Sunday, November 13, 2005


Sonics 126 Raptors 121 –SONICS WIN
Collison offensive rebound on a Lewis airball miss and puts it up and in.
Collison is fouled and hit the free throw.
Collison has 20 points and 12 rebounds in his first start.
Jalen Rose missed a three on the play before. If you have Rose you will lose.
Sonics win in overtime without Ray Allen

Sonics 123 RAptors 119 with 2:00 in overtime
Perfect Nick and Luke pick and roll for Nick lay-up
Lewis hits a nasty 1 on 1 move. He has 41.
Hello to all of you at the Hawks game hitting refresh. It looks like it is a lot of you.

Sonics 117 Raptors 117 going into overtime
Sonics collapse. Allowing 40 + points in the 4th Q
Big plays late.
Rashard Lewis crashed for an offensive rebound on an Allen miss and got the rebounding and earned two free throws hitting them both
Petro fouled Charlie V as he was about to dunk and Charlie hit only one of two free throws.
A terrible in bound pass put Allen in a double team on the sideline and Allen committed an offensive foul.
The Raptors got the ball with :12 a chance to win. Jose Calderon turned it over. Vlady then hit both free throws to put the Sups up by three points.
Ray Allen fouled Mike James, with 4.2 seconds left which I believe is the correct play, James hit the first but on the second free throw he missed intentionally and Charlie V tip it up and then Bosh tip it in at the buzzer. Tied the game.
Committing the foul is the correct play.
However, it was Allen’s 6th foul he will not play the OT.

Sonics 113 Raptors 110 with 1:28 left in the game
Sonics have 7 tunrovers in the 4th Quarter
Raptors on a 7-0 run and it is nervous time.
Sonics stars are not moving the ball.
Sups closing with the starting line-up: Ridnour, Allen, Lewis, Collison and Petro
Vlady has played just 10 minutes today. Let’s see how he reacts to this.
Reggie Evans and Damien Wilkins were way down on minutes
Ray Allen has had some bad possessions tonight
The more these guys play with Nick the more they will appreciate his game.

Sonics 108 Toronto 100 with 4:00 left in the game
The offense left the building to open the 4th quarter. Vlady hit 2 threes and then the Sonics didn’t score on the next 9 possessions.
Weiss leaves Lewis in the game with 7:30 left and 5 fouls.
Petro staying in the game
Lewis has been the all-star Lewis today. He has carried this team.
Mike James is on fire with back to back 3’s
The Raptors are doubling Lewis every time he touches.
Big bucket by Ridnour on an open 17 footer
Close call is called a block that could have been foul #6 on Lewis.

Sonics 97 Raptors 85 with 9:02 left in the 4th Quarter
Lewis has taken over the game scoring the last 3 possessions. All part of a 20-5 lead by the Sups.
This game the Sonics have been much more patient offensively.
Johan Petro is getting an extended run.
The game just got out of control and the Raptors are on a 6-0 run
Not sure why Weiss went to Damien Wilkins. Wilkins has been terrible so far this season.

Sonics 76 Raptors 64 with 4:40 left in the 3rd Quarter
Ridnour is hitting his mid-range shot
This team is much better with Collison on the floor then Evans.
Collison double-double in his first start and numerous strong picks to free players.
This team is much better with Petro on the floor then Vitaly.
Vitaly has lost some much lift and lateral movement that Petro makes a dramatic difference with his energy.
All of this said they are playing a terrible team.
The key to this game will still be what happens when they go to the bench

Sonics 73 Raptors 63 with 7:22 left in the 3rd quarter
Toronto is getting too many points on the offensive glass. Last year the Raptors caroled just 23.7 % of the eligible offensive rebounds and this year they have only pulled down 21%. These are historically bad numbers and the Sonics have given up 14 second chance points.
I really like Petro on the floor. He is young and will struggle but he does some things very very well and will only get better.
This starting line-up is playing very well together.
No team with Jalen Rose will ever win.

Sonics 61 Raptors 55 at the end of the half
Lewis 20 points
Flip 11 points
Collison 10 pts 8 rebs
Sonics 50% Raptors 54%
Free Throws Sonics 17-19 and Raptors 2-2

Sonics 57 Raptors 49 with 2:57 left in the 2nd Quarter
The rotation tonight is very succinct. Amazing how much easier when guys are playing well.
Rashard Lewis is carrying the load offensively. 20 points
Sonics have already taken 19 free throws and the Raptors have not taken any.
Sonics have scored 12 straight possessions.
Sonics are dominating the offensive glass.
Charlie V is the real deal.

Sonics 41 Raptors 35 with 7:52 left in the 2nd Quarter
The two worst defensive teams have finally arrived.
Charlie Villenauva is killing Reggie Evans. Evans is notorious for not wanting to leave the paint because it takes him out of rebounding position and Charlie V has hit two threes and then blew by Evans when he did close out for a dunk.
Murray has his offensive game going for the first time this season.

Raptors 28 Sonics 27 with 10:15 left in the 2nd Quarter
Turnovers and defensive breakdowns start out the 2nd quarter.
Raptors on a 20-10 run.
Will the Sonics press again or will they play calmly?

