Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Sonics 114 Bucks 105 --- FINAL SCORE
This is a totally different team. They played with strong energy all night. They have great depth even with the injuries and the guys understand how to play together,
Chris Wilcox had a career high 30 points and a double-double. He was magnificent. Teams really are going to have to game plan to his high wire act. You can’t leave him for a moment when the Sonics get into the paint.
The defense was very good all game. The Sonics guarded the rim very well. Their were two back to back plays late in the game when the Bucks drove the left baseline and beat their man but then had their shot altered by the long help defense of the Sonics big men.
Earl Watson finished the game and did it with a flash.
Ridnour played well today. I would rather have him then TJ Ford.
This is a good team win and a sign that there are positive days ahead

Sonics 94 Bucks 90 with 5:56 left in the 4th Quarter
With 8:44 left Allen was 3 of 13 since then he is 1 for 1
With 8:44 left Redd was 8 of 19 since he is 0 for 2
Redd and Allen both have 5 fouls with 5:56 left in the 4th
Eli Roe, one of the officials is a zoo. He may be the worst in the NBA. He is having a miserable night.
So much of the Sonics offense is free lance open floor that when they game gets tight they go to half court sets and that means that Wilcox and the bigs don’t get those penetration opportunities or open floor easy looks. Instead, the Sonics work hard to get Allen and Lewis there looks.
Dan Gadzuric is dominating the Sonics game tonight.

Sonics 83 Bucks 75 at the end of 3rd Quarter
Rashard Lewis welcome back. 15 points in the quarter for Lewis
Sonics are much more aggressive and have lived at the line – 36 attempts
Chris Wilcox has a career high 28 points and 12 rebounds. What a find.
Sonics defense has been solid all night long.
Defensive rating through three quarters is 101. That is great.

Seattle 69 Bucks 68 with 5:13 left in the 3rd Quarter
I think I would rather have Luke Ridnour more then TJ Ford. Ford is a bit player and Ridnour could be a many year starter.
Michael Redd is seriously outplaying Ray Allen. Ray is 2 for 11. Reed has 17.
Wilcox has not been as dominant but they don’t run plays for him so they have to materialize in the game.

Sonics 55 Bucks 54 at the half
Chris Wilcox has 20 points in the first half tonight and he has 7 rebounds.
He reminds me of a young Antonio McDyess. McDyess averaged 21-11 one year in Phoenix and I don’t think it is crazy to think Wilcox could head in that direction.
The Sonics are up by 1 with Lewis and Allen just 4 of 14.
Toni Kukoc beat Rashard off the dribble tonight. That is a crime

Bucks 38 Sonics 33 with 8:22 left in the 2nd Quarter
The Bucks just jumped on the Sonics with a line-up that should never beat you.
Ford and Bell were the guards with Kukoc, Joe Smith and Gadzuric. This team can’t score. They can’t shoot and they just kicked the Sonics butt.
Those are things that have to change if this team is going to correct itself.

Sonics 28 Bucks 24 at the end of 1 Quarter
The Sonics defense was terrific to close the quarter. The shots were contested and moreover the drive to the hoop were altered. The Sonics are showing signs of having the instincts of a good defensive basketball team. The area around the basket is clogged.
The rebounding was very good as well on the defensive end.
9-0 run by the Sonics to end the quarter
Chris Wilcox played a fantastic first quarter
Earl Watson came into the game and brought an immediate energy to the team.
I am not sure you can win with TJ Ford as your point guard. He was very unimpressive and he really can’t shoot.

Bucks 17 Sonics 13 with 5:09 left in the 1st Quarter
Johan Petro hit a jump hook from the post that was awesome. Petro has a skill pac
kage that makes you wonder what he might be able to accomplish. At other times he looks like a raw 19 year old.
Andrew Bogut looks like he has tired legs. However, his movement and instincts are terrific. He is enormous and will be a terrific player.
The post defense is lacking tonight by the Sonics.
Chris Wilcox continues to be impressive.

1) Watson returns who finishes
2) Chris Wilcox hot play
3) The #1 pick of the draft, Andrew Bogut, is in the house
4) Ray Allen v. Michael Redd

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It was so nice to see the Sonics play as a TEAM!!!!!

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