Friday, July 29, 2005


We just had Mike Harmon on Yahoo Sports on 950, KJR about the trade deadline.

Here is a quick summation of what he said.
1) That Jamie Moyer has been approached about waiving his 10/5 rights. The Yankees and the Rangers are the suitors.
2) The Carl Pavano for Randy Winn and Joel Pineiro trade has heated up again.
3) He believes the Mariners should get something done and that Winn is the most likely to be moved.
4) The Red Sox have gotten involved in the Randy Winn talks.


Anonymous said...

I would trade Pineiro and Winn in a heart beat, I don't care if they are offering a bag of balls for them. The benefit of getting Pineiro's bloated contract off the ledger would be huge. Not to mention that he brings no fire to the game at all. I'm going to throw up if I here him say "I felt good out there" or "I was a little to fine" or "I only threw a couple of bad pitches" ever again. You only have 4 quality starts this year Joel and 9 times out of 10 you get shelled if that doesn't make you angry, then you don't belong in the majors.

Anonymous said...

Pavano sucks!! Another RHP with limited velocity..

Pinero for Ryan Howard (or in a Dunn deal).

Winn for Sean Henn

Why would you take on Pavano's salary?

Diezel said...

BAVASI u got off the hook when Pavano and Wright signed with New York and now the idiot is trying to acquire him again??? OMG as bad as I thought Wally was bad but if he(Bill) makes this deal, he needs to be fired instantly!!!!!! Come on people Adam Dunn and Richie in the same lineup how many K's you want a year from probably your 4 and 5 hitters and if Beltre doesn't bounce back that could be potentially worse than this year.

Anonymous said...

Dunn and Sexson are interesting hitters.. They both strike out a lot, true.. But look at their on base percentage. These guys are productive. It's just that when they make an out, they make it with flair!

Diezel said...

FLAIR!!!!! Your too kind.

Diezel said...

If u trade Ron Villone to the Angels, and they win it all. I will stand in front of Safeco with a sign that says FIRE BILL NOW!!! u think the yankees would make a trade with the Sox at the deadline.

AK1984 said...

Joel Pineiro, sadly, sucks at baseball. His arm motion is that of a player throwing hurt, and his velocity is now in the 88-89 mph range, which is flat-out horrid for a power pitcher. Even worse, though, is that he's due approximately $6.3 million next year in salary, so sending him away for even just a pseudo-prospect (e.g., Ryan Howard), would be a good move in that the M's would have more financial room to sign free-agents in the off-season because of it.

Right now, there are four guys in Tacoma who are deserving of being starters moreso than the folks already in the M's rotation; thus, Felix Hernandez, Bobby Livingston, Jorge Campillo, and Cha Seung Baek each should be given a look during the final two months of the season, while Pineiro, Ryan Franklin, Aaron Sele, and Gil Meche -- who, too, is suffering from arm problems -- ought to be traded, or, in the case of Sele and Franklin, DFA'd.

Diezel said...

In case any of you are a espn insider u better read that article by buster olney about Manny... there goes our chances at him and the two big prospects the Mariners had there eye on.

Anonymous said...

That Manny deal makes absolutely no sense. So let me get this straight. The Red Sox are going to trade Manny and 2-3 of their top prospects for Mike Cameron, and Aubrey Huff? You have gotta be kidding me. The Mets get Manny and Dany Baez for Mike Cameron and two prospects that is an absolute steal.

Anonymous said...

I can understand trading Winn for prospects, but not for Pavano. I definitely wouldn't include Pineiro in the deal. Trade Pineiro in a different deal. I heard the Phillies are interested in him.

Anonymous said...

I heard the Astros are interested in Villone. Who really cares where these guys get traded. Just make sure you get the best deal for them.

Ableman2 said...

...If you can trade Jaime ya gotta. Love the guy but how much longer can he have? Plus how hard could it be to get him to come back?

...Guardado, trade him but the price better be very, very high. I'd hate to have the team start to turn it around and not have anyone to close...

The Manny trade is nuts- unless they can quickly turn around the savings and pick up someone who can fill the gap in offense...

rpm88yb said...

First off it appears the Manny deal is dead. The Red Sox finally realized they weren't getting enough back and asked the Mets for a prospect the Met's are unwilling to part with right now. With all the complications in Manny's contract if it doesn't get sent to the commish's office tonight or early tomorrow it probably won't be approved before the deadline.

