Sunday, November 06, 2005

NIGHT IN THE NBA -- November 5

LA Clippers 100 Minnesota 99 --- back to back overtime losses for Casey …. Minnesota doesn’t have a second scorer. Wally is not good enough. After going 0 for 6 from 3 against Seattle, he had just 4 points …. They are going to struggle for points all season long …. The Clippers might be tough. Night one Cassell went nuts, the last two nights Mobley has complimented Brand …. Remember they played better last year when Maggette was off the floor, let’s see if that happens again when he comes back from injury.

Portland 94 Atlanta 93 – Congrats to Nate for his first win in Portland. On the other hand, if he doesn’t beat Atlanta at home their aren’t going to be many win to come by …. Nate stared Sergie Monia after having him inactive the first two games ….. Marvin Willimas fouled out in 25 minutes …. Atlanta moved Joe Johnson out of the point guard roll starting Tyrone Lue.

Phoenix 97 Utah 88 – Each one of this wins by the Suns is very impressive …. Boris Diaw came off the bench and was the key for Phoenix. Diaw is another great pick up in the off-season by Phoenix. They got him in the Joe Johnson deal ….. Jerry Sloan is concerned whether or not rookie Deron Williams can guard NBA point guards. He couldn’t tonight getting 6 fouls in 26 minutes …. Utah had another good defensive night holding the Suns to 43% shooting and only 6 of 21 from 3 …. The Jazz had point guard problems last season and committed 21 turnovers tonight.

Dallas 104 San Antonio 83 – Who are these Spurs? Nowitski was unguardable. The Spurs put Bowen on his but he was too small and is the most overrated defender in the NBA. Then they went to Duncan and then to Finley and then they gave up.

Washington 87 Orlando 78
– 3-0 start for the Wiz and 0-3 for the Magic …. The Magic can’t score without Grant Hill …. The Magic shot 31% ….Washington is playing some special defense this year. They held the Raptors to 39.8% shooting, the Knicks to 32.9% and now the Magic to 31%. How about their 4th Quarter defense? They held the Raptors and the Knicks to 14 4th quarter points and the Magic to 18.

Detroit 117 Toronto 84 – The Sam Mitchell death march continues …. Darko Millic got 14 minutes, but scored just 2 points …. The Raptors got only 3 offensive rebounds in the entire game …. Rookie Joey Graham and second year player Matt Bonner tried to guard Tayshawn Prince and Prince killed them.

New Jersey 100 Chicago 99 --- Tyson Chandler did not have a field goal. He is showing no signs of any offensive development. They are really missing Eddy Curry in the post. The Bulls are trying to live with a three guard line-up of Heinrich, Gordon and Duhon for most of the game. The Bulls may be a big disappointment this season …. Richard Jefferson was enormous again, 28-13-7. Last year, when he was forced to be the #1 guy he looked miserable. However, with Kidd and Carter he is as dynamic as anyone in the NBA ….. New Jersey took 39 free throws and won despite going 1 of 12 from 3 …. Jason Kidd 10-11-11

Charlotte 107 Boston 105 – Huge 2 game win streak for the Bobcats ….The overtime was 4-2 ….. Dan Dikau was back in the rotation with 22 minutes. He had 7 assists …. Gerald Wallace has linked back to back big nights for Charlotte.

Philadelphia 111 Indiana 109 – Philly gets a win… C Web had a great night. Miracles happen. He had 25 points on 14 shot attempts … Mo Cheeks played no bench as 4 starters were over 40 minutes … Philly shot 55%, what happened to Indiana’s defense? …Pacers lost this game with turnovers committing 21 and Artest was responsible for 8.

Memphis 113 Cleveland 106 – You have to begin to wonder about Cleveland’s defense … this is two nights in a row and last year they just quit playing defense in the second half of the season …. Memphis shot 58% … LeBron had 36 … Pau Gasol may have taken the next step. He has been enormous so far this season. Tonight he had 29-7-5. This off-season was the first time he hasn’t played overseas so he may finally be fresh. In his first two games he averaged 24-10.

New Orleans 91 Houston 84 --- See what no T-Mac does? Houston scored just 13 points in the 4th quarter and only 31 in the second half …. Hornets ended the game on a 1702 run … Yao Ming was 8 of 22 as the go to guy … Stromile Swift is not showing to be a different player in Houston then they under achiever he was in Memphis … New Orleans has turned this team over to Chris Paul. He is playing 30+ minutes each night. His shooting is poor, but he is getting time. Byron Scott compared him to Isaiah Thomas.

Milwaukee 105 Miami 100
--- The Bucks are for real …. Without Shaq the Heat played just 7 players …. TJ Ford had another strong game with 13-11 and newly acquired Bobby Simmons had 22. The Bucks are tough.


The Blah Brain said...
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Anonymous said...
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Dawgfan1980 said...

What the hell is all of this advertisement stuff? Do you think we could pick for the next Locked on Sports Loyalist contest 8 members to scrimage against the Hawks to give them some confidence (or let us know that we can beat an "NBA" franchise)?

JohnS said...

Love the breakdown of the games. Good stuff Locke!

Myk said...

Yeah good break downs...Bobby Simmons looks like a real player

AK1984 said...

Portland Trailbalzers GM John Nash ought to consider trading small forward Darius Miles ($6,857,143) and small forward Ruben Patterson ($7,250,000) to the New York Knicks for small forward Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway ($15,750,000) and center Jackie Butler ($641,748); it'd be a smart move due to the fact that Hardaway has an expiring contract.

AK1984 said...

In Regards To My Previous Post:

Darius Miles is earning a salary of $7,250,000 this season, while Ruben Patterson is earning a salary of $6,353,200 this season.

Myk said...


Why does Portland want to trade Miles? I havent seen all of the box scores but it seems like he has played pretty well this season.

Sonic EJ said...

Nate + Miles = not ever going to work

Myk said...

Did something happen this week that I missed because he has had one great game and two pretty good games. To me he seems like a great Nate player, versatile, plays good D. Only 24.

I would take him on the Sonics, he has gotten a bad rep as a bust. Look at his line from opening night:

32pts, 11Rebs, 5asts, 5steals, 3blks

Myk said...

Wow. I pulled up the Portland team page on Did anyone know that Portland has 7 of 15 guys who never played college ball. Amazing what the NBA game has turned into.

Sonic EJ said...

Miles has turned into quite the defender. I've been real impressed with him this year.

Anonymous said...

What's with all this stupid Blazer talk? I guess KJR has more toothless, tree hugging listeners from Portland than there should. stay away!!!!!Sonics will kick your TrailBlazer ass!!!!