Friday, October 21, 2005


As many of you know I have become a real fan of The premise of football outsiders is a system that breaks down every play and compares a teams performance based on the league average based on the situation. This creates the value over average. They also equate for the opponents a team has played.

I thought it would be interesting to do this week's pick's solely based upon what their efficiency ratings say.

Here is what it projects.
Miami will defeat KC.
Redskins over the 49ers.
Cleveland wins at home v. the Lions.
The game of the week in the AFC goes to the Bengals over the Steelers.
Colts will beat the Texans.
Chargers will win in Philadelphia.
Green Bay is better then Minnesota in Minnesota.
Seattle wins the key match-up in the NFC.
Tennessee wins on the road at Arizona.
The New York Giants are victorous over the Denver Broncos.
Buffalo beats the Raiders.
The Bears outlast the Ravens.
Falcons win on Monday Night against the Jets.

We will see how this terms out. I have not weighted the home field.

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Myk said...

Wow 6-7, looks like I will never use a computer to make my picks.