Thursday, March 23, 2006


In the meantime, how are the numbers doing. The numbers really are about picking the Sweet 16, the Elite 8 and the Final 4. Therefore, I will update based on who is alive in those.

Sweet 16 (11 of 16)-- Duke, Texas A&M, West Virginia, Texas, Memphis, Kansas, SDSU, UCLA, UConn, Illinois, UNC, Withita St, Villanova, Boston College, Florida and Ohio State.

Elite 8 (5 of the 8) -- Duke, Texas, Kansas, UCLA, UConn, UNC, Villanova and Florida

Final (2 still alive) -- Texas,Kansas, UConn, Florida

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Myk said...

Holy sh!t, this has nothing to do with the NCAA Tournament, but scroll down to Locke's post about signing Peterson and see my comment about the loss of Hutch due to the BS poison pill that was created. As I stated the biggest problem with the deal is the precedent that it set because the poison pill only effected one team....

NOW, look at the contract that Burelson signed with Seattle and the poison pills it involves:

Sources close to the situation say Burleson's entire deal is guaranteed if he plays five games in the state of Minnesota during any one year of the deal. Another offbeat provision is believed to be that if Burleson is paid more on average per year than all of the Seahawks' running backs combined, all of the deal is guaranteed.

This is definately creating a bad precedent (thanks Minny)...I am interested to see where things go from here.