Sunday, July 24, 2005

collects all the pre-season rags and puts together the pre-season consensus. Last year their #1 and #2 teams were USC and Oklahoma. Here is what they have for the nation and the pac-10 this year.
1 Southern Cal
2 Arizona State
3 California
5 Oregon
6 Washington St.
7 Oregon State
8 Arizona
9t Stanford
9t Washington
National Top 25
1 Southern Cal
2 Texas
3 Tennessee
4t Louisiana State
4t Michigan
6 Oklahoma
7 Ohio State
8 Virginia Tech
9t Florida
9t Iowa
11 Miami-Florida
12 Florida State
13 Louisville
14 Georgia
15 Purdue
16t Auburn
16t Texas A&M
18 Pittsburgh
19 Fresno State
20 Arizona State
21 Texas Tech
22 Boston College
23 California
24 Boise State
25 Virginia


Myk said...

Hey look we (UDub) aren't going to finish 10th this year...just 9T!!

Locked on Sports said...

That is optimism

Diezel said...

As I awoke to that prediction this morning, I pretty much lost what was left from the night before's cocktails. To see how far the Dawgs have fallen just kills me. I am used to seeing either Wazzu or Oregon State in that position. If Ty can beat Wazzu and Oregon this year I think that this First season will be a success in my eyes. We need another Northwest Championship, or Rose Bowl appearance I would really be happy with the Second. Bow Down!!!!! go Dawgs.

Myk said...

I just hope that the great minds over at Montlake realize how quickly a team can fall from a traditional football power to another has been. It seems like once a team starts a losing trend even teams with great tradition (Alabama is a perfect example) have a hard time recovering.

Lance Uppercut said...

There is almost no chance that the Dawgs are going to beat Oregon this year. I would gauge "success" for Willingham simply if they have a better record this year. Man, what a horrible team that was.

Mike Barer said...

So the season is a "success" if you beat Washington State. That is what the Cougs have been ridicouled for believing. My how times have changed.