Wednesday, November 16, 2005


LA Clippers 109 Milwaukee 85 –Andruw Bogut had his first tough night 15 minutes and 2 points, and he was -23 … This game was done before the 4th Quarter … The Clippers are 6-2 …. Milwaukee didn’t win a game last year against the West on the road … Elton Brand was +31. That might be an NBA high for the season. .. The Clippers are 6th in the NBA in efficiency differential … The Clippers aren’t doing anything great they are just above average in every category. That leads me to believe this could be real.

Cleveland 114 Washington 99 – The Cavs might be special. They have won 4 straight and are winning at home by an average of 21 … The Cavs are #2 in the NBA in efficiency differential (offense efficiency – defensive efficiency) this is usually a great indicator of how good a team is. They are #2 in offense and #1 in offensive rebounding … The Wizards are #4 even after the loss …. AD had another no turnover game. He is amazing … Donyell Marhsall was a key in this one with a +21 … On the flip side Caron Butler was –23 for the Wiz.

Dallas 83 Denver 80 – Denver is 3-5 … Dallas trailed by 19 … DeSagana Diop had a career high 16 boards and 6 blocks. The Sonics looked hard at Diop in the off-season … Big money Erick Dampier played 11 minutes and had 4 fouls, 4 turnovers and no points. That is straight out of the Jerome James book of centering … Little Earl Boykins had a tough night he was a –20 in 25 minutes … Avery Johnson outcoached Geroge Karl. He got the game small and Marcus Camby never played in the final 16 minutes despite being +10 .. Doug Christie and Josh Howard got pulled early in the 3rd and never returned.

Houston 94 Minnesota 89 – The Wolves offense fell apart down the stretch … McGrady had 13 points in the 4th Q … Houston was able to dictate pace which Jeff Van Gundy’s teams always seem like they are able to do … Houston is having a tough time stretching the floor. They were just 1 of 10 from 3 … I have mentioned this before, but Minnesota has no one to help out when teams take away KG. That is what happened down the stretch … Houston closed the game with Rafer Alston, Jon Barry, McGrady, Juwan Howard and Ming. Derek Anderson was on the bench …. Minnesota got terrible play from their bench. They were all around –11 for the game… Houston’s sized forced Minnesota to close with Olowokandi on the floor. The Wolves are much better with a smaller line-up and KG at the 5.

Philadelphia 104 Toronto 92
– Sam Mitchell death walk continues … Philly is all of a sudden 5-3. However, their differential is not that strong so don’t be buying the Sixers yet …. The Sixers have been home for their 5 game winning streak … Rookie Charlie V had 27-13 for the Raptors. That dude can play … Jalen Rose is +/- death everynight. Last night he was –15, Mo Peterson was an amazing –26 in 23 minutes…. I don’t pup C-Web or spell his name right very often but he was great last night and they were +21 when he was on the floor.

Detroit 115 Boston 100 – Wow is Detroit good …. They are the #1 offensive efficiency team in the NBA. Consider that with their defense. That is unbeatable … Billups dropped 17 in the third quarter … Al Jefferson crushed Darko over a few plays … Boston shot 53% against Detroit and LOST … Boston is really struggling without a point guard Delonte West and Dan Dickau are not getting it done …. All five Pistons starters were in double figures and three were over 20. …. Tayshawn Prince was a +26 …

Miami 109 NOK 102
– Wade scored the final 8 to hold off an upset by NOK and force OT …. Byron Scott is not a good coach. His team losses a lot of close games … Desmond Mason is still struggling. He came off the bench and went 1 for 7. He did have 9 boards … GP played 36 minutes … Chris Paul has done a nice job of getting his shooting percentage up to 46% … Jason Williams did not play the final 12 minutes of the game.

Sacramento 119 Utah 83 --- I thought the NBDL was running yet but from looking at Utah’s roster it debuted yesterday in Sacramento. Don’t look at this as a change in Sacramento’s terrible play.

San Antonio 103 Atlanta 73 -- Great v. very bad not much more to be said.

Orlando 85 Charlotte 77 – Dwight Howard crushed Emeka Okafor. Howard had 21 and 20. We have talked about this I am not sold on Okafor. Howard has five straight double doubles…. Sean May had 15-10 his best game as a rookie. I love that pick.


Anonymous said...

will you please stop with all this assinine +/- crap. PLEASE

Diezel said...


Emeka Okafor got 2 fouls in like 3 minutes and was in foul trouble the whole game. Jake Voshkul was the one who got worked!!

George did not get outcoached by Avery, I watched the game on NBA Tv and what killed Denver is the fact Diggler went OFF!!!! in the second half.I agree with u though Diop was huge, especially that block on Melo at the end of the game. If Avery is such a good coach then why didn't he foul with .5 seconds left up by 3 instead of letting Demarr Johnson get a wide open look for a 3????

As good as Bron was last night, L-Hughes was almost better especially when he scored 14 straight points!!!!

When are u gonna stop hating on C Webb??? 5 in a row and what another 28 and 16 game and that play with him and the other AI was so sweet....

Biggie said...

Well that's it then if you don't like Okafor then I'm right he's a stud. When that tournament started I knew from jump UCONN was going to win I won $600 bucks on that tourney, I always win ncaa tourneys due to the fact that I know players. Unlike you. Thanks for confiming what I already knew.

Biggie said...

Locke I wouldn't bet 25 cents on your recommendation about how a basketball is going to turn out.

Ginger kid!!!!!!!!!!!

Biggie said...

basketball game, sorry. LOL!!

Sonic EJ said...

Hey Locke,

Chris Webber is sure making you look good. I mean who would want the best passing big man in the game. Every night I watch the Sixers highlights and think to myself, "Has Locke ever watched Chris Webber play?"

Chris Webber is putting an end to your "Statistical Revolution." LOL.

You should pay close attention to Al Jefferson tonight. Think about where he might fit in on the Sonics roster and who he might play in front of???

Biggie said...

That "statistical revolution" is for red-headed white guys who don't recognize game when they see it i.e. Chris Webber. The rest of us actually watch basketball to decide who's a good player and who's not. And we've been watchin them since they were in college so we know, unlike some gingervitis afflicted kids I can think of.

Biggie said...

I know that this is waaaaaaaaay off topic but, I just heard on the radio an advertisement about that "walk the line" movie about Johnny Cash where they referred to him as "the greatest musical genius of our time" I guess they know as much about music as Locke does about basketball. How can you say that when we've seen artists like; to name a few, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Ray Charles, Michael Jackson etc. Just another way for white america to slap black people in the face for contributing our blood sweat and tears to the music scene of this country. F*** Johnny Cash, that no talent can't sing a lick, hack. BTW Elvis sucks, the Grateful dead too and the Beatles are the most overrated group of all times.

Biggie said...

OK, back to sports. Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

Myk said...


Is it possible to have sticky blogs that can be left open to discuss all of the teams within Seattle. I think that it is great you come up with some topics to discuss, but when you want to talk about random items like:

Ichiro speaking out agains the Ms

Where are we supposed to discuss? I found Art Theil's article pretty interesting in the sense that if he was not a Japanese player on a Japanese owned team I don't think he would be cut nearly the same amount of slack as he is. There is no way we shouldhave given him 11-12 million a year when for 4 million more they could have gotten Vlade Gurrerro or had enough money to get Miguel Tejada

Biggie said...

I agree this stay on topic rule isn't going to work if your not on the ball with all of the current news in sports. You haven't yet done a blog about my Seahawks whoopin on the damn Rams, let us gloat over big wins or abolish that silly rule, LOCKE!!!!!!!!!