Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Locked on Sports: Huskies still lack answers at QB

Locked on Sports Loyalists thanks for your help on this with all of your thoughts and comments in the comment zone. I stole many of your thoughts.

Locked on Sports: Huskies still lack answers at QB: "Blaming Isaiah Stanback for the Huskies' 1-6 record is foolish. On the contrary, search for an offensive bright spot in another dreary season and it is Stanback.

With that said, after seven weeks of watching Stanback quarterback the Huskies, I am not sure he is the one to lead this team out of its doldrums."


Biggie said...

You are absolutly right Locke, He sucks. Any and every white kid would be better, we all know how much more intelligent they are. If you need an example of white peoples superior intellect you just have to look at the president, his awesome mental capabilities give every argument that whites should run this country for all eternity. Clown!!!
I hope Isiah transfers and DuRocher (Mr. win-all-the-time-no-matter-the-talent-around-him) comes in and Paus' it up (but we all know he won't, he's white). :)

NateRob1 said...


I agree with you as far as the man in the White House is concerned.

I still think that Isaiah is not the answer to the Huskies QB situation. He hasn't proven to us that he is worthy of putting the team on his back and winning some games, let alone making the right decisions. Not everyone is a Michael Vick and I'm not sure if Michael Vick himself would even fit on this team. We need a drop back passer that can make the right reads and execute the offense. I don't think that his teammates even believe in him. Isaiah needs to either be a wide receiver or QB in a wishbone offense.

I'm sure you know why they call it the White House don't you? LOL

Biggie said...

Do you honestly think a drop back passer would have time to drop back and pass with the crappy offensive line the huskies have, they need a scrambler to make them look even decent.

NateRob1 said...


If Stanback only made the right reads and checked off his primary, secopndary and third receivers llike he was supposed to, then maybe he wouldn't be forced out of the pocket liked he has been. If he hits his targets then he woulln't have to rely so much on his linemen. We all know they don't have Walter Jones 5x back there so Stanback has to get rid of the ball sooner by finding his target receiver.

Anonymous said...


you must be the only one voting to keep Stanback as quarterback in the polls because it favors keeping him at the moment. Remember you only get one vote. This ain't Florida!!!!!

Sonic EJ said...

I voted for Stanback three times jackass.

I think you all are freaking out because you all just realized how bad the Dawgs really are. Accept it.

The problem is not at QB. The problem is the O and D lines are not very good. This makes everyone including the coach look bad. Everything starts with the LOS and the Huskies are losing that battle every time they take the field.

NateRob1 said...

Sonic ej,

If you had read my comment earlier, I said that Stanback is not to blame for why the Huskies suck. QB is the most game changing position in football. It is also much easier to switch the players than any of the other positions. What else can Ty do? Completely change the offense and defensive linemen? They can't do that now, not until next spring! Give Durocher a shot because they need to throw him in the water. Stanback is just treading water!!!!