Monday, March 20, 2006


The NFL Network is reporting that the Seattle Seahawks have signed linebacker Julian Peterson to a huge 7 year contract with as much as 18 million in guarantees.

This is a big time signing and gives the Hawks a defensive player that teams have to game plan for. The Hawks were solid defensive last season, but they have not had a player that teams need to alter their plan to deal with since Tez was at his best.

Peterson is that type of player. A consummate professional who makes yearly trips to the Pro-Bowl Peterson is a game changer. Moreover, he is the perfect compliment to the Hawks Lofa Tatupu and LeRoy Hill. The advantageous part of having two youngsters at the other linebacker spots means the Hawks can spend the type of money they are spending on Peterson.

Moreover, this alleviates some of the pressure on Tatupu and Hill. DD Lewis will be replaced in the starting line-up and he has shown no ability to change games or stay in games. This is a dramatic upgrade for the Hawks defensively.

According to the NFL Network, the Hawks are still pursuing John Abraham who is another serious game changer on the defensive end.

The Hawks are still without a second corner back or safety depth in the secondary.


Anonymous said...

brilliant move now go find a decent guard & cover corner, thx

tj4tacoma said...


tj4tacoma said...

nice how much cap does that leave them

Anonymous said...

Aren't they overpaying?

Anonymous said...

Aren't they overpaying?

Myk said...

--- I am interested to see how Hutch's contract sets a precedent in the NFL. It is understandable that the 'Hawks can't complain about losing him becuase they could have just franchised him. However, the clause seems like it could open a pandoras box. I mean what is next?

Could teams add a poison pill that states that if the player signs his contract in a certain state he gets paid extra? For instance could they have just said if the contract is signed in Washington State Hutch's contract is guaranteed.

Could the team added a poison pill that stated that the guard had to be paid higher than all players with the first name of Walter, Matt or Shaun?

Basically, to me the biggest problem with these clauses (IMO) is that they are only placed in the contract to deter the other team from matching and do not effect the offering team at all. If a clauses is added in a contract such as the one that was in Hutch's it should cover the entire contract. Basically Hutch should be required to be the highest paid offensive lineman on the Vikings for the entire 7 years, not just during this point in time.

Myk said...

I am very worried that we haven't signed people in our secondary. The Peterson signing was a good "splashy" move, but I think LBs was a strength on our Defense

Sonic EJ said...

This is awesome! Can Ty Law please be next?

Anonymous said...

Hutch gave them no choice. Steve Kelley was on it when he wrote that this was the best block he ever threw ( he surely slammed his team for a couple million dollars more) I think that he will regret this when the Vikes continue to have their Problems and he'll realize that he doesn't have Matt or Shaun behind him and Big Walt too. As for the Peterson signing, they needed someone to get to the quarterback sooner and I was not all that pleased with Wistrom's effort at rushing the passer. Now they need a real corner or safety to help out on defending the receivers.

Anonymous said...

Does Hutch know that his quarterback is Brad Johnson (what is he? like 75 years old?) LOL

The Hawks missed the boat when they could have had Lawyer Milloy. We can't be sure about Hamlin coming back like he was before.

Hawks should draft the running back out of UCLA (Drew) He can flat out run and more importantly, he can return kicks, something we sucked at last year.

Anonymous said...

How does everyone feel about Ricky Manning Jr from carolina as a CB, he would cost us a 3rd rounder in compensation.

Jonathan said...

I'd take Ricky Manning Jr for a third rounder I think. I don't know how old he is.

I'd like to go on record now saying I am concerned about our receiving corps. D jack is solid, but Engram is getting up in age, and who is our #3 receiver now? Taco Wallace?

That and a lockdown corner and i think we can survive without hutch. It will be interesting to see where we go in the draft