Monday, October 24, 2005


Cougar fans should be outraged. Bill Doba and his staff are happy they are in the quiet homey little area called the Pauolse, because their coaching on Saturday was abominable. The Cougars had the ball with 5:35 left and lead by 10. They are on the Cal 38 yard line and it is 4th and 2. Doba fakes a punt. You can’t do that. It is a terrible terrible decision. Doba lost his football team the game. There is 5:30 left – you lead by 10 – you punt and make Cal who has not scored an offensive touchdown since the 1st quarter drive 80 yards to get within 3. There is no scenario – no explanation of why you would possibly go for it. That is terrible. That is inexcusable. That cost your football team the game. Moreover, we won’t even get into how he went for with a unimaginative QB sneak out of a punt formation on 4th and 2 with a linebacker. That is idiotic.
This on is on Doba – The Cougs are 0-4 in the Pac-10. They have lost three double digit leads in the 4th quarter of games. They are just 3-6 in Pac-10 games decided by 7 or less over the last two years.
Bill Doba’s game management needs to be examined and examined closely.


Sonic EJ said...

Finally the Raider blow someone out. Jordan looks good. Maybe Black is right, the Raiders will not need to sign Alexander at the end of the year.

Go Seahawks! LOL.
Nice game. I have been burned by the Hawks one too many times to think this is for real. I will convert after the first playoff win. Alexander is special. I know he didn’t have a great game on Sunday but that cat is for real.

Anyone care about Sonics camp???
I guess Reggie is going to start at PF again this year. At least Bob realizes how important he is to the team. Petro looks good. I watched the Sonics suck it up on NBA TV vs. the Suns on Friday. Petro looks like an NBA player. This is the best news I have had involving a Sonics Center in some time.

Wow, the Dawgs are bad. How about Reggie Bush looking like ‘Prime Time’ on Saturday?

Locked on Sports said...

Sonics EJ -- this is why I blew the comment section out. Can we try to keep on topic and I will try to keep more topics avaliable

Sonic EJ said...

Fine. I'll stay on topic if you update the site regularly.

Doba made a bad call. Are coaches allowed to have bad games or should we fire him now? Give the guy a break. How would you like to have to recruit for WSU?

Myk said...

I think it is quite possible that two of the worst teams in all of the BCS are in Washington..guess we will get to see who truly is the worse tame on November 18th.

Locke: I am not sure what is wrong with going off topic during a post. Isn't the point of this whole blog to provide your listeners (and/or Seattle sports fans) a forum to discuss the topics that are the most interesting to us? I mean I understand that all the crap that is off the sports topic should be banned but discussing Shaun, Sonics and the Dawgs in a Cougars post shouldn't be frowned upon

Anonymous said...

I don't necessarily think the fake punt was a bad call, I just think it was bad execution. Instead of running a fake punt, just run a damn hitch route. Normally I would say give it to Harrison but he wasn't in top form on Saturday and the Cougars have a tendency to blow it on short runs, but that's going back to the Mike Price era. Anyway, I'm not ready to run Doba out of town, but he's hanging on a thin thread.

Anonymous said...

When you speak of Doba's game management skills, please don't forget the prior week against UCLA when he ran on every first possession in the fourth quarter. I was sick to my stomach hearing the commentators giving praise to UCLA's defense for stepping up. The fake punt is Doba's response to the "too predicable" criticism received after the UCLA game. I'm sure the AD knew that there would be some growing pains with Doba. Mike Stoops has also blown two games for his Cats. One game blown was against WSU last year where all he had to do was take the knee three times (thanks Mike). I say give Doba more time as he's getting A's in many other areas.


Anonymous said...

Bledsoe Coug'd it last Sunday too!!!


Biggie said...

I'm soooooo happy whenever the coug's lose. Also any former coug (Bledsoe). HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA stupid ass cougs.

Mike Barer said...

The Cougs would have lost no matter where the ball was, the Bears were explosive in the 4th quarter.