Tuesday, July 26, 2005


I have confirmed with the Seahawks that they have signed Shaun Alexander to a one-year contract. Alexander will report to camp on Friday.
In exchange the Seahawks agreed not to franchise Alexander in 2006 and not to trade him without his permission.
This is a brilliant move on both sides. Alexander had nowhere to go and had no leverage to negotiate. Moreover, the Hawks had not shown any interest in signing Alexander to a long-term deal.
From the Hawks standpoint you are seeing the influence of Tim Ruskell. Having a football guy in charge of football, Ruskell understood that he had to have his full compliment of players in camp on Friday. In addition, if Ruskell is going to set this increased standard of behavior you can’t go into your first camp with one of your stars playing by different rules.
It is huge to have Alexander in camp. Ruskell has never seen how he reacts day to day in the locker-room, at practice and on game day. At the end of the year, Alexander becomes a free agent. However, between now and then the Hawks can negotiate a long term deal if the two sides can agree on a price.
Overall, a terrific move for the Hawks and a clear sign that Tim Ruskell is changing the Hawks.


Mike Barer said...

On paper it seems like a win/win. Shaun acts like a mench and produces he will be a wanted men at Free agent time. If Shaun acts like a jerk, then he can shake hands with the Hawks and go on his way.

Locked on Sports said...

Exactly it is a great deal. I was convinced this would be a lose lose for both sides when SA came to camp late or not at all and then the team lost games trying to assimilate him into the team. Instead the exact opposite.

Ron Lovin said...

Locke, if you read this in time, please try to find out from Mike Sando if the new deal keeps the Hawks from designating Alexander as a transitional player. If the Hawks are still able to use the transition tag, this becomes even a better deal because the Hawks will have the right of first refusal on any contract he signs next year.

deandc said...

I think it was a great move, coupled with the extra point that the 2 sides are still talking about a long term deal its an awesome move that can only help things this comming season , and beyond.

Mike Barer said...

Now what do we do to bolster our defense?

Myk said...

I'm confused if no team wanted to trade even a second round pick for Shaun this year because they either didn't need him or didn't want to pay for a big deal. Why would any team be interested in signing him next year when he would just be a year older? I know draft picks are highly thought of in the NFL but it just doesn't seem like there is much of a market for Shaun..

Diezel said...

I am finally glad that Shaun is signed and is ready to go. For all the people who want Shun to be traded, whos are running back going to be? Mo Morris? Kerry Carter? Mike Holgrem for all the friction between he and Shaun should be bowing down to Shaun, if it wasn't for Shaun and Hutch basically falling into his lap his track record as a GM would be a F can anyone say Lamar King(who? exactly) and as much as I love Jeremy, hes been a NFL bust. I understand peoples critisism that Shuan may not run hard all the time but look at Rams recievers every time they catch one across the middle they pretty much eat grass, but they are still succesful. I am sure if Shaun has ever met Earl Campbell he might have that in the back of his mind. Tim Ruskell when he was hired stated that the Hawks were going to go out and bring in HIGH character type of people. Is there a better guy in the community than Shaun?? He has never been in any type of off the field trouble i.e Guns, Drugs, abuse of women, Children out of wedlock pretty much the standard quo' for a pro athlete. I know on the field as well his play is not the most exciting to watch but you can't argue the numbers he has put up the last 3 years it's undisputable. Last year over 1600 and 20 totsl td's that's unreplaceable I mean that because knowone except Priest or LT is even coming close to those numbers. And Shaun throughout his contract NEVER held out!!! Look at Priest he went on Monday night football a couple of years ago and basically said he would hold out if he didn't get a new contract and he was coming off what people called the Bo Jackson injury and he still got paid. When Portis got traded they(Washington) ripped up his contract and signed him to a huge new deal. Look at New Orleans as much as they suck they are still trying to extend Duce. And u don't think if Mcgahee has a nice year in Buffalo that Drew Rosenhaus isn't going to try and score him a new deal. If the Hawks weren't going to Sign Shaun long term which I think they already had there mind made up that they weren't then why did Ruskell not draft a back either JJ Arrington or Eric Shelton???? I think people should lay off Shaun and appreciate the fact we have one of the top backs in the game. Especially since the offense has so many Q's coming into this year

Myk said...


1) How many playoff games has Shaun helped the Seahawks win?

2) His running style is a problem. I hear every Shaun aplogist say lay off him look at his Touchdown numbers. They are great but I wonder how many more games the Seahawks would have won if he rushed the same way in the final six minutes of a game to run out the clock. Would the Baltimore, St Louis and Dallas meltdowns ever happened if you could rely on him getting 10 yards on three carries late the game? I don't think so.

3)I think this offseason has proven that RBs are a dime a dozen. Look Holmgren won with Dorsey Levins, he doesn't need a great back he just needs a decent one. Also, if you look back at the last few SBs only Dillon and Faulk could be considered "great" RBs on the SB winner.

4) Shaun may be a great person off the field but everything I have heard is that he isn't so pleasent in the locker room. You are telling me a "high character guy" would go into the playoffs saying that his coach stabbed him in the back because he didn't get to TIE not WIN but TIE for the rushing title?

