Friday, November 11, 2005


Wizard a lot Sonics not very much at all points in the game
My mother told me if I nothing nice to say nothing at all. For the first time in my life I will take that advice. I am speechless at what is taking place on the floor.

Wizards 71 Soncis 49 at end of the half
The play to end the half when Arenas got the layup is one of the worst plays I have ever seen by a team. I hate to say this but that looks like a team that quit early on the half.
They allowed Arenas to dribble the length of the floor never turned him or affected him at all. He hesitated at the three point line and then went to the basket for a layup and a foul all with just :6 seconds on the clock.

Wizards 61 Sonics 39 with 2:58 left in the 2nd Quarter
Holy smokes it 61-39 what is going on.
I am surprised now as I was last year at this time
The Sonics are panicking. Instead of setting up for good offensive possessions they are going quicker and quicker and quicker. They are shooting after the first pass too often. They look like they lose confidence and then press.
When you shoot early in possession before the floor balance you give up transition.

Wizards 53 Sonics 33 With 5:35 left in the 2nd Quarter
The Wizards have scored on 8 of their first 10 possessions of the 2nd quarter
This is terrible.
The Sonics have freaked out again. They have no confidence.
They are playing no transition defense.
They have only 3 field goals in the Quarter and only 1 out of the offense.
It is make everyone an all-star week for the Sonics defense.
Sonics are not defensive rebounding at all again.

Wizards 43 Sonics 29 with 8:25 left in the 2nd Quarter
In the last few games when the Sonics have gotten behind they hit the panic button let's see if they do it tongiht.
Mikki Moore makes his first appearance
AD just got Ray on a flop. That has to piss you off when you know what a flopper AD is and the ref falls for it. I used to talk with AD in the lockerroom about the art of flopping and he would get really in to it.
The bad Danny Fortson showed up tonight.
Bob Weiss just got his first T from a rookie official.
Nick and Danny both have three fouls

Wizards 39 Sonics 27 with 9:25 left n the 2nd Quarter
13-2 run by the Wizards
The Sonics can’t have Wilkins and Murray on the floor at the same time.
This has been a disaster all season when it happens.
When on the floor together they were a negative 27 in the last game
This group is playing no transition defense
Wilkins is getting crushed back door in the Princeton offense.

Wizards 29 Sonics 25 after 1 Quarter
Ray Allen left the game with the Sonics trailing by 1 by the time he re-entered with just 2 minutes passed the Sups were down 6.
It might seem like Arenas is killing Luke but if you watch Arenas has gotten his points when Luke is either on the bench or guarding some one else.
Offensively the Sonics looked more in synch in the first quarter.
The Sonics are doing a nice job of taking advantage of the poor defensive rebounding of the Wizards, last in the NBA


Sonic EJ said...

Hey, look the Sonics are playing.



AK1984 said...

Wow . . .

wallyballer said...

thanks for the forum! this should not be a surprise to anyone. this style of play coming from this group and this coaching staff is pretty much as predictable as the sunrise, in my opinion. they let the only 7-footer who can actually play in the NBA, the veteran backup PG, and all 3 defensive-minded coaches go, while replacing them pretty much with dreck. (i so wish dwayne casey had replaced nate. of course, i wish they hadnt created a situation nate wanted nothing to do with in the first place...) in the nba, coaches make an enormous difference, and dont they say a team takes on the personality of its coach? this just looks like coach-in-over-his-head, coupled with mediocre NBA talent (at best) surrounding Ray Allen.

Anonymous said...

i second that......*sigh*

simon said...

wallyballer, are you saying we should have kept jerome james and given him more money than the knicks offered? i think that's ridiculous. he played well against sacramento but besides that he has done nothing in his career.

in the first quarter, craig ehlo called caron butler "stout." what a moron.

simon said...

Locke, how many more games like this do we need to watch before Weiss becomes responsible for the team's overall mindset and play?

Anonymous said...

Just horrible. Either McMillian was the best coach in the history of the NBA or Weiss is the worst coach in the history of the NBA.

Sonic EJ said...

Last game we gave up 89 points by the end of the 3rd quarter. I thought that was the worst defense I have seen the Sonics play in a long time.

It is now the end of the 3rd quarter. THEY JUST GAVE UP 106.


Anonymous said...

What does Weiss do next? Go harsh?

I might try the absolute shortest rotation possible 7 guys, 8 max. Make them play big minutes regardless what comes. If they ask out, they sit the rest of the game and maybe a few of the next ones too. The bench collectively deserves no minutes. If they get a chance and fail to be at least high effort they get frozen out for 10 games.