Second, I agree that if you can trade Jamie you should. You can always re-sign him next year, since he will likely want to return to Seattle. I understand that you take a chance by re-signing him, he is old, but on the up side he is your best starter, he eats up innings, and most importantly he adjusts on the fly. I will be interested to see how the waiving of Borders effects his next start.

Guardado you trade if you can get the right package back, in fact outside of Ichiro, Sexson, Ibanez, and Beltre. I think everyone on the major league roster is a candidate for trade pending you get enough value back.

Lastly the minor league system is a huge concern to me. If you look at the rosters, they don't have any power hitters anywhere near ready, they don't have any quality position players outside of the SS position. You don't appear to have any power arms outside of Felix and his control issues and arm troubles really concern me. This system is years away from actually being able to help the M's. Another thing with those SS prospects, where the hell are they going to play? I mean Betencourt is supposed to be the second coming defensively at SS and the M's play him at 2nd base? Lopez hasn't proved he can be a successful major leaguer yet they put a ton of stock in him, Morse might not be the SS of the future, but he can be a contributor somewhere, for that matter where are they going to put Adam Jones, and Tui? CF is occupied right now by a young player, as is 3rd base...

... and another thing they need to stop having AAA stocked with players in their late 20s. Dobbs and Leone are no longer prospects!!!

Myk said...

Trade Eddie...he has one or two more good years left as a closer and the Mariners are not going to be good enough to need the type closer he is for those two years.

He is basically throwing with a torn shoulder...his arm could fall off any minute, dont get too attached

Anonymous said...

I live in SF. Foppert stinks. Great the M's acquired a RHP who already has arm problems. Saves him from getting hurt in our system.. A guy who used to have nasty stuff, but has suffered a dramatic loss in velocity? Isn't this Meche?

Torealba is a backup hitting .226. His career average is like .250. Great move Bavasi.. 0-1 this trading season.

rpm88yb said...

I wanted to trade Randy Winn, clearly there is a market for him. This can't be the best thing offered for him. How does this help us? Let's see Torrealba is basically Miguel Olivo, but might call a better game and Foppert is a pitcher who was great, but then had arm problems missed all of last year and has been wildly inconsistent with a drop in arm speed this year. Sounds like Pineiro, Bob Wolcott, Ken Cloude, etc. Unless Foppert comes out and has a breakout season next year and remains injury free this trade is a terrible trade.

Myk said...

You can't really say this is a terrible trade because I think we would be suprised to hear how many teams realized taht Winn really isn't a CF and therefore who needs a light hitting LF?? He really wasn't that big of a piece either way and therefore we didn't get much for him.

It is classic though that as an organization we have problems with our pitchers having arm trouble so we go out and trade for someone who has arm trouble..


Anonymous said...

Is Jaime Moyer next? He should be. Is he really going to be in our plans in the next 2 years? He has some is the time to act!

Ableman2 said...

Foppert has only recently begun to come back from Tommy John surgery. What I read says he was the PCL #1 pitching prospect before the injury.

Plus jeez people, it's Winn. Average hitter, little power, decent fielder at best (I think he takes horrible lines to balls), average arm and slightly above average speed on the basepaths. I think there's an arguement to be made that 3 current M's (Ichi, Reed, Bloomquist) that are better OF...What did you think we were gonna get for him?

God I hope this means Snelling gets a chance to play everyday.


Anonymous said...

Olivo's next.. and right he sucks.. i get it..


this WAS the main piece in the Garcia deal when that trade is made. The next year we trade him for a backup catcher... in AAA...

what!!!!!!!!!!! Olivo had a better average in AAA and doesn't make any money.. send him down. at least he's still a prospect.. other teams have guys they olivo'd (patterson, e jackson) but they don't give them away..

bavasi is a joke of a gm. i want to see one player he acquires via trade on this roster in 3 years..

no i dont think reed and morse will be on the roster.. and lets be fair. fontaine and evans have strong ties to the white sox organization. they acquired these players..

bavasi can't make a trade.. period.. 1 week ago the pads traded two top prospects for a journeyman 3B (randa).

Bavasi has no given away:


Granted none of these guys are great. But all should get you some type of return.

Unfortunately I think we have our next GM (Dan Evans) in the front office. He sucks too..

Oh well. I watched this team in the late 80's. God bless my lousy M's, and thank God for Dave Neihaus!

Anonymous said...

ojeda wasn't hitting .200 in san diego and he wasn't hitting .200 in portland..

Great move!

Ableman2 said...

I think Reed was the key in the Garcia trade.

Even if Olivio was the key, it's irrelevant now!

AK1984 said...

