Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Golden State 110 Milwaukee 103 – The +/- on this game may be the most amazing thing I have seen. Check out the Bucks +/-. Redd –23, TJ Ford –20, Magloire –18 and Andrew Bogut +20. Bogut was +20 while everyone else was falling apart. That is insane. That totally floors me ….. Golden State has not lost when Baron Davis plays … Troy Murphy is Radmanovic but he rebounds. He had 25 points and 4 threes in the game … The Warriors are having rebounding issues but have survived …13 of 27 from 3 can cover a lot . Warriors played this game small all night very similar to Phoenix last season …. Tj Ford was 3 of 14. He has been outstanding this year, but I was not sold on his ability to shoot out of Texas and questioned whether he was worth that early a pick. Let’s put some caution out on how great he really is …. For the second straight game Adonal Foyle had an amazing +/- night the Warriors were +17 when he was on the floor.

Lakers 103 Atlanta 97 – At halftime of this game the Lakers had taken 34 shots and Kobe had taken 15 …. The Lakers go to 3-1. So much of this league is about confidence and with Phil Jackson on the sideline if the Lakers get a few more under their belt they are going to believe they are good and that is more then half the battle …. I love Lamar Odom’s game. His head has always been the issue. His line last night was awesome 13-11-6 and 5 steals. With his length and talent if he buys in he could be every bit Scottie Pippen to Kobe Bryant. Amazingly with that line the Lakers were still a –1 when he was on the floor … Smush Parker was +15 …. Devin George was +18 …. For Atlanta Al Harrington was a –16 and Joe Johnson was a –15. That means when their two best players were off the floor Atlanta was +13. That makes you wonder of where those guys are coming from.

Detroit 102 Kings 88 – The Kings look awful. I mean awful …. They have a ton of pieces and it could jell but they don’t look like they are cohesive at all …. Their starting five looks brutal on the floor together … Adbur-Rahim was a -22, Peja was a –20 and Wells was a –18. Wells and Abdur-Rahim are what I call fantasy players, they are great on your fantasy team and you are in a fantasy world if you think they will make you win in real life …. Look at the box score and it looks like they had a good night but they always lose … When the Detroit Pistons were introduced before Tuesday night's game, the Arco Arena scoreboard flashed images of abandoned buildings, burned-out cars -- nearly every outdated, offensive stereotype of their hometown.

Orlando 76 Houston 74
– Without McGrady Houston can’t score ….. They really have no scorers anywhere on the floor …. Jameer Nelson was clutch late hitting two big threes and a lay-up …. Point guard +/- for Houston was interesting. Alston was –15 and Luther Head was a +10.

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Myk said...

Anyone see Tayshaun Prince's game last night? Great player, I think he should be an All Star. Also, I just got the dish so I havent seen NBA TV but do they realize how annoying it is to hear all the sound effects when new player stats pop up?