Saturday, October 22, 2005


Thoughts from Husky Stadium

• Nothing surprising in this one. The Trojans were vastly superior to the Huskies in all phases of the game. The Trojans defense is not particularly good and the Huskies offense did an adequate job of taking advantage of their weakness.
• Matt Fontaine did not play today due to discipline from the coaching staff.
• It was not all bad for the Huskies. If you really look at a lot of facets of the game the Huskies played with USC and if they hadn’t filled up the truck for the Trojans the game would have been competitive. There is no scenario where they were going to win that game, however USC is the best in college football and on most plays they competed with the Trojans.
• The USC Trojans were down to the third or fourth string cornerback at times in the game.
• Nothing better in sports then when you come to see someone do something special and they do it. Reggie Bush had a punt return for a touchdown that was incredible.
• Stanback had a really good day. His numbers 14 of 18 for 201 are terrific. However, as I have said all year he will not win until he gets rid of the players that are killers. I call them F plays and he made two or three of them in the first half that altered the game.
• Johnny DuRocher came in for the final drive and seemed to have a nice command of what was taking place on the field.
• Injury update. Marlon Wood fractured his leg on the game opening 92 yard kick off return. Louis Rankin has a turf toe that eliminated him from the game after the 1st drive and Kenny James re-bruised his shoulder. James could have returned in an emergency; however it left the Huskies with James Sims as their primary back.
• After the back to back quick scores the Huskies made a conscience effort to slow down the game and break the momentum.
• Once again, their were too many plays and penalties that zapped the Huskies chances. If those ever get eliminated this team is capable of winning a game.

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