Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Of the Sonics top 20 on floor line-ups used last year only 4 of them remain on this team.
Here are how those 4 did last season. Win means that in a game that group of 5 outscored the opponent and a loss is a game when that group of 5 were outscored.

Mins +/- W L Pct
Ridnour-Allen-Lewis-Radmanovic-Evans 177 +49 26 15 63.4
Ridnour-Allen-Lewis-Evans-Collison 70 -15 7 11 38.8
Ridnour-Allen-Lewis-Radmanovic-Fortson 64 -1 8 8 50.0
Ridnour-Allen-Lewis-Radmanovic-Collison 57 -2 7 9 43.7.


Anonymous said...

This might be the last time I reference Daniels because he is gone and arguments about it get old, but he is main reason why only 4 of the top 20 Sonic lineup- based on playing time not w-l record- remain. Daniels was on 12 of them. 10 of the 12 had winning records. Ridnour, due to large playing time, was on more, 14, but 6 of those had losing records last year and in fact they were the 6 worst w-l in the top 20 on minutes used. (To be fair Daniels was the shooting guard on three of them.)

Anonymous said...

Radmanovic was of 15 of top 20 last year, 12 0f 15 had positive
w-l records.

Collison was on 8, 5 were above .500.

Fortson on 7, 5 positive.

Evans on 6 but only 2 positive on w-l.

James was on 5, with 3 positive.

Both James and Evans were on the starting lineup that played over 4 times more minutes than any other lineup but that lineup only "won" 52$ of the time.

Sonic EJ said...

When can we be done with last year?

At what point is it safe to say last year was a fluke?

I think winning will start as soon as this team can rebound consistantly. I don't like Rad playing 4 at all. I think our best chance to win is with Nick or Reggie at 4 all the time and Petro or Nick at Center. Pot can come in for the guy in foul trouble. Danny should only be used if we need to hurt someone like Tim Duncan or KG.

As far as the lack of defense from the wing and point positions I think we are screwed. Luke can't guard the chair I'm sitting in and Ray and Rashard are toasted physicaly because they have to carry the offense. That being said, we can't ever have Flip in the game. Cleaves has impressed me with his...floor general-ness??..whatever just put Vlade as the back up 3 and D-Wilk as the back up 2.

Flip, Brunson, and Swift would get to have great seats for NBA basketball every night! Some part of me wants to just play the hell out of Swift just to see what happens. I think it would be nice to see what the 12th pick in one of the best drafts in NBA history can do in his second season.

I hate this roster however, I think this would be the best Bob could do with what he has been given.

BTW Diezel,

I saw the Moss clip this afternoon.

Wow, he said a lot by not saying anything! I couldn't have been more wrong about their they have one?