5) Read John Clayton's article on ESPN.com that came out about a week ago that showed how Portis was lucky because he was a 2nd round pick and 1st round picks are actually less likley to get that second big pay day because their first contract doesn't run out until they are in their late 20s

Look is it better that he is going to play all 16 games for the 'Hawks? Of course. However, that doesn't mean that Shaun really is as great as some think he is. His most useful purpose that last few years has been to allow me to win my fantasy football league.

Sonic EJ said...

This is the best contract move I've seen the Seahawks make in my lifetime. I'm 22.

Go Tim.

Diezel said...

myk... I agree to disagree with u first u can't seriously blaming Shaun for not winning a playoff game like he can help it that Bobby Engram dropps a potential game tying TD in the endzone. And u are blaming him for that Baltimore game two years ago how about Matt Hasselbeck for that terrible sneak on 4th down or how about the Ref for that horrrible clock management. And the St. Louis game how about Terrell Beierra for getting torche by Kevin Curtis and Shaun Mcdonald. And the Monday night game against the Boys is it Shauns fault that The defense and Ray Rhodes this supposed defensive guru got gashed on by Julius Jones???? How about putting some blame on Mike Holmgren or Matt people were actually calling into kjr last year mid season calling for him to get benched and what do they do they go out and give the guy 40 millon, I mean your argument that you don't need a superstar RB to win a superbowl is the same as me saying you don't need a superstar QB to win either just look at Kurt Warner, Trent Dilfer,and Brad Johhnson by know means are they superstars so to me that arguement is mute. And if RB come along a dime a dozen then why did 3 of the first 5 teams in the draft go with a RB if u look at SF, Miami,Clevland,Chicago,and Tampa Bay the 5 worse teams last year what is the common denominator that they all had zero running game. And the fact that Lamont Jordan who has been a backup his whole career got PAID!!!! that to me smells of desperation. And the fact that u said Mike Holmgren won a ring with Dorsey Levins yeah I agree with u on that but he did have some guy name Brett Favre, and Reggie White so it's not like he had stiffs elsewhere. I agree with u though the comments he made after the Atlanta game came out looking bad, but anyone who has ever played sports knows that after a game your at your emotional peak whether good or bad u may say something u regret, which I feel Shaun probably realizes. And I would not disagree with u, that it might be best for both sides to part ways, but who is are alternative going to be??? U want a Michael Pittman? Rickey Willams? Willam Green? Thomas Jones? Just a few guys who will probably be available after the season. Well if u say we can draft one there are sooooo many more needs on this team other than a RB, why don't you blame Mike for moving up to draft MO Morris who hasn't done squat in the NFL. If u look at Shauns career when the Lights come on i.e. sunday or monday night games. and I will admit last years playoff game against the lou was not that great but the year before in Green Bay he ran for 3td's.. so is that his fault?? how about some blame on Matt for the pick in OT or Alex Bannister for running the wrong route. Hey I'm not married to the fact of holding on to Shaun if a trade makes sense but who MYK would be your alterantives?? Let me know. Cuz you know if u trade him next year your gonna get no higher than a 3rd,or you might lose him all together for nothing. For all the Shaun bashers please give me a quality alternative at this point.

deandc said...

The key to me is they are still goiong to talk and try anad work out an LTD.

Myk said...


1) Sure you can't only blame Shaun for any lose. Just like you cant blame any one play for a loss of the game...but (and you know there is always a but) if Shaun ran as hard between the 20's (or hell just the last 6 minutes of the game), then you don't need to worry about Hasselbeck's Sneak, Poor Reffing, Bierra getting torched and Jones running all over the field because Shaun would be running the clock out. If possible I would love to see how many 6-8 minute drives we had last year. We supposedly have one of the best offensive lines in the game and one of the best RBs in the game and we can NEVER run out the clock when it counts. Even in games we won (Tampa Bay last year..) it wasn't because we were controlling the ball.

2)Go back and check Brad Johnson and Kurt Warners numbers for those two teams and tell me if they weren't superstar numbers (Warner won MVP for god sakes). Dilfer is an anomoly but the whole team was an anomoly...I would bet you that the Balt/NYG SB is the least remembered of any SB of the last 20 years.

Lets look at the top 10 NFL RB by Rushing Yards of All-Time:

1) Smith (3 Super Bowls Wins)
2) Payton (1)
3) Sanders (0)
4) Martin (0)
5) Bettis (0)
6) Dickerson (0)
7) Dorsett (0)
8) J. Brown (0)
9) M. Allen (1)
10) F. Harris (4)

Of the 8 SB rings by the top 10, Payton wasn't even their best player and Harris and Smith had great QBs to play off of. RBs are just not that important!!

3) As for who I would replace him with? Just draft a first round pick. In the last few years we could have got Steven Jackson, Julius Jones and Clinton Portis with a pick greater than 20.

4)Remember Shuan isn't even worth a 2nd round pick to any of these guys. The three teams you mention who draft RBs in the first round could have traded a second round pick for Shaun AND been able to pick another great player (Braylon Edwards, Mike Williams and Antrell Rolle), and instead they didn't.