What else is there?
A group bowling trip to bond and laugh it off??? No, of course, that was sarcasm.

wallyballer said...

simon - no, i do not think we should have outbid, and i know he is mediocre at best as well. but he is 7 feet tall and actually posesses the ability to play in the NBA occasionally. now instead of almost a void at center, its a complete void. where is robert swift? the first rounder we invested in and hired sikma to coach-up? there was a plan, right? i agree with shortening the rotation as much as possible. right now its a hodge-podge team. this seems like it might be the season we should have had last year, if not for nate's sheer will being forced upon the team. it will be interesting to see what nate does with a bunch of guys he doesnt know who are supposedly years away from competing. our coach has everything pretty much lined up for him to keep the ship going as it was, if he's a good coach.

Sonic EJ said...

I have been asking the same question for months.

How long until we blow this team up???

I think it is just about time for some change.

Sonic EJ said...

We just lost by 41.

I think I'm going to throw up...

simon said...

wallyballer, thanks for clarifying. i understand where you're coming from.

at this point, i think some of us should try out for the sonics. i'm sure weiss could find time for us in his rotation.

man, this is so disappointing. we're gonna lose to the raptors too. you know it's gonna happen.

Myk said...

Wow what an amazing game? As much as I don't really like Weiss I think that this is just a much a case of talent as coaching. The big expectation was that Luke and Nick would make "the jump" and they sure did make the jump...they jumpped off a really tall building.

That five year contract to Damien sure looks like a dumb move now doesn't it.

You have to give the Sonics credit in one sense they weren't stupid and gave all their marginal players (Reggie, Flip and Vlade) long term contracts

Anonymous said...

After next Wednesday, the Sonic get an incredible gift: 15 home games and only 6 road thru the end of December. They can use that to recover. They better. In January and February they go 10 home 19 road. Then a more balanced 14 home 10 road to close the season. Screwy schedule.

Anonymous said...

this is husky football bad.


Anonymous said...

Weiss talked about using Petro again and maybe more "young gguys (how else did he mean?). That sounds like a deeper rotation. I don't think that is the answer. Maybe cut out some of those in the previous rotation and replace them is what he meant. Dont know yet.

He also suggested a players only meeting. That was appropriate. Lets see what rotation they recommend. Ray wanted 8 or 9 guy rotation. Lots of guys would seem likely to be on the other side of that idea for personal reasons. They may disagree and fall further apart. If they can agree on an approach maybe it helps. High risk situation.

AK1984 said...

In any event, GM Rick Sund should let Vladimir Radmanovic, Reggie Evans, Ronald Murray, and Mateen Cleaves walk after this season once their one-year qualifying offers are finished.

Again, the guys who need to be moved are Danny Fortson, Vitaly Potapenko, and Mikki Moore, as they'll take up approximately $11 million in salary during the 2006-2007 season; the three of them should be traded for even worse, crappy players with expiring contracts.

Fortson, however, could also be used in a package along with Rashard Lewis as a means to improve the team defense at the swing positions. I've always praised Paul Pierce; yet, it seems as if Boston is hell-bent on keeping him. Anyhow, another possibility would be to go after power forward Keith Van Horn and small forward Josh Howard from Dallas; the Mavericks have tried to obtain Lewis before and would probably not be averse to taking back Fortson in such a deal.

Damien Wilkins should not have been re-signed; Noel Felix could have done as well as Wilkins for $398,762 this season, which is a fraction of what Wilkins' will be earning throughout the next five seasons.

Lastly, rather than allowing Wilkins to take up a huge part of the mid-level exception, Sund should've instead re-signed Antoino Daniels to a five-year, $30 million contract and given the starting role over Luke Ridnour.

AK1984 said...

Here is what an eight-man rotation might, perhaps, look like were it to be used by Seattle Supersonics Head Coach Bob Weiss:

6 Minutes
C: Johan Petro
PF: Reggie Evans
SF: Rashard Lewis
SG: Ray Allen
PG: Luke Ridnour
2 Minutes
C: Nick Collison
PF: Vladimir Radmanovic
SF: Rashard Lewis
SG: Ray Allen
PG: Luke Ridnour
4 Minutes
C: Nick Collison
PF: Vladimir Radmanovic
SF: Rashard Lewis
SG: Ray Allen
PG: Ronald Murray
Four Minutes
C: Johan Petro
PF: Reggie Evans
SF: Vladimir Radmanovic
SG: Ronald Murray
PG: Luke Ridnour
Two Minutes
C: Johan Petro
PF: Reggie Evans
SF: Rashard Lewis
SG: Ray Allen
PG: Luke Ridnour
Six Minutes
C: Nick Collison
PF: Vladimir Radmanovic
SF: Rashard Lewis
SG: Ray Allen
PG: Luke Ridnour
C: Vitaly Potapenko
PF: Danny Fortson
SF: Damien Wilkins
PG: Mateen Cleaves
C: Mikki Moore
C: Robert Swift (NBDL)
PG: Rick Brunson

Anyhow, the two main problems with the abovementioned rotation that I proposed is that it has Radmanovic playing 32 minutes a night and Murray playing 8 minutes a night at point guard.

