Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Locked On Sports: Sonics in strong position to remain solid at the core

Locked On Sports: Sonics in strong position to remain solid at the core: "Nate McMillan, Jerome James, Antonio Daniels and now possibly Damien Wilkins. The Sonics exodus continues, and with each departure, the panic meter has crept up.

Now take a step back and relax."


Diezel said...

David I agree with U its important to keep a "Core" group together and I see ours as Ray, Rashard, Nick, Robert, and Luke. But where I disagree with u is on Vlade as much as he is a matchup nightmare on the offensive end of the court, his defense is as soft as charmin. And in the playoffs late in a game if u go with Ray, Luke, Rashard,Nick and Vlade either he or Rashard is going to have to guard a tough 4 either a KG, Tim Duncan, Amare, Dirk, Lamar Odom and neither Rashard or Vlade I feel can slow them down. I am a big advocate in Defense winning championships just look at the last decade or so of NBA champs Bulls, Rockets, Spurs, Lakers, Pistons all could lock u up. I don't feel the Sonics have that idenity and I don't feel Bob Weiss is planning on implementing that as he pretty much will go with Wally and Ricks run and gun style. This style does not win NBA championships, it's the facts. This team as it is constucted now and with the moves they are rumored to be doing they seem destined for second round playoff exits. I mean people in Seattle are actually going to stand for this?? I wasn't around in 79 but from what I hear from family is that Seattle was off the chain people in the burbs were getting crunk. I mean I want to be at Westlake as Ray Rashard Nick and the guys are riding by on a float holding the Larry O brien trophy, and unlike New York, Phili, Chicago,Seattle fans don't put enough pressure on the organization to make big time moves and thats what is so frustrating.

merritt said...

Great article David. I think it is funny how many people last year and the year before were clamoring to get rid of Jerome James, but once another team makes a ludicrous offer for him, they call for Wally Walker's head on a plate.

I posted anonymously last week on your Radmanovic blog entry that if you check, Vlade plays the majority of his minutes at the 4, with Danny or Reggie playing the 5, and Rashard on the floor at the same time at the 3. This is definitely a small line-up, but it creates space and forces the other team to play the Sonics' game.

How much do you think Collison can/will play the 5?

Anonymous said...

What the Sonics lost wasn't too hurtful to the team. Only A.D. might have been risky because we lose depth on the bench, but he is 30 and had a bum ankle. Jerome brought nothing most of the time and how many times do we play against a dominant 7 footer every season? (Shaq and Duncan are the only legit centers out there). Damien showed us some in the playoffs but he has to prove it for a whole season. We need to add another banger/scorer down low. Nick showed some of that but he needs to show some range for opponents to respect him outside. I know that this is a reach, but can the Sonics even consider bringing a Shawn Kemp for a look/see for the minimum? We overpaid Jerome the last few years why can't we sign Shawn for even a year? A physically fit Shawn plays with more hunger than Jerome ever could. Maybe he wants to prove something not only to others but to himself as well. He doesn't hold any grudges against the current management and I think he has learned from his mistakes. He even left Portland because he felt that he wasn't performing to what he was making. I for one hope that they give him a look during training camp and see what he has left. The worst that could happen is that we cut him. Look at our alternatives: Petro? Swift? I have to close my eyes if they come in to play this season. Nick should be at center, Shard and Kemp at forwards, Ray and Luke at guards. They need to resign Reggie and Potapenko.

Myk said...

In another Thread there is a comment that there is actually bad blood from the Sonic Management side towards Kemp which I just think is horrible..

Kemp might not be the right move, but it should be because he can't perform...NOT because the Front Office doesn't like him because of something that happened 7 years ago

Sonic EJ said...

Diezel is the man!

Biggie said...

you are a jackass, KEMP is the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biggie said...

LUKE RIDNOUR???? Core player??? are you locked on crack?? there you go again on the nuts of some white guy, you are just shameless of your support in anything honky!!!!

Biggie said...

Oh god some white guy somewhere blew his nose, WOW, he's the greatest athlete ever!!!!!!!!!

Sonic EJ said...

Your an idiot Black

Lance Uppercut said...

If Rid was a FA, he'd be the most sought after PG in FA, and not because he's white, but because he's coachable, fundamentally sound, and a hard worker. BTW, I guarantee that some guy calling himself "black" is a white 13 year-old whose listened to too many 50 cent albums. Keep hope alive!

Anonymous said...

after ray and rashard i think the sonic "core" is relatively weak compared to other western teams getting stronger and i wouldnt relax if i was in mgt or was bobby weiss.