Alright, at any rate, the Seattle Mariners trading of Randy Winn(.275/.342/.391; $3,750,000), 31, to the San Francisco Giants for catcher Yorvit Torrealba (.226/.301/.344; $715,000), 27, and starting pitcher Jesse Foppert (AAA: 3-1, 4.50; $52,600), 25, was a decent deal.

In any case, the reasons as to why the aforementioned deal is decent includes the following: 1. Once the ten-day recallment-moratorium passes, the Mariners can call-up left fielder Chris Snelling (MLB: .222/.417/.333; MLB: $316,000), 23; 2. It rids the Mariners' 2006 payroll of $5,000,000, with a possible $125,000 in performance-based incentives (650 plate appearances), in salary, which Winn will now receive in San Franciso; 3. It gives the Mariners a former top-prospect in Foppert, who was a major force prior to his Tommy John surgery in 2003; & 4. Torrealba is a damn good defensive catcher who can back-up catcher Wiki Gonzalez (MLB: .350/.350/.550; $2,250,000), 31 -- who is, undeniably, defenisvely inept -- for the remainder of the season.

Okay, the worst part regarding catcher Miguel Ojeda (MLB: .137/.232/.205; $325,000), 30, is the fact that he's under contract through 2007; Ojeda is slated to earn $350,000 next season and $500,000, with a $25,000 buyout option, in 2007.

Instead of acquiring Ojeda, the M's should've just shipped off catcher Miguel Olivo (MLB: .151/.172/.276; $400,000), 27, to San Diego for only relief pitcher Natanael Mateo (AA: 3-4, 3.08), 24, who is a quasi-prospect with good velocity and command (95-97 m.p.h.), but only throws one good pitch (four-seam fastball). At any rate, though, catcher Rene Rivera (MLB: .364/.382/.545; $316,000), 22, would've been a way better option behind the plate than Ojeda.

As it is, here are my projections for the guys that the Mariners acquired:

Yorvit Torrealba -- He will adequately back-up Wiki Gonzalez for the remainder of the 2005 season, and will then not be offered arbitration in the upcoming off-season.

Jesse Foppert -- In the same vain as Roger Salkeld, Ken Cloude, Ryan Anderson, Jeff Heaverlo, Gil Meche, Joel Pineiro, et al., Foppert will not return to his pre-injury form, nor will he ever be a successful major league pitcher; instead, he'll have a long career as a journyman starter and/or long-reliever at triple-AAA.

Miguel Ojeda -- For the remainder of 2005, he'll suck as Ryan Christianson's backup. In 2006, he'll such as reserve catcher for the M's, while Rene Rivera starts; he'll be bought-out at the end of the 2006 season.

Natanael Mateo -- He'll continue to perform serviceably at the double-AA level; yet, as he progresses, his inability to mix pitches and his advanced age at this stage of his career will greatly hinder him. Ultimately, he'll be nothing more than a journyman reliever who'll rack up innings in middle relief at triple-AAA.

Myk said...

Are you f'n kidding me:

Bavasi has no(w) given away:


If you could have gotten a bag of balls for any of those players that was a great move. What a joke that you are saying that he didn't get enough for those guys who if you combined their season numbers together would not equal a decent player..

The real problem with Bavasi and the Ms in general is that they keep these players too long and make them lose their value. Trade Olerud and Boone in the offseason you probably get more. Don't sign Aurilla etc.

As for Olivo I don't know how you can blame him. His numbers at CHI seemed to show he was going to go to the next level, sometimes you are just unlucky for a prospect. If Reed can develop and Morse can be traded or moved to another position I think you are doing fine in the Freddy trade.

Ableman2 said...

Agreed. It stuns me how people always assume they can get guys that can help in exchange for guys that can't...

I am a bit concerned about the lack of quality free agent pitching available at the end of the season. Right now it looks like Burnett is the only #1...

AK1984 said...

Regarding Joel Pineiro: The Mariners ought to place him on revocable waivers, and hope that some doltish team claims him; it would, if nothing else, clear $6.3 million in salary off of the organization's books for next season.

Also, there are reports that Felix Hernandez is scheduled to start for Seattle this upcoming Thursday in Detroit. As it is, the Mariners will have to purchase Hernandez's contract from Tacoma in one of the coming days and place him on both the 40-man and 25-man rosters, while they simultaneously designate Aaron Sele (last 7 starts: 0-7, 10.32 ERA) for assignment, with the eventual purpose of giving him his unconditional release, to clear roster space.

Biggie said...

Yeah, Piniero sucks. But his wife is freakin hot!!!