt it sad that I look more forward to Thursday night football (the few times they show UW on FSN Classic) than the real game on Saturday...oh the old days.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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