Biggie said...

I know lets bring in Shawn Bradley, I know he's no good but he's white so locke's stupid ass probably loves him. BRING BACK SHAWN KEMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biggie said...

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Sonic EJ said...
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Biggie said...

yo sonic ej, get an education before you call some one an idiot, it's you're not your. Jackass.

Biggie said...

Steve Nash is a Fag, even you're (sonic ej) stupid ass can name 10 point guards better, Yes who are black. Go 2live Stews, This silly show has no diversity just a bunch of white guys talking about 5% of the NBA.

Biggie said...

It's OK I know you guys are mad, because the european white guys are better than the "american" white guys. LOL

Sonic EJ said...
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Diezel said...

Black your a idiot.. Steve Nash was only the MVP last year so he must really suck and the same to Dirk Digler you wouldn't want him on your team??? I would. I agree with uppercut stop listening to the 50 cd's and stop thinking ur Gangsta!!!! I'm asian but u think I only like Yao and Ichiro and Matsui. Get a grip Black. I am sure Locke did not start this blog so people could talk about social issues in todays society. Listen to like komo or kiro for that, not a all sports radio show or blog on a sports based website. And u are calling out other people get a clue Playa!!!!!!

merritt said...

Oh grow up. Anybody who judges talent based on ethnicity is both naive and bigoted. Good NBA teams are built on talent and chemistry, not on racial unity or monoculture.

I would also suggest taking some remedial grammar classes before busting somebody's nuts on the subject.

Can we please bring this back to an intelligent discussion about basketball?

Anonymous said...

a few young cores compared
(doesnt include everyone)

teams under 26 26-29

dallas daniels nowitski
howard terry

houston ming taylor

spurs parker ginobli

lakers bryant george

suns stoudemire marion
maybe hunter
maybe joe johnson

nuggets anthony martin
nene miller

sonics ridnour lewis
maybe wilkins
maybe evans

as far as young cores go i'd say at least 3 and maybe 5 of other these other teams have better ones

i didnt look at the other 8 teams

Scott said...

"In another Thread there is a comment that there is actually bad blood from the Sonic Management side towards Kemp which I just think is horrible.."

Sonics management has every right to have bad blood against Kemp. He's the one who knew the team could do nothing with his contract. Instead of admitting it and waiting till the three year window was up and he could renegotiate again he complained that they gave 'his money' to McIlvaine and demanded a trade out. Doing so because whatever team he went to would be able to redo his contract at that point.

If you'd go back and read some of the newspaper reports from the time Kemp fired his agent once he got out of Seattle because the agent NEVER explained to him the contract stipulations.

I don't think they'll bring Kemp back as there's really no spot for a 325 pound donut who can't jump anymore. No matter what the Times or Percy Allen tell you.

infinite said...

I believe that your article holds many truths. I believe with those 5 players you can put quality players around them an make them playoff quality team every year as long as they stay healthy. I believe Vlad is on the vergeenvisioned when they drafted him over players like Zach Randolph and Richard Jefferson. I just think that Mcmillan's style held his potential back. Now with a new coaching style maybe he will jump to that next level.

Sorry to all the Reggie Evans's fans but, Mr. Locke is correct. He is definitely replaceable. We've been able to find these undrafted free agents that turn out pretty well, ala evans, fraham, wilkens, etc. so big props to the scouts.Evans was one of those players and we'll find another one that will cost less and most likely have a better offensive pressence.

Yes defense wins championships, but defense can be taught, look at wilkens look at ridnour aparently jay bilas said they couldn't gaurd the chair he was sitting on but that fool was wrong.

we need to resign vlad. pronto. we can give up on a potential potent piece of the team. he's such a rare commodity at his height and his abilities. I just don;t want to lose out on this talent.

infinite said...

anonymous's list of teams under 26 core...

the 3 are dallas, phoenix and the spurs right? yeah those are the only teams with better records than we did. the only team that posses the biggest obstacle is the spurs. Dallas is most likely going to lose one of their leaders in Finley and the Suns aren't going to be the same team after losing Q and about to lose johnson.

IF those 2 19 year old 7 footers develop into what the front office believe they can materialize into, then our team definitely have a real chance in winning a championship in 2-3 years, but we'll still be able to make the playoffs in between now and then.

Anonymous said...


Ban black or blackpower the ignorant blogger!!!!!!

Myk said...

I may be wrong but Duncan and Ginoboli are both like 29 so I dont know if they are that young of a core. I agree that the Sonics core is not that great yat we need one more superstar and they shuold be willing to trade any player (Luke, Nick an Vlade included to get him).

