Wednesday, October 26, 2005


How do we remember these World Champion Chicago White Sox? In all honesty, even after they finish this sweep of the Astros I have a tough time grasping them as champs. However, if you look at the numbers we should not only look at them as champs, but possibly as one of the best of all time.

Playoff Record: 11-1
Regular Season: 99-63 (at one point 62-29)

Look at what their playoff numbers. They played a very good Red Sox team and a very solid Angels team and the National League Champions .

Overall Score: 67-34
Batting Average: .268
Opponents Average: .202
Home Runs: 18 to 9
Extra Base Hits: 44 to 31

The most amazing thing about this team is their ability to win close games.

One Run Games: 35-19 in regular season -- 4-0 in playoffs
Two run Games: 24-15 in regular season -- 3-0 in playoffs
Overall: 66-34 in games decided by 2 or less


Biggie said...

Better than the Mariners ever will be.

Myk said...

Yeah it is pretty amazing that they won so many close games considering they were given about three horrible calls by the umpires in the series...guess you can call them one of the best but I would also call them one of the luckiest

Not that it is a bad thing to be lucky, I would love for just ONE Seattle team to get some breaks since it never seems to happen up here.

Sonic EJ said...

The Seahawks got more than a few breaks on Sunday.

Myk said...

What break did the Seahawks get on Sunday? Maybe we were not watching the game. If you are counting things like the INTs and the Missed FG that is not what I mean. I mean those lucky calls where the ref or the ump screw up and it goes in your favor, that never seems to happen for any Seattle team.

Sonic EJ said...

Oh poor myk. Bad calls are part of sports. You just don't notice unless your team is getting screwed.

Myk said...

I know they are I am just saying there is no way you can call a team great if they get the benefit of two horrible series changing calls.

Sonic EJ said...

Why not? I think the Sox are great. So does most of America. I think this is just the bitter Seattle sports fan in you talking.

Biggie said...


Myk said...

Are you kidding? You think a lot of people in America think that the White Sox are great? Sure seems that the lack of interest in the WS would say that people in America could care less about the White Sox or the Astros.

Anonymous said...

Blah, blah, blaaaaaah.

Mike Barer said...

It shows a real discrepancy in the power of the 2 leagues. The National Leagues entry has not won a single series game in two years. It looks like the worst of the American League is better than the best of the National League.