Myk said...


- You still haven't explained why we are clearing salary cap space. Who would we sign with that money?

- I have a feeling that Danny burnt his bridges in Dallas and probably would not be welcome back to Dallas

- It is nice to see that someone finally agrees with me regarding the Damien contract...too bad I was saying these things BEFORE we wasted teh money.

- Why would we give Antonio Daniels 5 years and 30 million dollars? You are trying to clear out salary cap space in your other moves but then you say that we should have given starters money to an old guard who already had his career year? People need to understand that we aren't missing THE Antonio Daniels we are missing a player who gave us what AD gave us last year. AD would not have been able to do that and the Sonics badly misjudged when they thought that Flip could..

AK1984 said...

Instead of watching Damien Wilkins earn $15 million over five years, I'd rather have seen Antonio Daniels earn $30 million over five years; Daniels should, at this point in time, be starting for the Seattle Supersonics and playing 32 minutes a night, while Luke Ridnour would pick up 16 minutes a night as a reserve coming off of the bench.

Guys like Daniels, Chris Duhon, and Breven Knight -- who, mind y'all, I brought up during the off-season as a possible replacement for the departed Daniels -- aren't appreciated enough in the NBA; Duhon, though, is by far and away the best of that bunch.

You are probably right about Danny Fortson and the Dallas Mavericks; however, a deal in which 'sonics GM Rick Sund sends Rashard Lewis ($8,571,429) and Danny Fortson ($6,415,584) to Dallas for Keith Van Horn ($15,694,250) and Josh Howard ($873,880) may, conceivably, cause Mark Cuban to consider allowing Fortson back into the Mavericks organization.

Yet, it is possible to avoid that by getting the Indiana Pacers involved and make it a three-team deal, wherein Scott Pollard ($6,274,937) would go to Dallas and Fortson would go to Indiana; Sund, though, would probably have to send Indiana the draft rights of Peter Fehse, Paccelis Morlende, and Mickael Gelabale, along with some second-round draft picks in 2006 and/or 2007, so as to complete the deal.

Another trade -- which can be done anytime between 12/15/05 and the trade deadline -- that I would attempt to complete is Vitaly Potapenko and Mikki Moore to the Toronto Raptors for Aaron Williams and Pape Sow.

Anyway, if the trades that I proposed were to occur, then this is what the roster would look like at the end of this season and going into the 2006-2007 season:

C Johan Petro ($1,006,800)
C Robert Swift ($1,887,600)
PF Nick Collison ($2,501,070)
PF Pape Sow ($744,551)
SF Josh Howard ($1,577,353)
SF Damien Wilkins ($2,750,000)
SG Ray Allen ($14,611,570)
PG Luke Ridnour ($2,425,878)

Okay, if the above situation were to be the case, then that would leave salary cap space, which could, perchance, be used to sign legitimate starters at center, power forward, and point guard. On the other hand, though, if the roster next season is plagued with the likes of Fortson, Potapenko, Moore -- as well as the vastly overrated Lewis -- then things are going to be no better than they are now.

Myk said...


Your plan is well thought out and reasoned well but who are the starting C, PF and PG that we would be able to sign next yaer..I think next years FA class is just as week as this years

wallyballer said...

whoever said "this is husky football bad" is right on. thats what i was thinking last night. its gilbertson-esque.

simon said...

from the new york times:

Jerome James was placed on the inactive list Friday and will remain there until his nagging hamstring injury heals. "He's out for a while," Larry Brown said. "A couple weeks possibly." James injured the hamstring the first week of October, and it never fully healed. He aggravated it Thursday. James signed a $30 million contract in July, expecting to be the starting center. He was displaced by Eddy Curry, reported to camp out of shape and now could even slip behind Jackie Butler on the depth chart. "I'm bummed out," James said.


Anonymous said...

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Sonic EJ said...


"another possibility would be to go after power forward Keith Van Horn and small forward Josh Howard from Dallas; the Mavericks have tried to obtain Lewis before and would probably not be averse to taking back Fortson in such a deal."

This would be a nice move for the Sonics. I love Josh Howard's defense.

What about Allen? He is not going to get much better and he is on the books for the next five years. I know he is a superstar but what if we could get a younger superstar in return like Arenas or Wade??? Just some food for thought.

AK1984 said...

I wouldn't trade Ray Allen.

Biggie said...

If we bring in one more mediocre white dude (keith van horn) I will never watch or root for this team again, yep, I said it.