Thursday, July 28, 2005


950, KJR and Locked on Sports has learned that free agent guard Juan Dixon has accepted a 3 year contract from the Portland Trailblazers. According to Dixon's agent Calvin Andrews the deal is for just under 3 million dollars per year. The Sonics had heavily pursued Dixon in free agency.
The Sonics never made an offer to Dixon. It is believed that the Sonics were a bit hamstrung with the amount of moveable parts they have at the current time. In addition, any offer to Dixon would have allowed the Blazers to offer Wilkins and the Sonics no ability to match Wilkins. It could be said the Sonics choose to keep Murray and Wilkins rather then sign Dixon and Murray.
This still leaves the Blazers with just over 2 million dollars of their mid-level exception available for other players. The Blazers had intended to extend an offer sheet to the Sonics Damien Wilkins. However, Wilkins turned down a $16 million offer .

This increases the likelihood the Sonics will turn to Flip Murray as their back-up guard.


Pat said...

This is huge, Sonics have got to get a VETERAN back up point guard to back up Luke. Fast tempo or not, Flip Murray is not the answer. Antonio Daniels brought all the intangibles, good defense, offense, and most of all, a huge Heart. If Flip is not scoring, I am not sure what he brings.

Anonymous said...

the other juan dixon thread got taken down but i said he was worth giving only 3 years, less than $3 million per and would likely not be a sonic. the new report is in line with that.

Sonic EJ said...

Ok here is a plan.

Why don't we pool the money we were going to give Juan and Dale Davis and see what we have.

I think we must have at least 6 or 7 million since all we have done with our 27-29 million of cap space is pay Ray Allen 15 and tender contracts to our restricted FAs.

This morning on the insider rumor page, ESPN.GO.COM is reporting that Antoine Walker will accept a deal in the rang of the 5 million "mid-level."

Lets give him 7 million and get the deal done.

As I understand the "Larry Bird" rule, a team can go over the cap to pay their own FAs.

Can the Sonics not sign Flip, Vlade and Vitaly after someone like Walker?

Is the fear of the luxury tax a risk this sonics managment can't get past?

If anyone would please tell me why this plan will not work I would love to hear it.

Unless you just want to tell me Antoine Walker is not a good fit for our team, in that case please explain why.

Locked on Sports said...

See the latest post on the Sonics cap situation.

Philthy said...

I understand their thinking here, but I don't agree with it. Flip Murray is a hazard and the longer we don't do a sign and trade for him, the harder his stock will fall. Murray is like an abyss...once he gets the ball, you won't ever see it again. The misnomer is that he can break people down off the dribble. He's very athletic, but the problem is, once he commits, he's gone. He doesn't have much ability to change speeds quickly, which gets him into trouble. He's streaky, stupid on the court, and though he can sometimes score, he often does so by taking the rest of the Sonics out of their offense.

Trade Flip.

Bear in mind, I wasn't a big fan of Vlade until he proved me wrong big time. It could be the same thing with Flip, but I don't think so. Vlade's problem was motivation and hustle. It's easier to get over that than simply not knowing how to play the game.

Jack W said...

A. Walker may be an overall upgrade over Radmanovic, but he may not be a good fit for the team. He's not an effective scorer at .92 points/shot last season. In comparison, Radmanovic does a better job at 1.02 pts/sht. There wouldn't be enough balls to go around to Allen, Lewis, Radmanovic, and Walker. In addition, it's a possibility that his ego could clash with Allen's. Also, he tends to turnover the ball. If we were able to trade Rad for a center or point guard then I may be willing to do it. In addition, if he were willing to come off the bench, play 25-30 min/gm, and be able to mesh with the current chemistry then I would go with it. But, that seems like lots of ifs.

In regards to the Sonics spending money. Don't hold your breath! They're not going to go over the cap. If you look at the Pistons and Spurs, it's obvious teams don't have to overspend to win a championship.

Locked on Sports said...

I want to compliment everyone on the comments to this blog. The knowledge and expertise is impressive and interesting. Thanks a ton.

Locked on Sports said...

On thing Jack alludes to is that Vlady is not a very good point per shot player. He is just about dead average in the NBA. The reason is he never goes to the free throw line. If Vlady starts to head to the line with any regularity he will become a extremely potent offensive player. I think I would more likely bet that would happen rather then not happen.

Sonic EJ said...

Has anyone heard the Rick Barry promo that KJR has run with Rick talking to Mitch about Vlade?

Something to the effect of:

"If Vlade wants to start it's real simple, wish him good luck and let him go."

I understand that Rick Barry is not the athority on Sonics basketball but that doesn't make him wrong.

La Bona said...
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Jack W said...

It's good news Dixon isn't coming to the Sonics. But, what scares me is if he was the number one choice to relace AD. Hopefully, they have someone better than Flip or Dixon.

I read a rumor regarding Sacramento and Charlotte. The Kings are to receive J.Hart for a second round pick. I like that move a lot for the Kings. I wish the Sonics could do a trade of that sort.

Diezel said...