They basically thought the combinations of:

MIA: Brown/Roth DE IA
CHI: Benson/Bradly WR OK
TMB: Williams/Rudd ILB NE

Were better than: Alexander/(Edwards, Williams, Rolle etc.)

5) Finally, the most important positions in football are: QB, LT, CB and DE. That is proven by how the salaries are laid out. I would personally rather have a decent/cheap RB and spend that money on a top DE or lock down Corner to start opposite Trufant.

BOTTOM LINE: Shuan is a great fantasy RB, he is not a great NFL RB.

deandc said...

MYK I can honestly say I do not agree with anything you said. You have managed to twist every partial fact or statement to make a ridiculous point that is far and away wrong. But I give you credit for trying.

IF you wnat the truth go to these URLS and read the quoes and enjoy:

Time to know the turth:







Lets see not the Patriot coach:

"Coach Bill Belichick was asked who the Seahawks running back reminds him of. Carolina's Stephen Davis came up, but Belichick said, "I think [Alexander's] faster. His production is second probably only to [Kansas City's] Priest Holmes in the last few years. [He has done] more scoring than [Jamal] Lewis. Alexander has a great playing style. He really can do it all. He makes a lot of long runs. He can take the ball inside, and then outrun the defense to the perimeter, which a lot of backs can't do. At the same time, he runs with a lot of power and can break tackles."

Belichick nodded when Alexander was compared with Dillon.

"That might be a good comparison," he said. "[Alexander is] effective in the passing game. When he gets the ball, every play is to go from sideline to sideline. He can take the ball on a draw play and end up down the sideline. He can stop, reverse his field, or he can take it and just hammer it right into the line of scrimmage and run through people."

In addition He also said this:
"If we can slow down Alexander we feel we can win. The book on the Seahawks around the league is stop the run, the Seahawks can't win if QB Matt Hasselbeck is forced to pass all day."

Not the bills caoch:

He's a threat," Bills coach Mike Mularkey said of Alexander. "We are well aware of his talents. I think he's got deceptive speed and great vision and I think our guys have to realize that the right angles have to be on him and more than one guy has to wrap up a guy like this. And that he can be dangerous if he gets going. If you give him an inch he will take a yard."

Myk said...

Deandc - If Shaun is so good why wouldnt anyone give up a second round pick for him?

You can't take all of Bellicheck at face value because of course he is going to say nice things about a player. Please show me a coaches quote that talks smack about a player.

This quote is hillarious:

"[Alexander is] effective in the passing game. When he gets the ball, every play is to go from sideline to sideline. He can take the ball on a draw play and end up down the sideline. He can stop, reverse his field, or he can take it and just hammer it right into the line of scrimmage and run through people"

Anyone who watches the Seahawks can tell you he does not try at all to pass block (maybe that is why it is so hard for Matt to pass), he is an average to below average reciever (a back in the West Coast Offense should average 500 yards receiving and Shaun has never came close).

However, the cream of the crop is saying that evey draw can end up on the sideline. THIS IS EXACTLY MY POINT he can't get the three tough yards (unless he is in the redzone)he needs capitalizes on the one or two times the defense over commits and then rushes for a 20 to 30 yard run.

How can you watch a Seahawks game and objectively say that you can count on Shaun to run out the clock...I bet it hasn't happened in two years.

deandc said...

Simple unlike you I can watch the game with my eyes open and not with a haters attitude.

But enough, he is here for at least this year and maybe more, so it really does not matter.

Diezel said...

myk.... I will give u Warner as he did have that 3-4 years where he was probably the best system QB in the NFL... BUT, Brad Johnson??? come on man, as much as you know about sports your actually going to call him a superstar?? I think the Bucs defense that year had a little more to do with them winning a superbowl than Brad. Hence Dexter Jackson winning superbowl MVP. You could not have had a straight face when u typed that one, but I love it!!!! I go agree RB can be found in the later rounds or late in the first but then why didn't the Hawks draft a back this year when it was supposed to be one of the deepest classes in years? especially when next year all I am hearing is Deangelo Willams from Memphis and obviously Mr. President down there at SC.(Reggie Bush). And u say YOU'VE HEARD Shaun is not so pleasant in the Locker room from who??? Some biased reporter with a axe to grind or trying to make a name in the bussiness??? don't u remember just a year ago they said the same things about Cory Dillon, how he was a cancer a chemistry killer, and what does he do go to the Pats win a Super Bowl and you don't hear a thing about him. It happens all the time where there is "Word" the guy is a cancer then he goes to another team and all of a sudden he's an Angle, I just think u can't say that unless your in that lockeroom yourself. Because u have really no idea of what Shaun is like in that lockeroom.

Diezel said...

anybody who doesn't think we should resign Shaun... Just look at the Deuce Mccallister deal, the guy barely rushed for over 1000 yards was hurt has had injury problems throught his career and he hit the motherload. Give Shaun some RESPECT. Ruskell pay the man.

deandc said...

I think it will happen. It is just a matter of time.