Sonics 25 Raptors 23 end of the 1st Quarter
Sonics lead 21-17 when they went to the bench
Collsion did a nice job starting. 8 points and 6 rebounds
The help defense has been very good.
Flip Murray might be the worst defensive player in the NBA.
A play that epitomized Vlady this year. Reggie threw a poor outlet pass and Vlady waited for the ball to get to him instead of going to the ball and it resulted in a turnover.
Mike James is lighting Seattle up with 13 1st quarter points.

Sonics 21 Raptors 17 with 3:32 left in the 1st Quarter
Petro’s athleticism is awesome. He made a simple move on the baseline that most 7 footers could never make. It is why he needs to start. His weakside defense has been good early in the game. In addition, he has missed two shots in the post and on both of them Collison put them back up and in on the weakside.
Here comes Flip. This is when the Sonics have been killed this year.

Sonics 17 Raptors 8 with 6:35 left in the 1st Quater
My big question about Collison starting is whether or not he can stay out of foul trouble guarding the topic power forwards in the NBA.
The raptors are the worst offensive rebounding team and the Sonics are the worst defensive team rebounding.
These are the two worst defensive teams in the NBA

Bob Weiss will change the starting line-up today.
PG -- Luke Ridnour
SG -- Ray Allen
SF -- Rashard Lewis
PF -- Nick Collsion
C -- Johan Petro

How he will substitute after that is unclear?


Anonymous said...

its another chance for petro, and he goes against the likes of araujo, he´s fine... nice to see colisson there, he can rebound and he can score, unlike evans...

would be nice to bench crying baby radmam, before we can get rid of him via trade... i think some teams need a shooter...

sonics must have this game... also we must find better role players... guys like swift, moore, cleaves brunson god look how many! would probably be cut in a tema like the spurs...

this was Francisco from brazil...

griff said...

Why does Weiss, and so many others, put so much faith Flip? He has shown nothing but inconsistency. all he can do is drive in and make a layup… he is not a point guard, look at our turnovers! We have four, 2 of them by Flip but he has no assists! Thats not a good TO ratio. Why did Weiss put Mateen on the inactive list! Mateen was doing very well for us (relatively). With Brunson injured Flip is our only player to back up Luke!!! This is not a good situation.

Anonymous said...

please bench radman, he´s terrible again...

starters should play 40 minutes the way it is...

murray is in a on night

griff said...

WOW we need some defense! The Raptors are shooting better then 55%

griff said...

Looks like we dont have to worry about Lewis's shoulder.

Anonymous said...

Collison doesnt say much but this is the way you respond to a start. He wants starter's money later and this is a good first game in that campaign. The Sonics wanted him off the bench and under 27 minutes a game because they hope others would perform- and to keep Nick's price down. But winning comes first.

griff said...

I am thankful that murray is making me feel stupid with his scoring... but still he could be a good back up for Ray when Flip is on... but not for Luke... Flip is not a point guard.

Anonymous said...

kevin is misspronouncing araujo...

hard to explain, but its wrong the way it is... i know because i´m from the same country as araujo...

griff said...

Kevin is not doing his research this year... the third game he kept talking about how it was Vitaly's first game this season even though he played 11 minutes in the second game... no one corrected him either!

Anonymous said...

Where is Wilkins? Of all the non-Ray free agents, he's the guy we've made the biggest committment to and he can't get off the bench?

griff said...

The defense that quarter was great! the shot 6-20, it also helped our offense, running off of some of their misses.

Anonymous said...

Murray has put together 3 10+ point games in a row. This doesnt say anything about passing, defense or shot selection but it is something. He has only done this 4 times previously since January 2004.

Sonic EJ said...

Are these the 2 worst teams in the NBA??? They sure are playing like it. The Sonics are soooooooooooooo bad it is not funny anymore. How much longer before a change, either coach or player, is made?

Top five draft pick here we come!

AK1984 said...

Well, I know that a win is a win; yet, this was a case wherein neither team deserved to win.

Anonymous said...

I think Ray Allen has lost a step.

Sonic EJ said...

He will have lost another one by the end of the year.

Diezel said...

The million dollar question is will Weiss make it longer than Westphal??? this seems so familar, a experienced guy coming in and clashing with players..Paul and GP now Bob and Vlade with a ex Sonic great in the background Nate and Jack Sikma...I wouldn't be surprised if that idiot Wally hired Sikma mid-season.

Myk said...

Can't compare Vlade and Payton. Plus when Westphal and Payton collided you knew that Payton would win, I don't think the front office likes Vlade either...

The only worse replacement for Nate than Weiss would be Jack Sikma. He is like 3 years removed from coaching 8th grade boys basketball (I coached AGAINST him)..he wasn't even good at that.

Myk said...

True story...Sikma is such a jerk that when I was in High School we had a celebrity charity game and guys like Sikma and Slick Watts came and played and he threatened to quit at half time because we little high school kids were playing too rough for him,,,

NateRob1 said...


I agree with black, you ARE A MORON!!!!

Sonic EJ said...


I also agree with black and natrob1. You are, no question, a moron.

Biggie said...



NateRob1 said...