Friday, March 24, 2006


Really bad sequence when the Sonics got within 8 with 5 minutes left ended the game.
Lewis took a quick 3 and then the defense didn't get back on the next possession the Sonics missed three threes.
Turnovers killed the Sups in the third
Good night for Swift and Ridnour
Reggie Evans has to be smiling ear to ear

Sonics 105 Nugs 95 with 5:23 left in the 4th Quarter
Ray and Rashard are still not rolling.
Another strong game for Robert Swift
Sonics cut it to 8 but can't make the plays to get closer
The bad Earl has been present for most of the night, 4 of 12 and 5 turns
The Soncis have been brutal at the line.

'Nugs 89 Sonics 79 at the end of 3 quarters
The defense looks bad becaus they allowed another 30 point quarter but it was the offensive that was killing Seattle with the turnover and giving the easy looks.
If anyone has seen Ray and Rashard can you let them know the 4th quarter has started.

Nuggets 69 Sonics 63 with 7:14 left in the 3rd Quarter
Lewis and Allen are combined for 3 of 18
The Sonics have been terrible with the ball in the Quarter. I mean amazingly bad. They have thrown balls around the floor without any pressure and the Nuggets are getting the easy baskets they didn't get in the first half.
Another bad third quarter for the Sonics.

Nuggets 57 Sonics 55 == at the half
Sonics in the game despite Ray not having a good game.
Where is Rashard Lewis -- 0 for in teh first half.
Ray and Rashard are
Sonics defense has been respectable.
Reggie Evans is tearing the Sonics up. He has 16. You knew this would happen when they met for the first time.
Damien Wilkins is having a very nice night.

Sonics 40 Nugs 35 wiht 6:42 left in the 2nd Quarter
Ray Allen gets his first field goal with 7:37 left in the 2nd Quarter
Nugs are trying to post Patterson on Allen in the post. Not sure this is bad because it takes the ball out of the hands of Anthony.
Chris Wilcox has three fouls. Ouch.
Ridnour with 10 points

Sonics 27 Nuggets 27 at the end of 1 Quarter
Ray and Rashard are 0 for the quarter. This again is a sign of how much better the Sonics are. If this had happened earlier in the season they would be down 20. Then again they may be if those guys don't get going in the near future.
Wilcox has 9 to lead the Sonics.
Anthony has 10 but 3 of 8 shooting. He must be kept off the free throw line and he has 4 free throws so far.

Sonics 22 Nuggets 16 with 3:05 left in the 1st Quarter
The Ridnour and Watson line-up leading teh Soncis to the lead
Robert Swift is playing well tonight. He seems to be better on the road.
Sonics are doing a nice job of protecting the rim

Nuggets 16 Sonics 15 with 5:34 left in the 1st Quarter
Chris Wilcox is at it again. He runs the floor so well that other teams power forwards can't keep up. They meekily are seen pointing at Wilcox as though someone has to pick him up.
For a player that Clipper people said was a low basketball IQ player he has a terrific knack for getting open.

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