Friday, October 28, 2005


Huskies head to the desert 3:30 kickoff here on 950,KJR. ASU is in a world of hurt, in fact the Huskies look like they are in good shape compared to the Sun Devils, losers of 3 straight.
· ASU special teams are a mess – 3 punts blocked for 17 points last week. Punt long snapper has been injured and their new guy gets the ball back very slowly. They are trying out a new punter this week. When they do punt the ball they are a mess. Last year they were 116 out of 177 on punt return coverage. This season they have allowed 38 points in seven games because of punting errors.
· Players are questioning the commitment in practice. Back-up QB, yes back-up QB Rudy Carpenter. "I don't see that guys are motivated. Especially in practice. Everybody's coming out kind of soft in practice and not working hard." Senior Leader wide receiver Derek Hagan "I think this team feels like we can flip the switch whenever we want to," "Just turn it on and turn it off. These last couple games, that hasn't been the outcome. We practice well and then we don't practice well. And come game time, it's just a different story”
· Insane injuries on the offensive line . Center Grayling Love and Right Tackle Andrew Carahan are injured, right guard Zach Krula is out and being replaced
· In their 3 losses they have allowed an average of 500 yards a game. 224 on the ground and 275 in the air.
· They have lost their running game in the last three games averaging just 82 yards a game.

However, with all that said I still can’t see the Huskies getting this one. Truly, what we are going to find out is how bad the Dawgs really are. Their offense is only scoring 21 points a game and if they can’t score on the Sun Devils then they can’t score on anyone. On the defensive end, if they can’t win the battle at the line of scrimmage against this depleted line then they won’t all season and if they can’t take advantage of the special teams of ASU then forget it.


NateRob1 said...

Anybody else wants to see Stanback play another game this year? LOL!!!!!!!!NO!

Lance Uppercut said...

Worst. Team. Ever.

Myk said...

It is honestly sad where it is beginning to stop bothering me anymore. There isn't even a hint of the light at the end of the tunnel...just dark dark dark dark does the whole thing just fall apart like that?

NateRob1 said...


there is light at the end of the tunnel...too bad it's a train!!!!

Stanback quote "i didn't do anything to help my team out" and I don't know what happened in the fourth quarter"

If you can't help your team out and not know what you did wrong, then maybe you shouldn't be starting at quarterback!!!!!

Stanback out!!!Durocher in for the rest of this hopeless season!!!!

Anonymous said...

The good news is the defense had seven sacks. Too bad they didn't use this scheme against USC.

Anonymous said...

Stanback sounds like a defeated quarterback. Pathetic.

Myk said...

I want people to understand I am not jumping off from being a Husky supporter and I will always support them to the best of my abilities. However, it reminds me of when the Mariners played in the 80s and I still watched them but I never had any hope that they might pull it out.

I guess I sound like a defeated fan, it is just too hard to have to focus on one small play each game as a positive. I really don't see how this season was any better than last season...maybe I was wrong and Gilby wasn't such a horrible coach, but I doubt it.

Sonic EJ said...

We as sports fans in Seattle need to relax a little bit about the Huskies.

1)Ty is a good coach. He needs some time to work with this roster.

2)The State of Washington still produces enough home grown talent for the Huskies to rebuild the program.

Let’s all take a deep breath, let the Coach run the team, and talk Seahawks or Sonics or Husky basketball or whatever just something not Husky football, please!!!


Would you please update the site with some Sonics something??? The season starts in 2 days.

Myk said...

Sonic EJ,

- While the die hard Husky fan in me completely agrees with your assessment and I hope that is the case I just feel like each week the losing attitude becomes more and more ingrained and the fact that things are getting worse by the week it will make it pretty hard to get those in-state recruits you talk about.

Myk said...

So I keep seeing that Karl Dorrell is the key to UCLA's sucess. What am I missing here? He is clearly not a very good coach, and his team has been lucky to win 3 of their games...can you believe that some NFL teams are doing background on him in case they want to make him their head coach.

Didn't they learn from San Diego's mistake of hiring Mike Reilly?

Biggie said...

Yeah but Karl is a brotha, He automatically relates to 80% of NFL players. Didn't think about that did ya??

Myk said...


- Not even gonna get into that debate with you because I know it is a wasate of time. His relating to players at UCLA hasn't improved his coaching not sure how it would improve his coaching in the NFL.

Anyone read Jason Whitlock's column on about the absurd extention Charlie Weiss just got from ND. I have to say I pretty much agree with the premise. There is no way they could justify giving him that long of an extention when Ty even started out better than him in his first year...

Myk said...

I was never a big Tui fan for some reason but after watching him and comparing him to Stanback it is amazing to see what a real "athelete QB" can do as compard to an athlete who is just a QB