Friday, October 28, 2005


This is a great football strategy match-up. The Washington State Spread with their three receivers and their one back against USC and the Pete Carroll 2 deep shell. The depletion of the USC secondary adds a twist that makes this a little more intriguing.
However, the Cougars have not been able to score against the Trojans. The last two years the Cougars lowest point totals have come against the Trojans. Why because they couldn’t run. The last two years the Cougars have a combined –34 yards rushing yes a negative 34 yards rushing over the last two games against the Trojans
Their leading rusher is punter Kyle Basler with 17 yards. Jerome Harrision had 11 carries for 15 yards. No matter how depleted the USC secondary is and no matter how good Jason Hill is if you can’t run the football and get USC out of their 2 deep shell the Cougars don’t have a chance to score.
Needless to say USC will score and will score often. The only good news is the Cougars won’t blow this one in the 4th quarter.


Anonymous said...

Here we go, the Cougs have a running game going. Going into it, everyone focused on how Harrison only had 15 yards. Well in the second drive alone he's got 60 and a TD. If we can pull the linebackers in, I want to see Doba use the tight ends more.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid "breakdown" was the right word for the Cougs.