Tuesday, November 15, 2005

BEYOND THE BOX SCORE - November 14th

Memphis 85 Lakers 73 – Punched a hole in that triangle … This game was over by the end of 3 quarters. Memphis was up 26 …. Kobe was off for the second straight night. Phil Jackson claims he has a hand injury …. My favorite quote is this, “He was just reluctant to shoot.” I promise those words have never before been spoken about Kobe. On the other hand, every team Kobe has been on has had this quote. Lamer Odom: “We're not sharing the ball and we're not trusting each other defensively or offensively." … Spoken like a guy who had only 8 shot attempts …. Kwame Brown is really struggling for the Lakers. He is averaging 6 points per game and shooting around 35% …. Memphis had three guys with double digit rebounds…. Kobe was a –27. All of the Lakers starters were close.

New York 73 Utah 62 – Yes they played the 4th quarter and still scored like this …. Is their any team in the NBA more dependent on a player then Utah on Kirlenko, who is out with an ankle injury … Utah had 8 points in the third quarter …. Jamal Crawford got extended run, 35 minutes, for the first time under Larry Brown … Q. Richardson was +16 and Marbury was +13 .…. Nate Robinson played just 8 minutes and was a –2…. The Knick rank last in the NBA in offensive efficiency. Largely, because they are #1 in turnover percentage.

Golden State 100 Chicago 82 --- 100 points against Chicago is pretty impressive … More shocking is the Warriors are the #1 team in the NBA in defensive efficiency …. Tyson Chandler is really struggling in the middle, he only lasted 20 minutes due to foul trouble … Troy Murphy is remarkably money every night with 15 or so points and 8 or so rebounds …. Scott Skiles said he thought his team “quit” and his subs showed it. Chris Duhon got pulled early in the third and never returned. He pulled all of the other 4 starters in one full swoop … Mr +/- Adonal Foyle had another great game at +15.


NateRob1 said...

With all the bad apples in this league like Stoudamire, J Will, Sprewell, etc. it's nice that Kevin Garnett donated $1.2 million of his own to build 1 house a month for the Katrina victims. With all the money all athletes make and the crap that they buy with it, it;s too bad that they don't use it to help people who are in need. What if guys like Mike Tyson, Chris Warren, Doc Gooden, Darryl Strawberry, etc. had helped others instead of blowing it all away? What a waste. Each league should make it mandatory for a percentage of an athletes earnings for charity or volunteer work, then maybe they can appreciate their talents more.

Biggie said...

And it would be cool if Money grew on trees. Nice Ideas dude but unfortunatly that will never happen, lets just be glad that there are some good dudes out there, hopefully the good outnumbers the bad. Sorry bro.