Thursday, November 17, 2005

BEYOND THE BOX SCORE - November 16th

Lakers 97 Knicks 92 – Phil over Larry .. Kobe had 42. Bryant took an insane 36 shots … Knicks rookie Channing Frye had 21. He has played great in 2 of the last 3 … Marbury had just 4 points and had 9 shots. How long will he stay happy? …. Nate played 13 minutes but was 1 of 7, but he was +8. He has one of the Knicks best +/- ratings … Eddy Curry was a –16. In all his time with the Bulls he was a terrible +/- player. The Bulls worst most of the time. They were always a better team with him on the bench. How long until Larry Brown discovers this.

Memphis 115 Phoenix 103
– In Phoenix big win for Memphis. They are 6-3 … If the guard line of Stoudamire, Jones and Jackson can hold up Memphis might be ok … Memphis is playing the slowest pace in the league and they won at Phoenix’s game … Phoenix is 1-4 at home … Shawn Marion has a double-double every game …. Shane Battier has 18-10, he is moving his game into a different realm. If he really is a legit 12 to 14 point a night guy he is one of the most valuable players in the NBA. He plays defense and all of the little things if he is also filling a box score then he makes you a winner. The Sonics tried hard to get him, but it always was the deal breaker … Kurt Thomas was –24 in 26 minutes for Phoenix .. Phoenix never lead in the second half.

Portland 96 Chicago 93 – Why to go Nate !! I have watched a ton of Blazers and they are playing so hard and Nate is utilizing guys in a terrific fashion. If he wins with this team he will be in the elite of coaches in the NBA…. Michael Sweetney of Chicago was outstanding in the post late in the game. It makes the Eddy Curry trade look decent … This was a great 4th quarter battle. A Ratliff follow dunk was the winner … The Bulls do this trip every year because the circus in the United Center and since the 1999-2000 season, the Bulls are 1-39 on the annual road trip … Chicago crushed Portland on the boards 22 offensive rebounds to 6 … Plus/Minus was amazing in this game. Kirk Hinrick was +17 in 29 minutes. That means in the 19 minutes he was on the bench the Bulls were a –20, which might explain Chris Duhon’s –15… On Portland’s end Telfair was a +12, Dixon was a +10 but Jarrett Jack was –11. That is a reversal of many games this year.

Philadelphia 121 Toronto 115 – New question for the Sam Mitchell death watch, will he win a game before he is fired. Mitchell throw his clipboard at the scorer’s table and smashed it in the second half .. … Iverson is amazing. He dropped 42. If you have seen him in person it shocks you how small he is. I mean he is tiny. The fact that he takes the beating he takes and survives is overwhelming. In fact, the first time I saw him it shocked me a team would draft him #1 with his lack of size. Iverson never left the game in the second half. Iverson is 4th on the active player list in scoring. That is amazing. …. Igudoala had a career high 26 and hit 6 threes. If he can score Philly will be tough. I did an U of A game with Igudola when he was a freshman and I thought he would be the next Scottie Pippen …Mike James exploded for 38 for the Raptors … Jalen Rose played just 7 minutes.

Charlotte 122 Indiana 90 – This is the greatest win in Bobcat franchise history .. Kareem Rush had 35. Rookie Raymond Felton busted out with 18 points and 10 assists in his first start … Pacers had 26 turnovers … Charlotte won fast break points 24 to 1 … Charlotte had 17 steals … Sean May has linked a few good games together. He was on the top of my list on draft day last year. His game will translate to the NBA. .. Brutal +/- numbers for Indiana, Fred Jones was –29 in 22 minutes. David Harrison was –21 in 14 minutes. The topper Danny Granger was –16 in 7 minutes. On the flip side the Bobcats outscored the Pacers by 31 when Felton was on the floor and by 25 with Sean May… Pacers have lost two in a row

Denver 91 NOK 81 – Stop the presses Earl Watson was let out of Karl jail and played. In 21 minutes with Watson on the floor the Nuggets were +16. The Sonics need him to stay in jail so they can trade for him. Remember we pointed out last night how brutal Earl Boykins was in the previous game… Marcus Camby is the key to the Nuggets. Everything on this team revolves around his game and he had 15 points and 15 rebounds and was +11. That is a risky venture to be relying on Camby because he will miss games … Speedy Claxton was –14 for the Hornets ….. Denver had just 1 3. They can’t stretch the floor … NOK went 0 for 13 from 3. …. Denver is currently #22 in the NBA in offensive efficiency.

Milwaukee 90 Golden State 87 – This is a sign that Milwaukee may be a good team. They got crushed and bounced back…. Andruw Bogut came off the bench for the Bucks. Bogut had 9 points and 11 rebounds in 16 minutes … TJ Ford hit the key shot but went just 2 of 9. He is lightening fast but he is a poor shooter and the Warriors exploited his height all game. Nonetheless, he was a +9. That is a nice compliment to a player … Derek Fischer was +23 for the Warriors in 25 miunutes. In the 23 minutes he was on the bench the Warriors got outscored by 26 … Baron Davis was 4 for 21. He is a great player but he comes with a set number of losses every year with his play. Either via brutal shooting, turnovers or selfishness. Baron was –12 tonight.

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