Tuesday, November 08, 2005

NIGHT IN THE NBA -- November 7

There are a lot of references to +/-. This is the same as the Hockey stat. How many points this player’s team outscored their opponent by when he was on the floor. Or a negative number is how many they were outscored by.

Cleveland 105 Toronto 93
– Sam Mitchell death watch continues. Now the question is will he win a game before being canned …. Illgauskas and Snow were both +18 in the game … Chris Bosh is coming into his own, but it is hard to tell how special he really is playing on this bad a team …. Sam Mitchell is threatening changes, but you shouldn’t make that threat if you don’t have anyone to change to.

Miami 90 New Jersey 89
– Interesting that this was such a low scoring game …. New Jersey’s lack of a bench is really hurt them …. Surprisinging numbers on the +/- front as Antonie Walker and Jason Williams had the best days for the Heat …. It is amazing that Alonzo is able to handle 38 minutes a night, last night he had 11 points, 11 rebounds and 5 blocks …. Miami played just 7 players again…. New Jersey won this game on the offensive glass.

Utah 95 Charlotte 91 – Another close game win for the Jazz …. Another super low shootng % against the Jazz. The Bobcats shot just 35%. The Jazz were one of the three worst defensive teams in the NBA last year. If they defend this year they will be the most improved team in the NBA. Thus, far they have been great defensively. Andri Kirlenko is the reason. He blocked 7 shots last night. They were very good defensively last year when he was playing and feel apart after he got hurt….. Do you think having a 7 footer matters, Greg Ostertag was +13 last night …. If the defense holds when Carlos Boozer returns will be interesting.. .. The Jazz guards are soo bad I can’t imagine they win a lot this year …. I really like Sean May and think he will be a great pro. Last night was the first night that he seemed aggressive. He took 14 shots in 24 minutes but made only 5. He grabbed 8 rebounds. He missed a ton of camp so it will take time …. Raymond Felton had his first double figures assist game with 10. Felton was +14 and May was +10. Emaka Okefor on the other hand was –16.

Minnesota 93 LA Clippers 78 – The Clips are tough when Cassell or Mobley is hitting. When neither or hitting this is what happens …. Clippers went 0 for 13 from 3 …. KG is unreal. He had 22-11-8 and 3 blocks and 3 steal. He dropped 22 with only 11 shot attempts …. KG was +24 … The Clippers starts just got their asses handed to them. In other words, they didn’t come to play. Let me think Cassell in his old stomping grounds takes his buddies out for night … Just a thought.

San Antonio 104 Chicago 94 – Interesting dichotomy at the SA point guard position. Tony Parker was a +16 when he was on the floor and Nick Van Excel was a –9 when he was on the floor…. Duncan is amazing. 24-16-4 and 6 blocks in 42 minutes. And he only took 15 shots…. Brent Barry played only two minutes. His role is diminishing. I would like him backing-up Luke …. Kirk Hinrich is a really nice player and a great defender. However, every now and again he has a night like last night when he goes 4 for 19. My theory is that he works so hard every night that some nights he has nothing.


Diezel said...

The Spurs/Bulls game was sweet!! Tyson Chandler looked good on TD, and Sweetney looked good as well. The Bulls have alot of depth at guard, Ben Gordon wasnt in the game at the end they went with Dang, Duhon, Heinrich combo...

Is there anyone who wouldn't do a Heinrich for Luke trade right now???

That dunk that Vince had on Zo was one of the best dunks i've seen in a long time...

The beggining of the end, Toine' and J-Will going at it on the court, this experiment is waiting to blow any minute!!!!!

Sonic EJ said...

Whatever Diezel. The Heat are going to be fine. They are just feeling each other out a little bit. Everyone in Miami is there for one reason...to win a title with Shaq.

I would trade Luke and anyone not named Lewis or Allen for Heinrich in a second. That would be an amazing trade for the Sonics!

Diezel said...


I have to disagree with you. The Heat have been decent at best so far, if Shaq doesn't come back soon they are in trouble. They got bailed out last night on that horrible call, by the ref, I dont think wade got all ball.

Before the start of the year i agreed with you that they would challenge for the Easter title, but now I look at Indiana, Detroit as the cream of the crop. The thing that made the Heat so potent last year is the 3 point shooting, no Jones boys is gonna hurt them as Kapono is there only real deep threat unless you want Toine' and J will jacking up 3's.

Myk said...


- I can name someone who wouldn't do a Heinrich for Luke trade right now...the Bulls. That is probably why they drafted him ahead of Luke. Too bad neither of them are even close to TJ Ford right now.

- I didn't get to see the SA/Chi game but TDs box score doesn't seem to show that he was slowed down too much..was he scoring on the other Bulls players?

Sonic EJ said...


We may have to just agree to disagree on the Heat this year, which is fine, I just think they have a special roster.

I don't think they need the kind of three point shooting that you are talking about. J-Will and Antoine will hit the wide open threes that they have to. Besides, no one will be able to stop their low post and slashing offense anyway.

Are Detroit and Indiana better right now??? No question. The answer is yes.

Will Detroit and Indiana be much better at the end of the season then they are right now??? Probably, but the Heat will just be starting to click come playoff time.

Everyone is tripping on the Heat because the Lakers, basically 'dream team', from 04 didn't work out. Ok fine. This Heat team won't have Kobe trying to prove he is the best player in the NBA while the rest of the team is trying to win a title.

Here are my top five reasons I think the Heat will win it all this season.

- GP won't let there be a problem between himself and J-Will. At this point in his career GP is focused on winning a ring however he can. GP will be the key to getting through to J-Will.

- Shaq is not going to fight with Wade over shots. Kobe did. It destroyed the Lakers in 04.

- Antoine knows if he doesn't win a title (read: pass the ball), history will quickly forget his career. It might happen anyway. However, a College and Pro title would look pretty good next to a pile of stats on his Hall of Fame resume.

- The Heat boasts a back up front court better than most teams starters. Championships are won down low. I think most basketball fans would agree, maybe not Locke and Myk but most.

- (my personal favorite) If Stan Van can't get this team to play together then Riles will. I think Pat knows how to get the most from his players. Look for him to take over by March 1st if things are not going well.

Myk said...


- Payton is already grumbling about minutes...

- JWill and Walker are not 3point specailists who are accurate and can just make a wide open 3 pointer. The reason they make 3s is because they shoot a ton of them...big difference.

- The biggest problem with the team is that having these extra players take the ball out of DWade and Shaqs hands, which significantly decreases their chance of a high percentage score.

- What are you talking about that I don't think a title comes by being dominant in the low post? That is the NUMBER ONE thing I have said all year and that is why I have justified drafting a guy like Petro over a guy like Nate Robinson...low post guys are a bitch to find so if you are decent in the back court you need to take your chances on the big guys and pray one happens. Why is that you ask? BECAUSE LOW POST DIFFERENCE MAKERS ARE NEVER AVAILABLE ON THE FREE AGENT MARKET...where we disagree is you think that you can just go sign one or even better actually trade for one, and that just isn't the case. Besides Chris Webber there has not been a single above average PF traded in the last 10 years..

Sonic EJ said...

OK myk...LOL.

Myk said...


Best response from you yet

Diezel said...

They(Heat) have no defense...the freaking Nets shot 70% in the first half they did win the game but the ref bailed them out in the end. They couldn't stop VINSANITY!!!!