With Juan going to the Blazers I am really confuse to what the Sonics are doing??? They court this guy around town like he's the biggest fish on the market and the blazers offer him 3 mill and we don't offer the same??? Then Locke last night reported Chris Duhon signed for 3 at 6 mill why then were the sonics not in the mix?? I am really confused about the conflicting reports on our cap is this just another sonic pr ploy to keep the fans coming, because when free agency started USA today reported the Hawks had the most available cap and then both the sonics and cavs were next with like 21-26 millon available then I see the Cavs go out and sign Big Z, Larry Hughes, Donyell Marshall, and they are still looking at pg's like Marko Jaric. And all we have done is re-sign Ray and now we are capped out????? David please explain this to us because either USA today was way off base with there number or the Sonics are just trying to pull the wool over our eyes. And as much as I agree with u about a solid core... U still need those money role playes who in big games will come up huge i.e Robert Horry, Steve Kerr, Ron Harper, Mario Ellie, Memett Ocur, Derrick Fisher, Brian Shaw, to me FLIP is knowhere near that. To me he seems like a gunner who has a 1-1 assist to to ratio. So where do we go from here had the Sonics been targeting any other free agents other than Juan??? becuase a bench of Flip,Damien,Petro,Vlade, is not getting my juices flowing no matter how good the starters are. Just look at Phoenix great starting 5 but no bench and that might of what beat them is the fatigue factor in the Spurs series because Leandra Barbosa had no game. So if Flip comes out and struggles is Luke going to play 40 minutes a game??? What if Luke plays defense like he did against San Antonio? How long is the Honey moon with Bob Weiss going to last. I have been critical of Sonic management this off season, but if they are succesfull I will be the first one to eat crow and applaud Bob Weiss and the upper brass, but if it doesn't all these people that were crying for Bob to get the job are u gonna step up and start finally giving wally some critisism?? I am just really wondering where they go from here??

Anonymous said...

walker is much maligned and much is deserved. but he isnt a complete untouchable in my mind. the questions are what role would sonic want him to fill. is he 100% on board and what would be the terms of the contract. i'm sure he wants 5 years and i'd have some concerns about that. 5-7 million a year is not outrageous. i'd say it would come down to attitude and whether the role/ the player matched up. if they keep rad, no walker. trade rad away, maybe. sign and trade for walker might be a possibility. walker's weight would be an issue for me. if he is over 250, i'd say no thanks. and i'd tie some of his pay to weight like they did with baker.

Anonymous said...

walker's defense as a center is no worse than at either forward spot according to 82 data. i remain intrigued by inside/outside centers like sam perkins. i think walker would pose additional serious matchup problems for opponents if they played him significantly at center. if they want to run fast and a lot that would probably be fine with him, he can rebound and start the break or trail and hit a three or rumble into the lane for a dunk.

Anonymous said...

and centers on average are the weakest offensive position, so that is probably the best place stats wise to try to hide walker's d. with the except of a few matchups.

Anonymous said...

actually at dallas in 2003-4 center was his best defensive position, giving up 4-5 less points to oppponents and 4-6% less on FG% allowed. ( but he was at center only 15% of his time.)

Sonic EJ said...

Sounds like Walker will work great.

Now why is he not even an option for the Sonics?

What is the hang up?

Jack W said...


I don't want to deceive anyone regarding the point/shot stat.
If you goto and look under a specific teams stat section, you'll see as you scroll down to their version(maybe the official version?) of points/shot.

What I did was take the (total points - free throws made) divided by total field goals attempted. That way I could see the actual effectiveness of a player's scoring ability per shot. Here are several examples:

R.Allen: 1.00 (01-02: 1.12)
R.Lewis: 1.07
V.Radmanovic: 1.02 (pre-A.S.: 1.06)
AD: .96
L.Ridnour: .90
JJ: 1.02
Flip: .78
D.Fortson: 1.04
D.Wilkins: .96
N.Collison: 1.07 (post-A.S.: 1.12)
R.Evans: .95
V.Potapenko: 1.03
K.Bryant: .96
S.Nash: 1.11
S.Marion: 1.04
Joe Johnson: 1.07
T.McGrady: .95
Y.Ming: 1.10
P.Stojakovic: 1.06 (03-04: 1.13)
B.Miller: 1.06
M.Bibby: .99
T.Duncan: 1.00
M.Ginobili: 1.07
K.Garnett: 1.01
D.Wade: .97
Shaq: 1.20
A.Iverson: .91
SAR: 1.03
J.Kidd: .95
S.Francis: .88
C.Billups: 1.07
B.Wallace: .95
Many of the stars like AI, McGrady, and Bryant need many free throw attempts(and FTM) which contributes to their significant average. I wasn't trying to downplay the importance of getting free throws. But it is important to realize the effectiveness of field goals made, since many players don't receive or earn 10 FTA's/game.

Locked on Sports said...

Jack you are right. I use a different breakdown which accounts for times to the line and then also accounts for amount of shots in time on the court. Vlady comes out very average on that chart.
I use what is called True Shooting % and then I don't have a name for the other but it is basically John Hollinger's brick %.

Locked on Sports said...

I just added a post 4 down that is a way to evaluate offensive players