Scott- If Kemp is 325 then I agree with you he doesnt deserve a shot. But if the article is true that he is 280 and still working out then why not.

Anonymous said...

reply- i was going to just show guys up to 26 but at the last minute stretched it to 29 because a lot of these guys will probably play 6 more years at a pretty high level and seemed to deserve to be included. over 30 was the point i stopped calling young and the risk of them starting to fade out in a few years is more likely. and i didnt want to list full current cores cause everybody knows that.

you're basic right duncan is 29 and ginobli turns 28 today. those 2 guys will be the leaders of that team for the next 6 years.

dallas, phoenix and the spurs are the strongest sure. houston has the stars but needs more young pieces around them. the lakers should come back much stronger and could go a long way pretty quickly and for a long time with their changes. even among the 8 teams i didnt mention in detail, i think you'd have to say portland, golden state and the clippers have pretty strong young cores.

my main point was just that the sonics fairly nice young core should be compared to the rest of the west not just admired on its own.

Philthy said...

Great article. I didn't think of all that, though I have continually thought that people keep worrying over nothing. Hiring Weiss for instance. People think he's a bad coached, because he coached a notsogreat Hawks team years ago (and didn't he get them to the playoffs?). As much as I love Nate, I don't blame them for not making him one of the top five paid coached in the league after only one great season.

I think losing on Dixon hurts, because that means they'll probably keep Murray and play him more minutes. I'm really not a fan of him at all, and think the only thing he contributes is some mid-game rest for Allen.

As for Vlade, I think he could be more valuable in a year or two than Lewis, because he plays defense and doesn't give up in games. Lewis has been clutch, but he's always been questionable in late stretches, and I sometimes question his heart or defensive effort. He seems like a good kid, but I think he's reached his peak level of play. If the Sonics start Potapenko, Radmanovic, Lewis, Ridnour and Allen (if Radmanovic demands on starting), then I hope Weiss plays Lewis in the post like Nate did much of late last season.

And I'll remind people again...Jerome James for the most part had a TERRIBLE season. He had one great playoff series against a team whose center was hurt. Then he had a halfway decent series against the Spurs, but it wasn't worthy enough to throw that kind of money at him.

Jack W said...

Solid at the core is one thing, but chamionship core is something completely different. What am missing here? Are the Sonics trying to win a championship?
Whatever combination of players you take from the Sonics you can't call them a chamionship core contender. Allen, Lewis, Collison, Ridnour, and Radmanovic are nice players. I think the player with the most upside here is Collison. In addition, I think next year we will be able to get a good feel in what to expect on a consistent basis from Ridnour and Collison. Otherwise, we know what to expect from the other three. The Sonics need one more impact player with Lewis and Allen to call it a championship contender. Who? I don't know. But waiting for Swift or Petro is not the answer.

Two realistic examples of teams making the next step would be Detroit(R.Wallace) and Phoenix(K.Thomas).

Biggie said...

O.K. fine, it's true that the color of your skin does not matter if you're a great athlete or not, BUT; look at the last 20 NBA champs, on those teams what was the % of white guys??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? That's what I thought!!!!!!!!

Diezel said...

black.... Brent Barry, Manu Ganobli, Rasho Nesterivich, Ubrich,
you should really adjust that tint on your Televison.

Diezel said...

black.... Brent Barry, Manu Ganobli, Rasho Nesterivich, Ubrich,
you should really adjust that tint on your Televison.

Biggie said...

so that's 4, ok now how many brothas??? You can get back to me tomorrow because you will be counting for a long time. After that figure out the percentage. Then don't ever think you can hold a conversation with me again. LOL

Jack W said...

Black and everyone else-

Look, it's a privilege to have this blog available. Please, don't blow it! You'll turn this into an ESPN message board with the endless banter of off topic issues. This is one place we can escape from all the issues that we all face in various degrees. Like myself, I'm sure most of you like having the opportunity to share your ideas with others.

Obviously, you have valid issues
that should be discussed. IMHO, this isn't the place. While it's not my place to decide if your issues belong here, I hope you'll consider that many of us aren't here to discuss those complaints. Please stay within the Sonics, basketball, or at least the sports forum.

For the rest, we've had many focused discussions. That's why I keep coming back. I like various viewpoints. I enjoy the challenge of your questions and comments.
Thanks Mr.Locke and the other blogger's for your participation. It's a nice distraction from all the seriousness in my own life.