Friday, November 11, 2005


LA Clippers 102 Atlanta 95 – Atlanta Sucks … with that established let’s analyze if the Clippers are for real … Last year the Clippers ranked 19th in offensive efficiency and 16th in defensive efficiency. Their efficiency differential was 18th in the NBA. They were average in every category expect they ranked 25th in the league in turnover % and they ranked 24th in the NBA in forcing turnovers. In addition, they were even at every position but they got killed at point guard … How does this year compare? … Through 6 games they rank 14th in offense (with a low rating then last season) and they rank 12th on defense (dropping from 105.5 to 98.9). That won’t last. In the early season defense is ahead of offense because players haven’t got tired yet … Even their turnover % hasn’t changed they are 15.7 compared to 15.8 last year …. Therefore, my conclusion is the Clippers are not for real. They have beaten Atlanta twice and Seattle. They may gain momentum and believe in themselves and gets some wins there, but they are not dramatically better then last year.

Miami 88 Houston 84
– Tracy we miss you …. The Heat closed with Jason Williams, Gary Payton, Dwayne Wade, Udonis Haslem and Alonzo Mourning. Interesting how small that is ….. Payton played the final 15 minutes and bounced back from an awful night last night to a +10 +/- in this game ….. Houston has terrible guards …. Stromile Swift continues to struggle he was a –10 …. Wayne Simien a player many Sonics fans wanted drafted, because this team needs another power forward, is getting minutes but is struggling mainly on the defensive end .

Detroit 111 Phoenix 104
– I guess Detroit is ok without Larry Brown …. Amazingly, Detroit is the #1 offensive efficiency team in the NBA so far this season. Can you imagine how good they will be if they can score. Defensively, they are 10th but their differential is far and way the best …. Saunders has always been one of the best offensive coaches in the NBA …. Tayshawn Prince is elevating his game to one of the elite in the NBA. Does he remind anyone of a Scottie Pippen? …. Dale Davis is on the Pistons bench not playing, how much could he help the Sonics .


Sonic EJ said...

Dale Davis sucks Locke. That is why he is not playing. He might help the Sonics win 31 games instead of 29. Wow.

Sonic EJ said...

BTW, I watched the Miami game last night. Simien played great for a late round draft pick! It is obvious, no matter how much I now like Petro, Simien will be a good player for a long time and would have helped the Sonics more this year. I was one of those guys who thought we no question should have moved some of our overpriced big men and drafted Simien.


Myk said...

Hmm Simien must be doing the things that don't show up in the box score because it didn't look like he played that great. Why would we want just another 6'9" player that isn't going to do be anything more than a marginal bench player (also one that has shown a history of injury in College) instead of a 7'guy who is younger more athletic and has significantly more upside? We already have the 6'9 guy his name is Nick Collison

Sonic EJ said...

Myk, don't be a jackass.

Most of what Simien is doing does not show up in the box score. He went to Kansas. They teach fundamental basketball at Kansas. That is what players from Kansas do. He is an unselfish, good, fundamental, basketball player. He brings a lot more to the table than a guy like Fortson or Evans for a fraction of the cost.

The Sonics could have released James, Daniels, Evans, Vlade, Flip, and Damien...drafted Simien and Jawad Williams...signed a back up point guard like Watson...signed some stiff to play backup center...and sill had the money to get a backup 2 guard.

Myk said...


- Like I said before, why would we want another guy who does exactly what Nick Collison does and does not have any upside? And is an injury risk?

- So you think the Sonics would be better without all those players and just adding Earl Watson? Maybe AK the salary cap guru here can tell me but it is my understanding that we weren't that far under the cap after signing Ray so if that is the case you are saying you would have been happy with Earl Watson and no bench?

Sonic EJ said...

Fine be a Jackass.

Anonymous said...

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Biggie said...


You work for KJR don't you? You are such a jackass.

mak1024 said...

FYI, sonic ej: Nick Collison went to Kansas too. So, your point about Wayne Simien going to Kansas is moot.
It is extremely hard to find GOOD centers. The sonics have two potential candidates in Swift and Petro. I know Swift hasn't made enough strides and shown any game yet. But, before you jump on any conclusions just look at the stats of Jermaine O'neal and Tracy Mcgrady after their first year or two.

Myk said...

What does me disagreeing with the fact that Simien was not a better Draft Choice than Petro have to do with me working for KJR?

I am not entitled to an opinion? Also, if you are going to spout off and say how we just should have not signed any of our RFA to sign other guys it is worth pointing out that I dont think that was possible

Sonic EJ said...


no shit.

Sonic EJ said...

This team sucks. I want more players from Kansas.

Let me know when Swifty or Petro turns into superstar.

Myk said...


Sounds good, please let me know when Simien ever beecomes more than a decent role player (15 mins a game..)

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